Devakshi.. Happily Married (2)

Hello guys … thank you for commenting on my previous update
Here follows the 2 update…

**in the afternoon**
Sona calls dev and says- dev… Aap abhi tak gussa toh nahi ho naa???( dev.. you are not angry till now?)
Dev- gussa ?? (Angry??)Kis baat ka gussa??( why would i be angry)
Sona- thank goddd … Mujhe laga tha ki aaj subah…(i thought after what happened today morning…….) Dev cuts her
Dev-oh oh … Haan(yes yes) .. Toh aaj subah….( today morning). Mein bohot gussa hun..( i am very angry)*fake anger*
Sona-sorrry sorrry sorry sorry
Dev-its okay
Sona- ek aur baat thi….. ( one more thing…)
Dev- bolo naa( say ??)
Sona-actually na dev maine nanaji se baat ki…( actually dev.. I spoke to grandpa)
Dev-jaldi bolo meri meeting hai( tell fast i have a meeting)
Dev-what???*what is she saying look*
Sona-haan(yes)*i know he must be very angry at me for this-look*
Dev- mera matlab hai ki tumne kya kaha??( i mean to say what are you telling)
Sona- all …6…of…need…to….share..a room…
Dev-What!???* how can this happen -look*
Sona- ab kitni baar bolun dev( how many times will i say dev)
Dev-mera matlab hai ki.. ( i mean to say )Sonaaaa… Aesa nahi honaaaa chahiye( this cannot happen!!!!!!)
Sona- its okay dev….. Control ur emotions…giggles
Dev- yahan pe 2 couples ko privacy nahi mil rahi hhai aur tumhe hasi aa rahi hai??( here , 2 couples are not getting privacy and you are laughing?)
Sona- devvvvv…. Bye.. Meeting nahi hai kya??(dont you have a meeting)??laughs and cuts

Dev calls again
Sona- ab kya hua mr. Aubodhro( now what happened mr. Aubhodhro)
Dev-ek minute 6 log kahan se aaye( one minute.. how come 6 people)
Sona- aap main…( you , me). Aur ( and) nikki riya elena aur saurabh dada
Dev- aaargh!!
Sona- book tickets for them also darling
Dev- achha tina ko bolta hun.. