(DevAkshi) Love….pehli dafaa hai ye (episode 6)

So guys bak with the Nxt epiosde….srry I told tht vil post it yesterday but went out with my family so dint hav time …….so here it goes

Precap:no Precap

Sona goes inside the kitchen…Nike and riys goes inside their room….mean while Dev cms bak home to take some file…goes inside his room takes the file and cms out…Here Ishwari goes inside the kitchen and does some chit chatting with Sona…Dev sees his mom laughing and talking with Sona
Dev:maa kithni kush hai…to talk with Ms.bose…
He smiles by seeing this and leaves

IT’S 6:30
Sona was sitting in the sofa GKB cms their (i hope u guys understood who is tht)
GKB:oiii bangalan tum abhi tak ghar nehe gaya
Sona:nehe aunty Elena aarahihai….
GKB:aacha achaa jaldi jaa…..kyu ki aaj raath ek guest aarahihai…tum yaha rehathi toh aacha nehe hoga…..tum samajgayi
Sona makes faces….and is abt to leave….Ishwari cms there by hearing there talks
Ishwari:bhabhi aap kyu usse aise baathe karahiho?
GKB:ji ji…..
GKB leaves
Sona again sits on the sofa….calls Elena
Sona:arrey Elena phone utt na
She tries calling and calling hr and at last hr phone was dead
Sona:arrey baba abh mein kaise Elena ko contact karu….
Nikki cms there
Nikki:kya hogaya di
Sona:vo…..Elena phone nehe utt rahihai ….aur phone bhi dead hogaya
Nikki: di meri phone bhi dead hogayi…ek min I vil charge it
Nikki goes inside hr room takes her phone and charges it…and cms out sits beside Sona
Sona and Nikki were chit chatting to core…
Aftr some while Dev cms home…Nikki sees him
Nikki:bhaiyaa aap itni jaldi office se aagayi
Dev:jaldi …?
Sona sees hr watch
Sona:arrey baba 9:00 clock
Nikki:nine ?
Sona:Nikki tumhe baath baath kar mein ghar jaane keliye buligayi….
Nikki:srry di….I too forgot…waite di I vil bring my phone
Nikki goes inside hr room and brings hr phone and gives it Sona.. Sona dails Elena’s num
Elena:Sona srry baby I can’t cm…I am stuck in traffic…
Sona:Elena…abh mein kaise ghar jaao …..
Elena:Dev babu hai na usse pooch….(naughtly)
Sona:Elena ki bacchi….shut up….teekhe I vil cm bye…and cm fast
Elena:tum bhi jaldi aa….bye
Sona cuts the call
Nikki:kya hogayi di…??
Sona:she is stuck in traffic it seems abh mein kaise ghar jaao? ….
Nikki:hmm…I vil a taxi di
Sona:s Mr.dixit
Dev:if u don’t mind….kya mein aap ki drop karu?because it’s so late ……
Nikki:haan di….chliye ne
Sona:no thts kk Mr.dixit I vill manage
Dev:Ms.bose ….thts kk
Niiki :di plzs mereliye …..
Sona:teekhe teekhe …
Nikki:toh chaliye bye…. Nikki bids a bye and goes inside hr room
Here Sona sits inside the car….Dev drives the car
There was silent….they reach home
Sona:thnxs Mr.dixit
Dev:thts kk Ms.bose
Sona bids a bye and leaves. Elena sees all this…Sona enters the house goes inside hr room and sits on the bed
Elena:who dropped u here
Elena:ohh wow awsome right
Sona:Elena stop ur nonsense
They both sleep
Nxt Day Sona leave to Devs house
Nikki:Sona di…
Nikki:mujhe ek help kijiye
Sona:kya ?
Nikki: aap plzs….bhaiyaa se baath kijiye….
Sona:kya baath karna hai?
Nikki:vo…meri party ke baare mein
Sona:mein….Mr.obodhro se
Nikki: Mr.obodhro…..di isska mathlab mujhe abhi chayiye…
Sona:Nikki usske…mathlab kuch nehe hai ….
Nikki:nehe abh bathayiye
Sona:Nikki u want help or…
Nikki:teekhe teekhe
Sona: par mein kaise Mr.dixit se baath karu
Sona:I mean vil he accept
Nikki: patha nehe try kijiye
Nikki: plzs plzs di mereliye
Sona:kkk but abh nehe …
Nikki:aur kab?
Nikki:teekhe (sad face)leaves
Sona: OMG!,main kaise Mr.obodhro se baath karu yaar….first before talking with him….I shuld find wht is his mood …or I vil be gone….
Nikki’s room…Riya enters the room
Riya:kya karahiho?
Nikki:kuch nehe di…vo actually aap ko patha hai
Nikki:Sona di ne kaha ki…she vil talk to bhaiyaa abt my party
Riya:hmm… I c…but vil bhaiyaa
Nikki: patha nehe di
Neha enters the room
Neha:kya baath chalrahihai
Riya:kuch nehe di bas aise hi
Neha:arrey mujhe nehe bathayegi
Nikki:aise nehe hai di
Neha:toh bathao na
Nikki tells
Neha:aacha…patha nehe kya hoga

