Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 8)


Sorry for being late as I was having my exams 🙂
Part 8

Dev sees everyone except sona.

Dev: Maa….. Sona kidhar hy?
Ishwari gets to a side and dev sees sona sitting.
Sona gets up from her place and comes to dev. She still stumbles. Nikki helps her. She stands besides dev and nikki moved from there.
Sona: Devvv…. aap theek hain?
Dev: Haan magar tum…….
She again stumbles… Dev holds her.

Dev: Tum theek ho sona?
Sona: Haan mae…. She feels dizzy he was still holding her.
Dev: Sona??? He screamed
Dev feels pain in his innjury as he shouted.
Sona: Mae theek hoon tum chilao nhi tumhy dard….dard hoga.
Sona sees blur vision of everyone….
actually sona hasn’t eat anything from morning and due to giving blood to dev she feels weak.
Nikki goes and brings some juice for sona. Sona denied for drinking.
Dev says sona drink it or else I……. he tried to sit but he feels pain in his injury.
Sona calms her down and says ‘Tum lete raho… mae…. mae peeti hoon na’
Sona drinks juice and becomes little bit better.
Ishwari asks forgiveness from sona
‘Sona mujhy maaf krdena
Mae ny tumhy ghalat smjha.’

Sona says ‘Aunty aap meri maa ki trah hain aap ko mujhse maafi magny ki koi zaroorat nhi hy’
Doctor allows dev to go home. Everyone take him home
Sona family calld her and asks that why is she late. She tells the whole story she says that aunty ji is in so much tension so I will stay here. Her family allows her. She again feels dizzy. Ishwari calls everyone to table to eat food. She make dev sit on the chair. Ishwari calls sona. Sona comes to table stumbling. Ishwari hold her and says ‘sona beta tum ny subh se kuch nhi khaya hy, khoon deny ky baad aur kamzor hogai ho chalo jaldi kuch khalo’, she makes sona sit on the table. She eats food and says aunty ji I’ll stay here tonight. You have taken so much tension. It can make u ill so I’ll take care of you. Nikki teases her and say dii….. will u take care of maa aur some one else…….. sona sees her questionly, I mean like me, riya, neha di aur bhaiya….. nikki continues giving a smile to sona.

Sona smiles and say nikki…….
After food, everyone goes to their respective room. Ishwari asks sona to come and sleep in her room. She says you go I’ll come in sometime. Ishwari goes. Sona feels sleepy nnd sleeps on the couch. At morning dev come downstairs and see sona sleeping on couch……

Credit to: fati

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