(DevAkshi) Love….pehli dafaa hai ye (episode 7)

Hey guys bak with the nxt epiosde…..and new characters entry too….so here it goes

Precap:entry of new characters

Sona:ki holo
Turns bak
Ranveer:haan mein hi
Sona hugs hihim and he too….aftr few seconds breaks the hug
Sona:Ranveer…..tum US se aagayi
Sona: par kyu nehe baathaya…..bhoka
Ranveer:actually jst before 3 hrs reached Delhi…thought of surprising u
Everyone comes out
Sona:so everyone where hiding here….
Sona:haan…ek min ek min…kaha hai tumari “GF:
Ishani: mein yaha hu Sona
Sona:hey ishu toh….
Some tickles Sona frm bak
Sona:hey who the he’ll is tht
Sona:tum bhi Vanshika
Vanshika:haan mein bhi
Vanshika huge hr
(Hey guys these r the three characters I hav added….actually Ranveer and Vanshika r bestie of Shona frm childhood…..they r jst bestie to core……and Ishani is Ranveers GF…. (i think so most of the readers know who is Ranveer and Ishani….I took these characters frm MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI….actually my frnd AKSHU was crazy and is crazy abt this serial so thought of adding them….and Srry ISHVEER fans u can’t see any romantic sence of Ranveer and Ishani?))
They all talk fr some while
Ranveer:kya hum dinner pe jaasakthe hai??
Ishani:gud idea
Vanshika:let’s go
They all five leave. Aftr a while they reach a vry costly hotel
Ranveer and sona sits together…Elena opposite to Sona…Ishani opposite to Ranveer and Vanshika beside sona
Ranveer and Sona: one tomato soup
Ishani:wht a chorus

They all strt ordering and eating too
Sona:so.. Ranveer did u get the contract
Ranveer:haan of course…wht do u think abt ur bestie
Sona:mujhe patha thi ki.u vil get it
Vanshika:hello Sona madam I am also ur bestie….
Sona:arrey baba mein kab bol ki tum meri bestie nehe ho?
Here Dev too came to the same hotel with his clients
Sona sees him sitting beside
Sona:OMG! Mr.obodhro yaha kya karahihai?
Ranveer:whom r u talking abt….r u telling abt Mr.dixit
Sona: opposite
Ranveer sees him
Ranveer:he also good looking only shona…u can try out(giggles)
Sona:Ranveer tum bhi?
Beats him slightly
Ranveer:tum bhi mathlab?
Sona:ye Elena ki bacchi bhi yaar
They both hi.fi
Sona:abh stop this nonsense
Ishani:oh Sona baby….
Vanshika:Ranveer leave hr na
Ranveer:teekhe teekhe
And nw Dev sees Shona sitting opposite to him…and sees hr talking and laughing with Ranveer

Dev:is he hr boyfrnd…..aise kaise hosakthe?she did nt even tell me…(Dev cms to sense)hw vil she tell…I am nt even hr frnd….but…
Dev:dev abh tumhe kya hogaya…ussko boyfrnd hai ya nehe….par hoga toh ….
Vanshika:hey Sona he so handsome yaar ….damn had some…hw can u tell him Mr.obodhro
Ranveer:tumhe patha nehe……vo Sona ne mujhe usske baare mein sab kuch bathadiya hai…He is actually …
Ishani:s Vanshika u r also correct he is damn hot too…(to make Ranveer angry)
Ranveer gets angry
Ishani Sona and Elena laugh
Ranveer:abh chup sab log
Ishani:kya hum ghar jaasakthe hai
Here dev leaves home
All five reach home
Ranveer: kk bye mujhe der horaha hai bye and Ishani,Vanshika both r gona stay in ur house kk
Sona:haan haan I know u told me
Ranveer bids Bye to everyone and leaves
Sona,Vanshika in a room….Ishani,Elena in a room and asha bejoy and dada in a room
They all sleep but sona doesn’t
Vanshika wakes up
Vanshika:kya hogaya…kya socha rahiho?
Sona:vo.. actually thinking abt Mr.dixit
Vanshika:kya socha rahihu “uss ke baare mein
Sona throws a pillow on Vanshika
Sona:U know right I hate “LOVE” (srry fr the shock but in my story Sona hates love)
Vanshika:haan mujhe patha hai baby
Sona tells everything which happened in the evening
Vanshika:wow…hw romantic. …
Sona:shut up vansh (short form of vanshika)
They both sleep



Hey guys I hope u liked this episode…because Dev became possesive abt Sona and vil try to post the nxt on soon…until waite…bye…

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