Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 5)


Part 5
Sona tells to elina that she will tell everyone when dev will tell his mother..
Dev tried many times but was unable to say anything to his mother.
Next morning dev was ready to go office. Sona comes and sees him and starts smiling. Radha rani sees her and asks her to do her work. Natasha( as in the drama her name is now is natasha) comes and greets everyone. Sona sees her and gets insecure. She goes to dev to talk to him. Sona was getting jealous 😉 dev also sees her like this natasha feels this that might be they love each other. She comes a little bit close to dev…..
Dev comes home. He goes in ishwari’s room. He tried to tell her mother but can’t. Ishwari says that dev i want to talk to u actually I don’t like natasha as my daughter in law i want an other suitable girl for u. She is a bit clever. I don’t like her please don’t marry her. Dev says i want to tell you the same thing i love sona but can’t deny mr. Gujral bcz he is sharing 50 % shares

Iswari was shocked! ?
What did you say?
You love sonakshi?
The nutritionist?
A lot of question was asked by ishwari!
‘Ji maa’ Dev replied………..
Beta tum uss nutrition se shaadi krna chahty ho?

“Haye haye haye kia kaha iss ny yeh uss nutrition se shaadi krna chahta hy! Jiji yeh gharib ki beti radha na kehti thi ky jaldi shaadi krdo ab dekha ye uss nutrition kia naam hy uska haan sonakshi uss se shaadi krna chahta hy jiji iss se behtar tou wo natasha hy kitni tez hy wo nutrition bengali tou hoty hi aise hain ( no bad feelings for bengalis) krdo uss natasha se shaadi abhi bhi waqt hy!!!”
Ishwari says that no matter how i will never let you that nutrition better is that u can marry natasha.
‘But maa u don’t like her’ dev says
Just marry her!!!!
Dev was left in tears….

Precap: dev gets shot

in the coming days my ff is going to finish as I am not stretching it long
So maybe the next part will be second last…… or last…..

Credit to: Fati

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  1. Great work fati. Can’t wait for the next part. Plz update fast.

  2. Oh I tot ishwari accepted sonakshi…hmmm…and DEV GETS SHOT?WHAT!??anyway great episode di!!

  3. Wow nice episode as usual , yes this Radha rani and Natasha are very irritating and shocking precap Dev gets shot :O

  4. Plzz don’t end it so early..v all luv dis ff

  5. why fati…u r stopping?????don’t u think its too early??anyways superb epi….

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