It’s almost 8:00 but sona was there still
Nikki:Sona di abh aap free ho ya nehe
Sona:haan hu of course
Nikki:toh jaayiye…
Nikki:bhaiyaa se baath kijiye
Sona:(blabbers)hey nikki…I don’t think so Mr.dixit can, r home or not
Nikki:vo aagayi…
Sona:kab?aur tumhe kaise patha
Nikki:vo…he came home at 7 itself….and I saw him working in his laptop
Sona:Nikki abh nehe plzs kal
Nikki:no di aapne promise kits
Sona: promise kab?
Nikki:vo sab mujhe patha nehe,…..an chaliye…
Sona makes faces
Nikki:no ifs and but
Sona:if he is in bad mood
Nikki: checked him he is in good mood only
Sona:Nikki ki bacchi…waite main tumhe chodungi nehe (mummers)
Nikki:and gape kuch kaha
Sona:nehe not at all
Nikki:toh chaliye
Sona goes to his room…he was taking to some one so Sona was waiting outside…he finished his phone call. ..but he did nt notice Sona standing there
Sona goes near him…Dev was standing near the bed
Dev turns bak Sona slips and falls on bed Dev who was wanting to catch her also fell on her…they share a deep eyelock…Dev was totally lost in her…and sona too but nt tht much…Dev was admiring hr to the core but the eyelock was broken by Sona
Dev cms to sense
Dev:and srry Ms.bose
Still on Sona
Sona:U r one me !!
Dev: oh. .
Still on hr
Sona:toh utiye na
Dev gets up frm hr
Dev:srry Ms.bose
Sona gets irritated
Sona:I am leaving bye!!
Dev:ye kane keliye aap yaha thak aayithi
Sona:haan(HARSH VOICE)
Dev: kk then bye
Sona goes down with a frown in hr face
Nikki:di… aap bhaiyaa se baath ki
Sona:nehe….mein kal baath karungi
Nikki:toh aap vaha thak kyu gaya thi??
Sona:mein…..auntyji….aunty ji ki baare mein baath karna keliye gaayithi
Nikki:toh aap baath ki
Dev shouts:aap joot kyu boolrahi hai Mr.bose
Sona:haan…baath karne keliye aayithi….par socha ki kal baath karu
Niiki:toh jab meine poocha toh aap ne kaha ki aap baath ki
Sona:ye kahaa bas gaya Sona tum(mummers)
Sona:vo…mein…kuch aur socha rahithi
Sona:vo…meri gaadi karab ho gaya thi toh isiliye…(lies)
Dev:toh mein drop karoo
Sona:no Mr.dixit I called Elena…and she is on hr watch
Dev:ohh kk
Dev:teekhe bye Ms.bose
Sona:bye ….
And leaves out
While driving the car she was thinking abt Dev….
Sona:sona kya hogaya tumhe…but did he wantingly fall on me….nehe aise kaise hosakthe …He is of course Mr.obodhro
She reaches home….goes in ..to hr surprise no one was thr
Sona:yeh kya hogaya?sab kaha chaligayi mujhe chood kar
Suddenly some one closes hr eyes
Sona:ki holo?
Sona turns bak


Precap:entry of new characters

Guys I hope u liked the first romance between our hero and heroine….and gona add new characters too and frm nxt epiosde it is gona be awsome…because the characters which I am gona add r really vry important fr this story…and so many romantic vil also go….so waite until bye….and vil surely post it tmrw

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