(devAkshi) Love….pehli dafaa hai ye (episode 1)


Hi guys!!!! I am one of the silent readers who read all the ff’s by all of you . I used to love them . now after a long struggle of registering my name in tellyupdates.I got a chance of updating this ff. this is not only my efforts but my friend akshada is also a part of the direction of this ff.So please enjoy!!!

A girl is shown wearing beautiful earings and wearing her lipstick to her perfect lips.(yes its ms.Sonakshi Bose) and going because someone is calling her.
Asha-shona!!!! sona beta neeche aao
Sona- ha maa . aa rahinhu
She goes down and asha gives her phone and she takes it.
Asha- beta thune tho phone neeche rak diya…aur voo dr.sinha he na vo thuje call karrahatha thumareliye koyi naayi new client aaya tha …….

Sona-haa..teekh hai maa . mein use baath kartha hoon.
Asha- aur thum jaldi aana office se …… mujhe shopping jaana hai mere new novel ka books lekar aane keliya
Sona- teekh hai maa… aur mein hospital mein kaam karthi hoon. Office mein nahi!!
Asha-haa ..ha.. vahi
Sona smiles and takes her blessings and goes to the hospital.
Sona-hello mr.sinha
Sinha-oh..come miss bose… theres a new client assigned for you Ms.Bose … Mr.Dixit…Mr.Dev Dixit
Sona-ok sir.when should I meet him sir?

Sinha-evening 5:00
Sona- oh sorry sir but I have to go to home by 5:00 because I need to go shopping with my mom.
Sinha-oh no…how will I explain to him about this.
Sona-why sir…its so simple…tell him to meet me tomorrow because I am busy.
Sinha- you don’t know about him …..he will get very angry…anyways I will try my best to convence him.
Sona-is he soo strict…..
Sinha-ya..better you deal with him a little carefully….
Sona-(in mind )haa..haa..mr.dixit jo hein…..
Sona-ok sir..
She works for the whole day with many clients
Sona- oh its 4:40 need to go.

She goes to home
Sona-maa ready ho aap???
Asha-wow sona thum ithni punctual keise hua??mujhe tho laga thum bhool jaaogi.
Bejoy-meri beti bohoth punctual hai …..meri beti joo hein……
Asha-acha..acha..thekh hai baba…sona ab chale
Sona-chalo maa…
They both go and catch a auto rikshaw..
Sona-kithna hein bhaiya?
Driver-40/- madam
Sona-teekh hai lelo…
Asha is crossing the road……
Sona is giving money to the driver and suddenly
There’s a sound coming

Precap-what would have happen to asha……has an accident taken place…..keep reading pehli dafaa hai

Credit goes to – Harshu and Akshu

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  4. Awesome intro.

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  8. Hey gals!
    Firstly, welcome to TU! I hope you have a wonderful time out here, especially in the KRPKAB community!
    Coming to the episode, I could definitely say that it is really nice, considering it as a first attempt. There’s really much that I’m looking forward to, and I hope you do give us surprises.
    Well, I too write this FF named ‘ME, YOU AND PASSION’. Hearing that you were once a silent reader, you might’ve read it. But, just incase you haven’t, do check it out soon!
    So, post soon and take care!
    Loads of love to you<3?????

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    Hey harshita..this is pari
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