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Dev’s pov :  I saw her sleeping on the couch while I was entering my room and she looks cute . I reached near her without knowing what’s happening to me , kneels before her. Her face was glistening in the moon light and a strand of her hair was disturbing her view.  I just tugged her hair behind her ears to which she instantly smiles in her sleep. I longed to admire her whole night..unknow feelings developed in my heart as I don’t know but the reality stuck my mind that she married me only under compulsion. I moved away from her thinking about anjali who betrayed me. I changed to my night wear and lies on my bed thinking what happened in my marriage with a person who’s sister betrayed me and my new life with her. I slowly closed my eyes as the reality hunts me when I open my eyes. Slowly sleep overpowered me …

Next morning….
Sona’s pov : I got up when the sun rays hit my face. I opened my eyes in a tension to close the curtains but I instantly fall when I just moved an I am on the floor. My eyes opened as I could feel the pain near my hand. Then I realised I am not in my home where I used to roll on and close the curtains. I just looked around to ensure that no one looked my state and my eyes fall on him who is just sleeping like a kid. I moved towards him and sits beside him.I know something inside him is bothering more but I don’t understand what’s that.I really want to know what happened between him and di as my heart feels that he is not as much bad but what to do know she left from here .

I got fresh up and leaves from there to living hall . I looked around as the whole house have been decorated with lights and flowers and saw ma working with the servants. I walked towards her she smiles seeing me. ” do you need something beta..? ” she asked me to which I just nod my head in negative direction. ” I will ask niki to bring coffee to your just go and take rest..” she finished her sentence while I was wondering what’s happening here. Iooked around to which she replied ” beta..I know this marriage happened suddenly but we need to introduce as our bahu there is a small function like a reception party” my eyes popped out after hearing the word reception..I just left from there as I know she will not leave me to do any work..I entered my room to see niki and dev chating with each other. I just smiled at her as she dragged me towards him. We both looked as there was an awkward moment between us. Niki understoods that and leaves from there saying she is having an important work.

Dev’s pov : I was in my deep sleep when I heard someone giggling near my ears. I first rejected it but soon it becomes louder. With much effort I opened my eyes to see niki sitting near me. ” bhaiya. long you gonna’s need to go out right? ” after hearing her words I realised that I am having my important meeting with the foreigners . I just looked around for sona but she was not there. I was about to ask niki but before that she entered our room.she looks simple in her anarkali not like anjali who used to prefer western outfits..oh dev ..why you are comparing both .. niki made sona to sit behind me . I just looked into her beautiful eyes and I could feel that she is not comfortable by this . Somewhat niki understoods it and leaves from there…
End of pov ..

       Dev looks at sona who is just looking down while he clears his throat saying good morning..sona instanly looks at him in shock while he gestures what ?” Woh ..I never thought you will be speaking with me..and well  morning”  Dev looks at her as he knows that he is taunting him. ” well..there is nothing good in your morning it seems..” Dev asked her to which she glared at him . ” what he is thinking in his mind..just I thought he is sweet to me but instanlty he started to taunt me with his useless talks..”  sona thinks while she feels something hot near her hands. She looks down as dev is holding a coffee mug near her hand. ” how long I have to hold this..?” He asked to which she gets it from him. ” can we talk for some time in balcony” dev asked while looking at her. ” sure..”  sona replied to him and both leaves to balcony.

     “What he wants to speak now..about our marriage..if so then I am happy with his I have to clear my point..”sona thinks dev breaks the silence ” did anyone forced you..”  he asked her straightly to which sona smiles saying ” I don’t know what to say as I married you only for my Pappa..” sona completes as dev loos at her. ” pappa asked me to marry you and he too feels ashame as di eloped from this marriage and I don’t want papa to get hurt by her decision..”

sona tells while tears filled her eyes. ” you would have said no to him right..” dev asked her to which sona looks at him. ” never ever pappa asked me to do anything on his wish..but this time he folds his habds before me..I could not say no to him..” she brokes downwhile saying to which dev simply looked at her love for her dad. ” I am sorry..I never know about your state as I was angry on anjali but never thought about you..I thought about my betrayal but not about your sadness..” dev tells as he felt sad for her state. As he is also responsible for this.”how did you agreed for this marriage”  sona asked to which dev looks at her in shock….

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