(DevAkshi) Love…pehli dafaa hai ye episode 9


hey guys bak with nxt one…….so here it goes

they both reach home….and slept
Nxt day Sona wakes up…gets ready and cms out….she sees Ranveer helping Asha in kitchen
Sona:hey Ranveer when did u learn to cook food
Ranveer:wht?hello madam i know to cook vry well
Ishani:hey Sona actually in us he learnt cooking yaar..
Sona:i did nt ask u
Asha:arrey bas plzs stop fighting..
bejoy:kk kk bas cm and eat now
all sit in the dinning table and strt eating
Ranveer:Aunty really awsome dhal…..i dont know wheather Ishani can cook like tht
Vanshika:Ranveer stop keeping ice on Asha aunty ang eat] Ishani:thnxs Vansh
Vansh:thts kk
Ranveer:today also shuld i drop u Sona (sad face)
Ranveer:arrey plzs
Sona:kk today u can enjoy
dada:with whom(giggles)
Elena:i know
(everyone giggle)(ishveer shy)
everyone leave
SONA takes hr scooty and leave

Dixit Mansion
its sunday so Dev is at working on his laptop…in his room…nikki enters the room
Dev:abh kya hogaya…wht do u want?
Nikki:bhaiyaa…did u think abt it
Nikki:i told u right party fr….
Dev:nikki thts jst waste of money…
Nikk:bhaiyaa…(makes a sad face)
Nikki:plzs plzs plzs plzs plzs plzs plzs plzs plzs
Dev:kk kk vil think abt it…nw leave i hav work
nikki leaves the room and cms down…and Sona enters the house
nikki:hey di…so today who dropped u?(giggles)
Sona:jst stop ur nonsense nikki
niiki:kk di…

Sona:so…why r u so sad
niiki:kuch nehe di thts kk
Sona:arrey let me yaar
nikki:actually i spoke abt my party thing….to bhaiyaa..
Sona:wht did he say
nikki:he told its waste of money…and told he vil think
Sona pov:waste of money….can’t he spend a bit of money fr his sis’s happiness…jst can’t understand him
nikki:di….aap kya soch rahiho?
Sona:kuch nehe
nikki:ek min….di why don’t u try
Sona:kya try karna hai
nikki:why don’t u go and talk to bhaiyaa again
Sona:Mein???…mein MR.obodhro se..(mummers)…again
nikki:di…deal or no deal…
Sona:kk kk vil talk ti him but nt nw…because i hav work
nikki:kk par jaldi

sona leaves to the kitchen…strts working…..aftr an hr she takes lunch fr Ishwari…levaes to hr room
Sona:auntyji aapki nashta (dev to enters the room)
Ishwari eats a some
Ishwari:nutrition…plzs plzs…yeh khana aacha nehe hai
Sona:auntyji plzs pzls
Ishwari:teekhe teekhe…
she eats and gives the plate to Sona and Sona leaves to the kitchen
suddenly Sona hears a sound frm nikki’s room…Sona runs to hr room
Sona:kya hogaya nikki
Sona sees Riya and Nikki fighting
sona:arrey arrey tum dono kya karahiho?
riya:di….she took my earing
nikki:no…di…thts mine
riya:is tht ur’s nikki….
Sona:arrey bas bas
riya:no….di…this is my b’day gift
niiki:no di this is nt hrs
riya:no…di bhaiyaa gave it fr my b’day
riya:haan di last year b’day

again they strt to fight(this time Dev hears the sound and cms down frm his room to nikki’s room)
Dev:arrey stop fighting
riya:bhaiyaa…last year u gave me this as my b’day gift right
nikki:nehe bhaiyaa this is a gift which i got fr my b’day frm my frnd
dev:first show me earing
Sona takes it frm them and hands it to Dev…Dev sees it
Dev:haan….i gave this gift to Riya’s b’day last year
nikki:no bhaiyaa
Dev:tum chup kar nikki…why do u always want to fight with hr
nikki makes a sad face…Dev leaves to kitchen to drink water
Sona sits and talks with nikki…suddenly sona gets a call
dev:Ms,bose ur phone is ringing
Sona:Mr.dixit can u see who’s name it is
Dev:its written bestie
sona runs frm nikki’s room to kitchen…attends the call
Dev:slow Ms.bose
Sona:hello bestie
(dev makes faces)dev pov:so….Ranveer guy is Ms.bose’s best frnd shit….

Ranveer:hello Shona
Sona:haan bol
Ranveer:Ishani did nt reach office still and she is nt picking my call too
Sona:omg…any probs
Ranveer:patha nehe yaar…jst call hr and see
Sona:kk waite
she cuts his call and calls hr..Ishani picks the calll
Sona:hello tum kaha ho?
Ishani:actually i came to meet my old frnd…
Sona:why din’t u pick his call
Sona:Rnveer’s call
Ishani:ohh…i did nt get signal…jst nw got..thts why…
Sona:kkk actually he got tensed so jst call him and speak to him once kk
Ishani:kkk bye
Sona:kk bye

cuts the call and calls Ranveer
Ranveer:did she take the caal….any probs…where is she …wht is she doing…
Sona:waite waite jst breath fr a second
Ranveer:plzs tell me is she fine
Sona:waite she is fine…actaully she went to see hr old frnd…thr she did nt hav siognal it seems thts why
Ranveer:oh…kk…did u tel he to call me
ona:haan haan…she told she vil call
Ranveer:kk bye
cuts the call


credits:Harshu,Akshu and Hannaa

hey guys hope u like this one this episode is to long too…so vil try to post the nxt one by tmrw until then waite and bye

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