Devakshi Made for Each Other (Part 1)


This is my first ff and I don’t know whether everyone will love it or not so it started from the entry of kareena/natasha

It starts from where Kareena/Natasha entered and she comes with dev in dev’s house. She meets with dev’s mother and start praising her son and every1. She meet with her sisters and atlast sona come there. Kareena/Natasha sees sona and asks dev who is she? He answers that she is his mother’s nutriontist. Sona asks who is she? She introduces herself that she is kareena/natasha , she is going to become the daughter in law of this house. Sona was shocked!

Sona stopped her tears and congrats ishwari aunty and every one else. She goes to kitchen. Dev finds her behaviour strange and thinks to talk to her. Sona was in a deep shock, she was cuttimg vegetables and was holding a knife in her hand. She unkowningly put that knife on her wrist. She was weeping and didn’t noticed what was she doing. She cut her wrist thing it to be vegetables. It bleeds badly. Natasha/Kareena had left. Dev comes to kitchen and find Sona’s hand bleeding……..

Credit to: Fati

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  1. Nice but small
    I am a big fan of krpab

  2. Short n sweet..but next time plzz long one

  3. It’s quite short..this can be considered one scene but anyway throw this Natasha put least in fan fictions we can hope that dev and sona can’t get separated which may maybe posibble in the actual one?

  4. Hey Fatti ur story is totally similar to mine… The plot of my ff is just like urs.. Read my ff… I have written yesterday by the name Vaishu

    1. Vaishu plz don’t take tension. My ff is little bit similiar to you but I have changed it in the upcomings. ?

    2. My ff is similiar to you Vaishu but I have changed it in the upcoming so plz u dont take tension ?

  5. No issues Fayi… Iam actually happy to see that all krpkab lovers think soo similar and we all can actually suggest the real writers of the show…
    Keep writing Fayi. I will always be there to read and comment on ur ff..

    1. Thank u so much vaishu ?

  6. Fati fantastic start

  7. Ahaaaaa nice one

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