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Its an emotinal Fanfiction. Its just a single shot.

He was thing that is this really true?
but how it can be? Tomorrow is my engagement… but maybe…. He then remembers that what she has said about love!! When u are in love u start forgetting things…. The one you love, you see them everyone and you find everything happy, you don’t feel pain in your injuries when u see them…. Every thing is pink pink rosy rosy….
These symtomps were found in him..
He got a disease of love? Seriously? He? How can he fall in love? The one who never believes on it is now feeling that?
He was just questioning himself! How can I? And with her? Ss…sss…oooo…nnn..aa….Sonakshi????? Dr Sonakshi Bose? Maa’s nutritionist?
There she was thinking only about him every day and night…
He is getting engaged!! She was crying badly!! I am okay! I will always love him secretly!! She was consoling herself!!! Dev u get engaged to Natasha! I am okay! She was just crying… when she sleep she don’t know….
The next morning Dev called Sona
D: Helloo!!
S: Hello? Yes?
D: Can we meet? I just wanna tell u something!!
S: Sure! When and where?
Dev told her the time and location.
S: Okay I’ll be there! Bye..
D: Bye…
Dev come to the park but not her! Where is she? Why she didn’t come? Many otger questions were coming in his mind!
He saw her… She also saw him.. She waved to her while crossing the road… She didn’t noticed a truck coming towards her……
She got a deadly accident… Dev runs towards her….
D: Ankhen kholo Sona!!!
S: Devv… I want to tell u something before I die….
D: Stay quiet! You r not going to die…
I will take u to hosp.
S: I love u dev!!!
D: Sona? U love me?
S: Yes!!
D: I love u tooo…….
He hugged her….. They reach hosp..
She was taken to the emergency… He was praying, crying…..
Doctor: Sorry Mr.Dixit! Due to eccessive blood loss we can’t save Ms. Sonakshi…..
We are sorry!
Dev was completely broken.. He shouted ‘No this can’t happen… She can’t leave me’ Nooo…
He fall down….. They bring her dead body to him….
Doctor: You should inform her family…..
When the doctor left without wasting a single second, without informing anyone from Bose family someone falls on Sona….. He was Dev…..
qlNurse: Dr. come fast…. Mr. Dev have fallen down unconciously…
Dr: Nurse, inform Mr. Dev’s family that thier son is died…. and tell them too that a girl named Sona is also died. If they know her family, inform her family too.
What happened to Dev? A sudden heart attack? No…..
He cut his both wrists so deeply that………. he can’t survived……
Both families are shown in their funeral. There were two deadbodies…. Sona And Dev….
Might be their families can oppose their marriage but SOME LOVE STORIES ARE BEYOND LIFE AND DEATH…..


Credit to: fati

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  1. I started crying di!!!

  2. Fati di really emotional and osum os.
    True love never dies na

  3. Fati you are the best. What a imagination yaar. Hats of to you. I really became emotional when Sona died.

  4. Emotional one..but amazing too

  5. Can’t believe this…..OMG….True Love!!!!

  6. Wow yaar, loved it..

  7. Really amazing OS

  8. Very emotional os..????

  9. Superb yaar… So emotional.. I m Still crying… Amazing…

  10. it was really emotional…nice…

  11. Amazing Fati di!!! Your OS was very emotional but just loved it!!

  12. Thank u all of u nishi, dreamer, shalini, aarti, shanaya, maria, partho, sree, bhoomi, o ahmed, vriddhi. Sorrh I can’t reply all of u individually ?. I didn’t knew that u will love my OS this much. I just wanna thank u all once again…
    Sorry for some mistakes
    In the first line its thinking and I wrote it thing and the other one word is other and I wrote it otger. I write this OS in hurry so I did some mistakes. I hope u all will understand….
    And once again THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH ??

    1. Its sorry!!! Again mistake!!!! Oooppsssss….. ?

  13. namitha murali

    what a stupid story

    1. What stupidity u found????

  14. Hats off to u fati…ur thinking is best….I never cried in my life seeing any daily soaps till now or by reading any ff……..but 1st time in my life I cried…..u r best……what a story!!!!

    1. Thank u sooooo much tanya ?
      I can only just thank you ?
      And if the writers are best than all the readers of the ff are also best ??
      Once again Thank u ?

    2. Yes Tanya you said right.

      1. At last Chal Wahaa Jaate Hai.

  15. OMG really emotional! I had tears in my eyes…. What a story… Seriously..

  16. ????? cried a lot reading this… really emotional….. awsome one fati……

  17. devakhi&swasan

    awesome so emotional luv u fati 🙂 🙂

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