(DevAkshi) Love….pehli dafaa hai ye (episode 8)


Hey guys bak with the nxt epiosde….thnxs fr ur support….and in this episode thr vil be romance…
Here it goes


Nxt Day morning everyone wakes up…when Sona got ready and came out of hr room…Ranveer was sitting in sofa and talking Ishani
Sona:oh Ranveer baby…can’t u be away frm ur GF jst fr a nite (giggles)
Ranveer:Shona baby abh tum chup nehe karoge toh mein dhatungi
Sona:ohh really
Elena:arrey bas bas baba
Vanshika: plzs stop ur nonsense Sona
All sit on the dinning table
Asha:so Ranveer beta did u get the deal
Ranveer: of course aunty….hw can I nt
Ishani:hello Mr.Ranveer Whagela….if I did nt help u then u would hav nt got the deal….got (guys srry if thr is any mistake in his spelling…because only Akshada known the correct spelling)
Asha:teekhe u too helped him
Ranveer makes faces
They strt eating and chit chatting too….aftr while they finish eating
Sona:Ranveer baby plzs mujhe drop kar na plzs plzs
Ranveer:nehe baba Ishani mujhe dhategi
Ishani:arrey baba mein ne kab aisa kaha?
Ranveer:tum ne hi kaha tha na
Sona:ohh I understood….u want to spend time with ur GF
Ranveer makes faces
Ishani:Ranveer leave her na..I vil take my car
Ranveer:teekhe teekhe
Sona sits in Ranveers car….they chat to core….and mean they reach
Sona:bye Ranveer baby
Sona:but don’t forget to romance with ur GF in office (giggles)
Ranveer:tum bhi na bye (and leaves)

Dev heard thr convo but he heard only the first covo of sona:bye Ranveer baby….he was jelous to core…Sona enters the house
Nikki:khon hai vo di?
Nikki:who dropped u
Sona:vo meri frnd hai…
Nikki:frnd ya boyfrnd
Sona:Nikki shut up
Nikki:really Sona di…frnd ya …..
Dev shouts:Nikki usse chodo na(because by hearing thr convo Dev again got jelous)
Nikki:aap ko kya bhaiyaa….
Dev:shut up….u can’t ask abt hr personal life Nikki
Sona:thts kk Mr.dixit
Dev leaves
Sona goes inside the kitchen…and strts working…aftr an hour she gets a call
Sona:haan bol kya hogaya?
Ranveer:actually by mistake I dropped my watch inside ur bag…
Sona:ek min mein check karthihu
Ranveer:hai kya.?
Ranveer:I vil cm thr….in 10 mins
Sona:teekhe jaldi aa
Cuts the call…actuator 10 mins Dev cms bak home to take some file….he goes inside his room takes the file and cms down..while cming down he sees Sona talking with Ranveer outside his house…..this time Dev was jelous to core…but he don’t why
Dev pov:why am I getting jelous of seeing Ms.bose with tht guy…wht ever..I hate him
Ranveer leaves…while Sona was entering in Dev and Sona collide and sona was abt to fall but Dev caught hr…they both share an eyelock ..Dev breaks the eyelock
Dev:Ms.bise aap teekh ho
Sona:haan Mr.dixit
Dev leaves
Sona again goes inside and strts working?…

Evening 7:00
Nikki and Soan were talking and Sona called Vanshika to pick hr up
Vanshika:haan aap bol sonu baby
Sona:hey vansh can u pick me up
Vanshika:teekhe baby
Sona:bye..cm soon
Cuts the call
Nikki:di aap ko kithne BF hai na (smiles )
Sona:shut up….nw whom I talked to was my frnd Vanshika hr pet by me is vansh
Nikki:ohh I c
Aftr 1 hr Vanshika reaches Devs home…
Vanshika cms in
Sona:hai vansh
Vanshika:hi baby
Sona:this is Nikitha dixit…Mr.dixits choti benhan
Vanshika:ohh ic
Nikki:ek min ek min aap Vanshika Raghul hai na…India’s top 10 business man’s daughter
Vanshika:no I am nt
Nikki:I can’t believe that u r so simple
Sona:she is always like tht
Vanshika:shut up Sona
Nikki:toh…Sona u did nt even tell me tht she is ur frnd
Vanshika:she mostly forget me tht I ma her bestie
Sona:nehe baby aisa nehe hai
Dev enters the house
Nikki:bhaiyaa see who has cm to our house
Dev:khon ?
Dev sees Vanshika
Vanshika:oh ye hi hai Mr.obodhro…mummers to Shona
Dev:ek min …is she Vanshika Raghul
Nikki:actually bhaiyaa aap kho patha hai ki Ms.Raghul Sona di ka best frnd hai
Dev:oh I c

Sona:vansh meet Mr.dixit
Vanshika:hello Mr.dixit
Dev:hello Ms.Raghul
Dev and Vanshika talk fr some while
Vanshika:nice meeting u Mr.obodhro…
Dev:Obodhro ?
Vanshika:I mean Mr.dixit
Dev: bye Ms.bose and Ms.raghul
They both leave
Vanshika:tumi ekdum bokha Shona…he is soo nice baby ….
Sona:thts wht I was also wandering
They reach home…and go to sleep


Precap:no Precap

Sry guys this time too I did nt hav any idea so no precap…and surely vil try posting the nxt by tmrw or today…until waite

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    Awesome episode dear..luvd it

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    Hey guys actually I hav posted episode 8 twice because aftr 24 hrs I checked and it was nt posted and thought of posting another one and tht too got posted….actually more than this epi u can read the another one because tht is some wht gud and nice more than this

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