Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 6)

Part 6

Dev was sad that her mother now wanted him to marry Natasha. He can not go against his mother wish so he surrendered. He washed his face to hide his tears and go downstairs in the kitchen. He saw sona who was working. Today sona was looking more beautiful then any other day. He lost in her beauty. ‘Dev’ kahan kho gaye? Sona asks
Dev came into his senses and nods.
‘Aunty se baat ki’ Sona asked with so much excitement………..
‘Sona……. Maa ny mana krdia’
Sona had a glass in her hand. When she listened this the glass fall from her hand. She come into her senses….. and pick up the broken glass. The pieces of glass pricked in her hand. It bleeds. She didn’t feel the pain as the shocking news given by dev gave her more pain ?
Dev saw her finger and shouts ‘Sona utho! Dekho tumny apny hath pr chot laga li. Chalo mae bandage krdoon’
Sona says ‘Dev kuch ghao (injuries) bahir se sahi hojatay hain magar andar se bht gheray (deep) zakhm dy jatay hain’
Dev was left in tears he goes out from the kitchen…
Natasha came and greets dev..
We are going to marry soon u know dev…… natasha says loudly to make sona listen this….
she hugged him. Sona was seeing this all….

Suddenly there was a loud voice..
‘Dev…….’ he turned back and was shocked to see him. Dev asked him how did he got courage to come here and now he will not go alive from here…
Ishwari comes downstairs
‘Kha…. khatri???? Tum…..’
Everyone comes in lounge.
‘maroonga mae nhi maray gi ye ye Ishwari…….’
He takes his gun out and points its towards Ishwari. He shoots. Sona runs towards Ishwari and throw her to a side. The bullet was going to hurt sona but Dev comes infront of her and he gots shot.
‘Devvvv……….’ sona screamed so loudly….
Khatri runs…..
Sona runs towards dev and sits down.
Dev utho…. Now ishwari screamed….
Sona takes a dupatta from neha and tied it on dev injury….
Natasha shed crocodile tears……
Sona takes dev to car with the help of mama and kichu bhaiya…..
Sona was about to sit on the seat when Ishwari said ‘Sona…… mae bhi chalongi……’
‘Nhi aunty….. mae aapki jaan risk mae nhi dal skti…’
She sit and drives the car rushly. She was driving so fast. She reached hospital and the doctor takes dev to OT. Others come.

‘The condition of the patient is so critical. We need blood of group O- right now Patient ka bht khoon beh gaya hy’ Nikki said But O- blood group is so rare, do u asked blood banks. We don’t now the patient can only accept that blood group and we have asked, it is not available there right now.
Sona asks ‘aap….. aap mae se kisi ka blood group group O- hy??’
‘Nhi Dr. Bose’ replied nikki
Riya rays ‘ Haan dr.bose hum teeno ka tou A- hy aur maa ka B+’
Neha remembers something and says a few days ago Natasha told me that her blood group is O-!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice track

  2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow interesting I hope Natasha helps them out and doesn’t asks for anything stupid

  3. Natasha ki blood group o- hai? Nice!!!

  4. I think Natasha will not help them..n if she will, she will do dat on d condition dat Dev marries her. But since our writer is so innovative, can’t say anything..

  5. Sad for devna…what a love for mother!!!!!!nice fati….

  6. Nice track Natasha ka loi bharosa Nahi maybe she’ll use dev to hurt sona … Waiting for next update

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