Devakshi.. Happily Married (4) Last

Hi people!!! Im excited to write the last episode…. eeiiiii!!!… i loved it… i just loved it each time i looked to see the no. of comments you gave… i just loved my 1st writing experience…. i loved it when you people said u loved it….. i loved it each time anyone commented….. i loved it when an extra notification was added each time i peeped into the site….. i really loved it…. thank you ….. by the way lets start reading the last episode of “DEVAKSHI.. HAPPILY MARRIED”… i know that i wrote only about one important incident of Devakshi life… an incident about which i will be overwhelmed if all the readers comment on..???.. lets read it then?✌ :

In the garden..****
Dev is pissed off by now….completely* or rather jealous*.. Sona abhinav now joined by elena and saurabh…. Nikki riya on their detective scheme…. Like litterally follow karne se jyaada ., they are doing nautanki( more than following, they are doing drama) . Suddenly sona calls nikki and riya… They are like haan haan( yes yes) bhabi coming…. Dev shows best of luck ( thumbs up)sign to them ..* sab jankari khod ke lana – look*(*bring all the info – look *)… Nikki riya-* yes boss look*)
Nikki and riya approach sona – yes bhabi?

Sona- ek kaam hai tumlog ke liye( i have a work for you both)
Nikki riya-* kitne immandar bharosemand hain humlog*(how resonsible we are) ~pulling their collars up~

Riya – bolo bhabi(say )

Nikki- main hoon na…hmmmmn…(shahrukh khan style)
Sona-*in dono ko kya hua .. Bas ek hi toh kaam hai – look*(*what happened to these both.. Only one work i have given them-look*) *choddo yeh sab .. Kaam ki baat karti hun*(*leave all this.. Lets come to the point*- look).. So… You all know kal dev ka birthday hai( softly )

Nikki- haan bhabi… Main bhi yahi puchhne wali thi ki..( shouts).
Sona cuts her and hushes her …
Nikki- kya hua…. Ohhh( she understood that her bhabi is planning for dev’s birthday) .. Oh oh ohhhh…. Thik hai … Ki bhai ko kya doon..?
Sona – come in drags her into a room..

Dev – ab milegi mujhe puri khabar.. Kaash meri sona unhe sab bata de ya phir wo log hi khoj nikale( now i will get complete news.. I wish my sona tells them everything or they fetch out everything)

Dev- aur toh aur meri..MERI sona mera birthday bhi bhool gayi uss dada ke chakkar mein..(not only this.. My ..MY sona forgot my birthday because of her brother..) not fair sona not fair at all ..* dukhi devdas-look*..(* sad devdas look*)

Sona, abhi, elena, saurabh ,nikki, riya plan something… Nikki riya tell them the task dev has given them…. Sona laughs hard when they say ki bheje mein bheja hai and says- mere dev ka sense of humour… Hahahaa…lekin haan baat toh doubtful hai ki tumhare bheje mein bheja hai ki nahi*making that in-doubt face*(my dev’s sense of humour…. Hahaha.. But it is doubtful that you both have brains)..
Nikki riya tigether- shut up bhabi varna hum bhai ko bata denge.. Sab….
Sona-* one eyebrow up* grow up…

Riya – vaise hum itne bhi stupid nahi hain….
After this they do some planning…
Dev is meanwhile thinking tthat riya and nikki are going to bring him some info…* poor dev.. But… Lucky dev**

Note: All planning done .. Guys dont forget they have come here for durga puja… Today is saptami( the second day of durga puja… And here, dev’s birthday is tomorrow that is … Ashtami…3rd day..) in these shots…

They have gone for pandal hopping… They started at 9 in the evening…
…they are still visiting pandals .. Sonakshi is telling nikki, riya and dev about every where they are going, her old memories while pandal hopping.. Dev is trying to seek and ask his sisters.. But is unable as everytime sona comes there…it is now 11: 30 …
Nikki riya- sona di bhook lagi hai…( sona di we are feeling hungry)
Elena saurabh and abhinav agree… Sona tells that she is also in the same situation…
Sona- chalo tab khate hain … ( lets go then.. And eat)
They leave for a restaurant…. In the way…

Saurabh and abhinav- wait we are going… Tumlog jao( u all leave)
Some te later,
Elena – ohh hiiii!!!! Waving at somebody … Nikki riya u know she is my old frnd… Sona aur dev babu aaplog aage jao humlog aate hain(you both move we both are coming).. Is it okay*looking at nikki and riya*
Nikki riya- perfect …. Hi di!!!! Moving towards the new comer…
Sona and dev in the restaurant ~11:45~
They go inside ….. The restaurant is comepletely empty… Lights are off….
Dev- yeh kya ho raha hai…sonna???( what is this happening sona)
Sona holds dev s hand tightly as if she will never leave it… Spotlights on the couple. ..sona takes dev for a dance …

Rotates him on her finger ..( you know round round)… Dev moves away… Sona pulls him towards her*dev- you come wala expression**sona- You come wala expression*.. And he comes….. He rolls and then comes in to her armsthey move romantically … Like this they dance …. And while dancing .. When both their hands are on each other’s shoulder the clock strike 12 and sona comes near his ear and says romantically HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. DEV DIXIT …..

Dev lifts her up and they they move round round.. Lights switch onn… And they both smile looking at each other….they sit
Dev- pura restaurant book kar liya????( booked the whole restaurant)
Sona- everything for the love of my life …..

Dev looks at sona… Sona looks at dev… Staring staring moment….. Just then all others enter with balloons , party hats,cake and everything..even gifts …..
Thank you so much- says dev

All eat … Share somme happy sweet cute moments and when they come out…. ( they do not have a car because during puja time kolkata roads are blocked.)
When they start leaving ….
Sona limps and walks

Dev – tumhe kya hua(what happened to u mrs. Khargosh?)
Sona- shayad moch aa gyi( may be a sprain)*aaaaaah- look*
Dev comes and lifts her in his arms…. -ab thik hai??( okay now??)
Sona- Much better ..*smiles**seemed like that was all she wanted him to do*
They both kiss and share a lip lock ( a passionate one)

All others- hem hem… Cough…..
They stop the kiss and alll of them( including devakshi ) laugh….in their positions
Dev- the best birthday gift from my wifey
Sonna- i told you naa … Everything for the love of my life … They smile and their foreheads touch…..* made for each other wala look*

Everybody smile looking at them…

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  1. superb…….amazing…..fantastic…fabulous……..awesome……balkay height of awesomeness…..???❤?????❤❤????❤?????❤??……..seriously…u nailed these…4 shots…….I’m seriously gonna miss it……it was mixture of enormous emotions……..happy, jealousy, true ove, and many other that can’t be explained with my simple and mere words………it was an short story….u proved urself an amazing writer in just 4 shots ……..❤??????❤???comeback soon…..but with a ff…..and I’m waiting for ur return????????……bye……love ?????❤?

    1. true love*………it was an awesome short story*

      1. Caira

        Thank you soooo much Maleeha di!!!! You ve been commenting on all my updates … thanks for the encouragement… i am overwhelmed after seeing your comment… thank you soooooooo much?????♪♬♬✌?☺????

  2. Ali

    Amazingly awesome. It was short but I totally loved it.

    1. Caira

      Thank you!!! Your comments all through supported me to write further…??✌.. thanks

  3. Bhoomi

    Superb… Loved your short story.. ?

    1. Caira

      Thank you soo much Bhoomi di… you ve been also commenting on all the shots … ??✌♪♬?

  4. Aaru

    It was short but was really vry sweet..come back soon wid another story..

    1. Caira

      I know it was short… as i told it shares only one day or two of devakshi married life….
      Thank you aaru di for commenting and thus, encouraging me through your comments in each and every update of mine…. thank youu!!!!✌✌??♪♬????

  5. Yashfeen

    It ws amazing…shrt…sweet..n osum..I really enjoyed living up some portion of devakshii’s life thru dss..
    Will miss…come back soon wid mre damakedar n mazedaar portion or story of devakshi….

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much!!! Will miss you all too!!!
      Thank you for encouaging me all through???

  6. I loved it di!!
    All the jokes were amazing and specially your ‘looks’???
    Do,come back with something soon!
    Till then, love ya and take care!????????????

    1. Caira

      Anshita… i have already told you not to tell me “di”… i am giving that * hey im not MUCH older than you wala look*???✌
      Hahahah!!! And you too take care?

      1. Hehehehehehe????
        M so sorry I always end up forgetting that I’m not supposed to be calling you di ??????
        I’m glad that I got a special look all for myself??
        Nice one???
        Love you and do continue to read my ff and post your lovely comment!?
        Keep in touch Caira!☺️☺️☺️????

  7. Erina

    Caira dear u r awesome writter. U have seriously impressed me by ur 4 shorts only nd i haven’t thought that its for only 4 shorts but what to do… As it is said very journey has its destination nd u got ur destination nd i got awesome writter from this short journey…… Seriously i’ll miss ur look vala section. D way u describe that look was amazing nd truely commendable. With loads of love Erina nd come back soon dear i’m dying to read ur next ff till then take care swtheart ??????

    1. Caira

      Thank you sooo much Erina di!!!!!thanks for the encouragement!!! You ll not need to miss my look wala section …. cause you will see it soon( may be when i will comment on other ff writers) ( or maybe when i write my own next time)… with loads of lovely LOOKS…

  8. Manya

    Superbb caira ???????❣❤️?????????????❤️
    Dev and Sona Sabke samne hi??
    These four shots were amazing❤️❤️
    Plzzz start an ff that’s a humble request??
    Plzzz come back soon
    Will miss u ?
    Love love ??

    1. Caira

      Thanks Ayushi….. and devakshi sab ke samne hii …. thats the best part( i think so)… thank you soo much for all your comments till date✌✌

  9. Manyaa

    Amazinggggg ff….great caira….plss come back soon with a new ff….u r such a grt writer….

    1. Caira

      Thanks Manyaa di!!! I am glad you liked it.. very glad✌?….

  10. Awesomeee episode…
    Plzzz come back with new ff…

    1. Caira

      Thanks nikita di….. im so happy that you liked my updates…… thank you soo much for commenting..??✌

  11. 4nshika

    This journey was amazing….i read it all in one go…Awesome

    1. Caira

      Thanks.. as i have told you ….you ARE an inspiration, specially after reading bkb and ku… please finish bkb .. actually i am sakshi…my petname is caira….?✌…thanks once again it really means a lot…✌??????????????

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