Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 7)


Part 7

Sona says to natasha please natasha give blood to dev I pled you……
Do u think I’m fool… Why should I give blood to dev. He is not my relative aur any other known… Natasha replied rudely…
Natasha please….. sona shouts but she does not listen and leaves.
‘We need blood now’ dr said…
Ishwari heads towards mandir in hosp. Sona says she is the last hope. Sona goes to nurse and says please take my blood sample and test it. Nurse takes her blood sample. She was waiting outside when nurse comes and says Ms. sonakshi u can give blood to the patient ur blood group matches with the blood group of the patient. Sona becomes glad and goes with the nurse. Ishwari comes and sees sona no where.
‘Haye Haye! Dekh liya jiji wo nutrition bhi chali gayi.
Aik dam tota chasham (means the one who turns eyes like parrot) nikli.’
These were the words on none other than gharib ki beti radha rani.
‘Mery bety ny ussay itna piyar kia aur wo iss time pr dev ko chor ky chali gayi mae sona ko kbhi maaf nhi karoongi’ this time it was ishwari
Dr comes out of the OT and says ‘Dev is alright now and he is out of danger’
Everyone becomes glad.
‘Kia hum uss se mil skty hain’ Ishwari asked unpatiently!!!
‘Haan! Hum unn ko room mae shift krdein phir aap log mil lijiye ga’ Dr replied
Nikki asked but who give blood to bhaiya?
Dr says‘ the lady with u give him the blood, excuse me’ dr leaves.
Riya: blood group tou sirf natasha di ka milta tha bhaiya se aur wo tou chali gain theen phur kisny khoon diya?
Radha rani: Aray mujhe yaqeen hy ussi nae diya hoga jab hum mandir gaye thy tou wapis agai hogi. Kitni achi bachi hy baghair sabko bataye ye kaam kia…
Suddenly they all see sona coming out of the room stumbling. She was not able to move properly. She was moving back and fro.
Nikki rushes to her and say ‘Dr. Bose are u fine’
Sona: Yeah I’m fine. Dev…. dev kaisy hain?
Nikki: bhaiya theek hain! aap ny un ko khoon diya hy?
Sona: Hmmmmm… mera blood group dev ky blood group se match krgaya tha.
Everyone was shocked……
Sona stumbles again
‘Diii………’ nikki screamed.
Nurse comes and says we have shifted the patient in room u can meet him. Every one rush to meet him. Nikki holds sona and take her to room.
Nikki: Aap betho, mae aap ky liye juice lati hoon.
Sona: Mae theek hoon nikki.
Ishwari touches dev’s head. Dev slowly opens his eyes. Ishwari gets glad.
Dev: Maa………….
Ishwari: Dev! Tu theek hy na?
Dev: Haan maa……

Actually my ff is becoming a little bit longer so I am continuing in some more parts….

Credit to: Fati

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  1. Di it’s very nice but my request is can you pls keep in control the language you use in your when you wrote that dev said that sonakshi wanted to do the bad word with Karan,I feel it was a bit innappropriate for young kids like me as You know many young kids as small as 6-9 are reAding this,so pls can you control your language

    1. Oh no I’m so sorry I wrote on the wrong ff. So sorry di!

  2. Thank god sona ka blood group match kar gaya….very ncy epi…

    1. Hey tanya di!i was wondering if you had Instagram?because Ananya didi has and if you want she can follow you!!

      1. Who is ananya???

  3. bahut accha episode. pls continue writting regularly.

  4. Sona is nutritionist, did she not know her blood group before.?

  5. Nice! Now devakshi’s bonding will grow stronger …

  6. I didn’t expect dat sona’s blood group will match as hero n heroine’s blood group never matches n d villain always bcms d donor, as in tashan e was unexpected

  7. But , sonakshi ke blood group A- hai or dev ka blood group -o hai so how can sonakshi donate blood?

  8. but fati its not good for couples to have same blood group.

  9. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Luckily dev is okay and ur ff is nice

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