Dev’s pov :  how can she expect me to behave nice to her ..actually I don’t want to hurt her but the anger , confusion overtook my patience . I really can’t understand what happened in these hours.I know she is expecting me to clear the point but i am not in the mood to hear her words . I loved anjali and was about to marry her but after the rituals I find sona behind the veil. I was shocked to core to see her after the marriage. I never expected that this will happen and it’s my worst day of my life. Till now I can’t  understand where anjali is ? How is heart started beating fast when I think about her.

Just then my phone rings and I looked around ro find my room empty . Actually I think she left from here and I got somehow relaxed and kept the whiskey bottle down looking at my phone. My lips curved to a smile to see anjali’s name.  I just attends the call to ask if she is fine. But she didn’t allowed me to talk and asked me to come to adi’s mansion…I too had no time to enquire about it and left taking my keys. When I was about to leave my room I saw sona coming from the opposite side. She looks me surprisingly as I am leaving out at late night but she didn’t dare to take a word and I left without informing anything to her.

Sona’s pov : I looked at dev who was continuously drinking. I am done with him.I can’t just stand looking at him like this for whole night. I just entered the dressing room and changed myseld into a comfortable suit and looked at dev who is not done with his drinks. I mentally cursed myself for marrying a man like him and slammed the door but he was not in his senses.  I walked to the garden and sits there in the grass breathing fresh air in and out. I feels some peace after this rollercoaster marriage.

Seriously how di loved a person like him..always keeping his face strict and he even knows to smile or not. Why you created my destiny with him.. I feel cold and it’s almost winter I thought to go back to my room . I was om my way to our room to see dev coming out of the room. I looked at him confused as its late in night and where is he going now.. i was about to ask but he leaves from there without telling anything. I felt ignored by him and made a decision that I will never interfere in his matter. Slowly I reached to the sofa and lies there thinking about my future with him.soon sleep overtook my thought and I dosed off…

Dev’s pov : I am happy as I am finally going to meet anjali. But why she asked me to come there any problem for her..oh my god .. I reached his flat and suddenly walked to his apartment. I was welcomed by his maid and she smiles asking whether I need a coffee , I nodded no as I am not feeling to have a coffee. She then tells me that adi and anjali will come soon. I impatiently sat on the sofa and the thing which I saw made me to get up. I looked with tears in my eyes as I saw adi and anjali coming in the wedding attire. I can’t understand what happened and anjali smiles at me saying congrats Mr. Dev dixit. I looked at her shock because she is wearing a mangalsutra around her neck with her kumkum on her maang. Adi placing his hand on my shoulder says we are married dev. I looked at him whom I believed more in this world cheated me. I can’t take this as how can he betray me. While I was glaring at adi,  anjali says “I can’t live with a person like you who never know how to love . You thought you can suppress me by marrying me but see how what happened..In the last-minute I came to know that you are wrong person for me and i decided to marry adi but the shock for me is you married sona. ..I don’t know how she accepted to marry you..”

she finished her lines without a breath and I was taken aback by her reply. Did she thought that I am going to stop her success by marrying her. I was helping her for these years only for her success…this is what she feels for me. I am really feeling ashamed to love a girl like her. I just want to walk off from there but one thing strikes my mind. I looked at adi who is close to me hungs his head down not wanted to look at me.

  I just left from there and starts my car and drives fastly. I don’t  know where I am going as I am broken down inside deep from my heart…now I feel like dying but I could not do as there is a girl for me who married me for her sister’s decision. Now I want to know how she accepts this  marriage …if someone forced her then I will surely give her I have to reach home soon….

      Screen flashes between dev’s angry face and sona’s sleeping face….

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