Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 9)


Part 9

Dev smiles seeing sona sleeping. He sees a strand of hair was coming on her face and distrubing her. He removes that strand hence resulting in waking up sona.
Dev??? U????? Why did u come down. U need anything tell me. You should rest as u got shot yesterday and u are moving here and there. It will give u pain and bla bla bla. Sona was talking continuosly and was not stopping
Okay okay! Dr sona. Bus next time I’ll take care. Plzzzz…. actually mujhe kamray mae reh kr bemaron wali feeling arahi thi! 😉
Dev!!!! Ye mery dialouge hain aap ky nahi :p
acha choro! Mujy bhook lagi hy
Ishwari comes and sees them. Aray what happened?
Nothing maa! I was feeling hungry. Dev replied
Aray tum betho! I will make something for you!
Sona said Nhi aunty ji! Dev ko chot lagi hy. He can’t eat any oily thing. Like parathas wagerah. You should give him light food like oats, boiled egg, milk, best thing khichdi.
Haan haan sona tum tou mujhy yehi khilao gi takay mae shadi pr kamzor lagoon! Haina? Dev teased her.
Nhi beta ye tou nutrition hy issay pata hoga na! mae tumhy wahi dongi jo yeh kahegi. Ishwari replied
Sona sees dev smiling!! :p
Some days later.
Sona was cutting vegetables in kitchen when she cut her finger by mistake. Dev comes and sees her.
Sona! Shaadi se pehly khud ko kitni chotein lagao gi? He makes her sit and bandaged her finger. Sona khud ka khayal rakha kro. Chot tumhy lagti hy magar dard mujhy hota hy!!!!!
After some days ishwari goes to sona’s home to ask for her hand with his son dev
Sona family agreed for the marriage. (I amn’t adding the convo of ishwari and sona’s family)
Dev on phone: so our families agreed na!!
Sona: yes they do but……. not me :p
first you have to something special for me. Take out some time from business. U are going to married soon 😉
Dev: Special?
sona: Haan
Dev: Magar Kia?
Sona: Idk! Jo bhi hy you have to do!! 😉
Sona cuts the call
Dev: Sona? Sona?
Sona smiles thinking about what will dev do?
Dev thinks whaty to do?
In evening dev calls sona
Dev: Sona can u come home?
Sona: Right Now?
Dev: Yup
Sona: But how will I come?
Dev: Are u ready
Sona: I have to change…
Dev: You have 10 minutes. Get ready I will call you after exact 10 minutes.
Sona: Okay! Sona was confused
After exactly 10 minutes sona phone rings.
Dev: R u ready?
Sona: Haan.
Dev: Come outside. I am waiting for you.
Sona: Seriously? She shouted with excitement.
She come out.
Dev and sona reach dev’s home!
They both entered in the house and sona see the whole house decorated with candles , flowers etc
On the floor, with the heart made of flowers, there was written I Love You Sona….
Sona: Dev……. I love you. She shouted with happinesss
Dev proposed her and say you said me to do something special and see…..
Devvv………….. I am very lucky to have a husband like you. :* Sona said and hugs him.
After some days they got married and they live a happily life together like

Thanks to all who loved my ff and commented on it. My ff is finished.

Credit to: fati

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    Wow nice and thanks for a such a lovely ff loved the ending 🙂

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