Devakshi.. Happily Married (3)

Hey guys .. this is Caira ….this is the 3rd update..
Hope you will like it…

They come out of the airport … Its raining….. Sona, elena and saurabh wave at a tall smart and handsome guy of their age only….. Sona rushes and hugs him shouting – shubho shoshti dada (shubho= shubh/ merry/ happy) , ( shoshti= first day of durga puja),( dada= big brother).. They have a proper brother sister hug.. Elena and saurabh too hug ….. And 4 of them walk away talking… Dev , riya and nikki * hume bhool gye?? – look* (*forgot us*- look)in awe and then they decide to follow… Dev catches up with sona and the guy and greets the guy….*handshake*… Awkwardly dev says – hey im sona’s .. Dev dixit
Guy- i know that… Sona??( you-did-not-tell-him-about -me- look)
Sona- dev … Yeh naa abhinav hai ..( this is abhinav). Mere dada.. I mean bhaiya…( my big bro)
Dev- oh.. Hello abhinav… Nice to meet you… Sona never talks about calcutta…they are my sisters; nikki and riya (points them)..
Sona- ab yeh sab chhodo.(leave all this). Dev excuse us…hume baat karni hai(we want to talk)
Dev- ohhkayyyy(he thinks~~~~excuse-me-u-r-MY-wife-look)

Sona – abhinav talk~~~~[there will be bengali, you ll get to know why]
Sona- dadaaa….(bhaiyaaa)
Abhinav(abhi as i will write)- hmmn.. Bolo behna..( say didi)
Sona- bangalite kotha bolun dev bhujejabe..( speak in bengali.. Or dev will understand)
Abhi- ki holo re bonu …. Kaeno kichhu kotha achhe …. Jamai babu ke ki holo( what is the matter sister….is there any problem… … What happened to dev.???)
Sona and abhinav plan something….
Same time dev~~~~listening to them chupke chupke(hiding)
Dev to himself- yeh kya hai.(what are all these??)… Bonu…kichhu.. Yahan pe bhi koi kichu bhaiya hai kya(here also is there any kichu bhaiya??)* what on earth is going on-look*… Kaeno… Bhujejabe????..bas ek hi word samajh aaya aur woh tha : hall…..( i understood only one word : hall)…. Yeh kya ho raha hai.. Meri sona mujhse kya chhupa rahi hai???( what is this happening…. What is my sona hiding from me???)
Nikki had seen him earsdropping sona and abhinav’s chat.. She shows this to riya…
They both approach dev and…..
Nikki- bhaiya(bro)*pats him on his shoulder* *dev surprised cum shocked ** dev= what did they hear what did they see? -look*
Riya- kya chal raha hai iss possessive bheje mein* makes that CID face like kuch toh gadbad hai …+ one eyebrow up*koi chemical locha???( what is happening in this possessive head =dev’s head…… Some chemical problem)…
Nikki – kya dialogue wah wah wah …. Mere saath reh reh ke yahi hona tha* proud look**fans herself*( what a dialogue)
Riya- chup kar( shut up)bhai ko bolne de( let bhai say)*looks where is dev*
Dev – * was by now again following sona and abhinav*… * detective look…
Nikki riya come rushing
Riya – kya hua bhai???( what happened bro)
Dev – i have some work for my intelligent sisters ..*in a flattering manner* …tum dono ko prove karna hai ki tumhare bheje mein sahi mein bheja hai.. .(you both have to prove that you have brains)
Nikki and riya – * what was this- look*
Dev – look i need help..
Riya- help koi aese maangta hai?( who asks for help like this)* their melo drama follows and after that dev is able to make them ready to keep an eye on sona and abhinav and know what they talk about only because they used the word “hall” …..

So what are sona and abhinav planning… You know what they both will take in all the other 4 except for dev… What are they upto… We will be seeing how nikki riya wil be balancing both the sides.. Is the planning for or against know keep on reading ” Devakshi.. Happily Married

Uhhh!! I know the episode is really short but please do comment….how much liked the episode whether you liked it or not.. Please.. And thank you all for commenting in the previous episode…

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee caira❤️❣????????
    And i love when u mention this look or that look?
    Post soon
    Love love?

  2. Hey Caira! It was superb???????
    My favourite part is when you mention all those precise loos…waaaoow…
    It’s lovely to see Dev getting sooo jealous…poor Dev?????
    Sonakshi seems to be taking full advantage of the situation ???
    Over all, it was awesome!??
    Besides, my first chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION has been uploaded…do have a look at it and comment dear?? hope you like it??
    Love you??????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Raya

    Nice one bit plz write long..

  4. Yashfeen ws nyc bt ya shrt one..n m nt bengali n I guess u to ur effort of writing bengali ws osum..n I lyked ds tensed cum possessive cum worried dev…

  5. Lovely♥♥

  6. Very nice episode. Post next one soon. ?????

  7. Supeeerrrbbb…..??❤️??????☺️?????❣???….Dev ……omg…..???……bhejay main Bheja hai ???

  8. Caira

    Thank you all of my lovely readers for reading liking and commenting on my ff… yes im not bengali but i know bits of it….i will post a long episode frm the next time…?✌

  9. Aaru

    I think it will b some surprise for Dev..maybe birthday..

    1. Caira

      And i think you are right????✌

  10. Aaru

    Episode was great..N tum hum sab ko Bengali sikha dogi yaar..

    1. Caira

      Thank you aaru di…!!! ??

  11. Angel20

    The episode was nice! And I think it’s a birthday surprise! So post it soon!

  12. Bhoomi

    Superb… bichara dev ??

  13. Caira

    Thank you … guys.. for liking my written work…

  14. Erina

    Awesomeeeee epi caira. Keep going like this nd i truely love that part where u describe looks..nd dear tm to mjhe bangali sikha dogi??? plzzz aise hi kuch kuch bengoly words datlte rehna bcse i love bangali language

  15. Awsomeee episode and thanks for writing about looks???

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