Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 4)


So here goes the 4 part
Sona; Tumhari ankhon mae pata hy kia likha hy dev?
Dev: kia likha hy bolo?
sona:Tumhy nhi pata?
dev:Kia likha hoga? Yehi likha hoga na that I Love you………..
Sona:haan (blushing)
Dev was shocked that what does he say?

Dev murmered: Dil ki baat zuban pr agai!!!!!! 😉
Sona says now what do u want to say youngest bussiness tycoon Mr Devrath Dixit……..
Dev silently moves from there giving a cute smile to sona.
The doctor says that she can be discharged now!!
Dev leaves sona at home and goes to his home….
Sona was continously smiling and was not in senses . Elina Asked her ‘kia hua?’
Sona: haan! Mae theek hon! 😉
Sona? She called her name in a loud voice.
haan haan? Sona came into her senses
‘Haan kia bol rahi thi tum’ sona says!
Elina sees her hand and sees the bandage and asks her what happened sona says nothing just a cut. Elina asks how? Sona says I was cutting vegetables and so this happened. Elina now starts teasing her
Elina: acha tou bandage kis ny ki? Mr.obodhro ny?

Sona: Nhi mae hospital…….
Elina: Hain? Kya mr.dixit tumhy hospital le gye thay! Itni choti chot pr :p
Sona takes elina in her room and locks the room and tells everything to elina…. elina starts jumping, shouting etc. When u r going to marry? Tell tell?
Sona makes her quiet and asks not to tell anything to anyone now…….
Dev goes to her mother’s room and tells her everything…… her mom agrees…….
Ahhhhh!! But it was a dream of dev!
‘How should i tell maa’ dev murmered to himself…..

This is a short epi but i promise the other one will be long :*

Credit to: Fati

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  1. It’s a bit unclear(the dialogues)I suggest why don’t you write the dialogue in English?

  2. nice, can u update a longer episode next time

  3. Wow!! the way dev tells ilu too good…

  4. Short but cute episode

  5. Nice but plz make it longer

  6. Keep going…..
    Eagerly waiting for next part…..

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