DevAkshi – Love is life’s sweetest mystery (Character sketch)

Hi, I’m Charmaine. I am new to telly updates. I am a big fan of DevAkshi so I am writing my first fan fiction. Hope you like it.

So here are the characters:-

Mr. Devrath Dixit: A business tycoon, the owner of the Ishwari Enterprises and a workaholic. Loves his mother a lot.

Dr. Sonakshi Bose (Sona): The best cardiologist in Delhi working in City Hospital. A middle class girl.

Mrs. Ishwari Dixit: Dev’s mother who loves her son but not possessive. She is suffering from heart disease.

Ms. Riya Dixit: Dev’s sister who is working for his company.

Ms. Nikita Dixit (Nikki): Dev’s youngest sister. A college going student.

Dr. Elena Bose: Sona’s cousin sister. She has just become a doctor.

Mr. Saurabh Bose: Sona’s brother. He died in a car accident two years ago.

Mrs. Asha Bose: Sona’s mother who is a housewife. She has a dream of becoming an author.

Mr. Bejoy Bose: Sona’s father who has retired. He’s a little protective of his daughter.

Mrs. Radharani Tripathi (Mamiji/GKB): She’s very greedy for money and jealous of the Dixits. Using her cunning ways, she is staying with the Dixits.

Mamaji: Ishwari’s brother who is a very nice person.

Mr. Vikram Tripathi (Vicky): He’s fortunately nice like his father in my ff.

Thanks for reading. Please comment on my ff.

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  1. Ishwari not possessive… Fantastic
    No neha… I approve
    Vicky positive….. Super fantastic… ?
    It’s really amazing…. Looking forward to it…And post the episode soon…

    1. Charmaine

      Thanks Maleeha. I am posting the episode tomorrow.

  2. Shruti710

    Charmaine di
    It was amazing
    And GKB will be GKB only in every ff
    But I am very happy that Vicky is nice
    And best if all ishwari is not possessive

    Thanks a lot
    And post soon

    1. Charmaine

      I am posting the episode tomorrow Shruti. Please read it.

      1. Shruti710

        Di pakka na
        End moment pe dhokha mat Dena please

        Just kidding……

  3. Niki645

    Very nice intro!! Do post soon!

    1. Charmaine

      Sure Niki.

  4. Post soon dear♥♥

    1. Charmaine

      Thanks a lot akshita.

  5. Nice introduction.

    1. Charmaine

      Thanks Princess

  6. Erina

    Intro is interesting???but sad part saurav dead ??n gkb ?
    Happy part ishwari positive???n vicky too its quite interesting??
    Thumbs up go for it ???
    Waiting for ur first part…..

    1. Charmaine

      Thanks Erina. I am posting tomorrow.

  7. Charmaine

    Thanks for all your comments.

  8. Aarti32

    It’s a miraculous FF yaar!! No possessiveness..No bad boy..No cry baby sister..I’m vry happy wid all these??

    1. Charmaine

      Thank you Aarti.

  9. Rj12

    Amazing concept

    1. Charmaine

      Thanks Rj12.

  10. Chanpreet0815

    Charmaine. It good plzz post next part soon

    1. Charmaine

      Thanks Chanpreet.

  11. Chanpreet0815

    It’s good. Post next part soon.

  12. Simplesweety1

    It Was Awsm! Loved It! Update The 1st Episode Soon! BTW, I Also Write A FF Named Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF! Do Read And Review! 21 Parts Are Uploaded Till Now!

  13. Priya12

    Sry 4 the late cmt…., ur intro was fabulous…..excited 4 the first epi….post soon plss

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