(devAkshi) Love….pehli dafaa hai ye (episode 2)

Hey guys I am bak with the nxt epiosde ,actually this episode me (VV harshita) and my frnd (Akshada) r together to post this hope u like it

Precap:a was about to dash asha

Sona turns bak
The car was about to dash her but sona pulls her bak. The driver stops the car . A young man cms out of the car..He is none other than our hero Dev Dixit ,
Sona helps her mom to get up
Sona: hello Mr how dare u
Sona and Dev hav a direct eyecontact (krpkab male version)plays
Dev:I am srry ma’am
Sona:kya srry aap ko deemak hai aur nehe
Dev:hello ma’am mind ur words
Sona:tumi ekdum bokha
Dev:aapne kya poocha
Dev:kya aap ko hindi nehe patha hai
Sona:Mr…..wht ever muje aachi se hindi malum hai (with an angry face)
Asha:Shona usse chodo na
Sona:wht did u say
Asha:arrey bas stop this nonsense
Dev:srry aunty
Asha: thts kk
Dev gets inside his car. Sona and asha leave fr shopping
Asha:tum Kyo usse aise baath ki!..??
Sona:ma aap usko support karna hai ya muje
Asha:teekhe baba ……mein tum hi support karungi
Sona:ab Chale? ?
Asha:haan …haan …
After shopping they go home
Sona gets a call frm …..
Sona:yes who am I speaking to
Unknown:can I speak to Ms.Sonakshi Bose
Sona:yes i am …..
Unknown:hello ma’am I am “Dev Dixit”
Sona: yes Mr.dixit boliye na …
Dev:actually mein aapse personally baath karnataka hai. Toh kya hum meet karsakthe hai kal
Sona: okay so where can we meet
Dev:”Star Bucks”(guys I really don’t whether thr is a coffee shop like tht)
Dev:at 8pm
Sona:srry Mr.dixit, I will be busy at 8,so can we meet at 8:40
Dev:ohh sure Dr
Sona cuts the call,goes inside her room and sleeps
Nxt Day
Sona wakes up at 7:00 and gets ready
Asha:haan bol
Sona:at aaj mein todi der se aao…
Asha:Kyo. ..
Sona:meri ek important meeting hai isiliya ….
Asha:teekhe …
Sona leaves to hospital,she starts working….it’s almost 8:30,Sona leaves frm hospital and catches a auto to star bucks
At Star bucks
Dev is waiting
It’s 8.39
Sona enters the shop …..calls him
Sona:Mr.dixit mein aagayi app kahan ho?
Dev: 4 th table left corner
Sona:I saw u
Dev turns bak

PRECAP:SONA reject’s devs job offer ……

Guys actually a delay will be in posting nxt episode…xams r goin on….if thr is any mistake plzs don’t mind it ….hope u liked it and silent readers plzs do comment ……VV and Akshada

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  2. Manya

    And of course there is a coffee shop like star bucks which is very costly but cold coffee is yum??
    Post soon
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  3. Best of luck for exams…….????? and episode was awesome dears……??????

  4. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Update Soon!

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