Devakshi.. Happily Married (Intro)

Hey guys!! Im caira .. im new and i ve never written anything before… completely nothing …soo…. i dont know how it would be … but i ll try my best…. i ll write a few shots ……so here i give the intro( you all know the characters but just to simplify it more i shall write)
Here…. ishwari is good… she is not complicated and is in a supportive role✌?….. devakshi’s marriage has been about 4 months by now….

Sonakshi Bose Dixit…. Bengali …. you know everything about her…but here … i would say that her nanabari (maternal grand parent’s house) is in kolkata…..
Dev Dixit….. u know……..
Ishwari,Asha,Bejoy,Elena,Saurabh,Mamaji,No Mami,No Vicky….,,,,,,, even Kichu Bhaiya if i should mention…….
What is gonna happen is Sona wants to go to Kolkata as her nana- nani has called her.. …and it is the festive time there( durga puja)… so the enjoyment… love and laughter…. getting angry on each other…. the nok jhok of a husband and wife… dev ka sona ko manana… surprises…. nothing bad .. all happy happy
I look forward to ur support????in the following shots?

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  1. U r most welcomed to start it dear…..???????☺️????…..awesome, and amazing intro….and the best part is….that mami aur vicky nhi hain…?????????

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much for this encouragement Maleeha di.. i knew that if vicky and mami are there, these shots would turn out to be rotten ones??
      Thank you … your comments matter a lot to me..??

  2. Its nice to hear that “nothing bad in the story” so,looking forward for the best happy ff…???☺

    1. Caira

      Im so grateful that you are looking forward for these shots.. im sorry but it wont be an ff because ive already told i dont know how to write so i ll start with a bit…
      Thank you so much… it matters a lot to me ???

  3. Rj12

    good intro.?? thank god tht vicky and radha rani r not there????

    1. Caira

      Thank you rj12 for your comment.. please keep on commenting so that i am encouraged even if you dont like you can always tell….. Truly.. it matters

  4. Aaru

    Iske liye to double excitedly wait krungi..coz it’s happy happy

    1. Caira

      Thank you aaru di for the double excitement for these happy happy shots… thank you so so so much… please keep on encouraging like this..????

  5. Angel20

    Omg!! Very excited for it!! Post the episodes soon!!

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much maria di….. i hope i keep up to your expectations and write upto the mark to keep your excitement intact… thank you so so much???

      1. Angel20

        Caira dear what’s your age?

      2. Caira

        I dont know how to reply to your comment that is why i am sending it as a reply to my own comment maria di…
        I am 13 years old..?✌

      3. Caira

        I am 13 year old ?
        …. i wanted to ask that i had already posted my 1st part yesterday night it is not on the page yet….. what to do????

  6. vimal sanjana

    Wow.. Ur intro is too good… We people also don’t want devakshi in trouble… So here aft ur story shows only the positive love moments of devakshi.. So sweet of it…
    Write ur upcoming shots asap
    Thanq and welcome u here…
    All the very best and do it well..

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much .. i am so obliged …that i have become unable to handle my happiness… and i hope i will be able to run up to your expectation…please keep on commenting to encourage me further..??✌

  7. Manya

    Hey caira I am ayushi?
    Intro is very interesting❤️?????????❣?Bcoz I love happy happy things?
    Post soon?
    Love love?

    1. Thank you so much ayushi do….. please don’t ever mind if I forget that manya is actually ayushi di…. thank you so much for your comment… please read the slfirst update which you will soon find on the tu page … and again thank you a lot

  8. Sakthi

    very good intro soon..

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much Sakthi di!!!!

  9. Erina

    First a fall a very warm welcome dear nd d intro is interesting so post soon i’m eager to read ur ff

    1. Caira

      Thank you for the welcome….i will post soon….. thank you very much Erina di

  10. Awesome intro Caira!!!

  11. Caira

    Thank you so much niki di.. please read the following updates which i will post… and can be seen on the tu page .. thanks for the comment

  12. Bhoomi

    Superb?… Post first part soon…. Happy Devakshi awww i m so excited..??

    1. Caira

      Thank you Bhoomi di.. i have already posted but it is not yet on the tu page..?

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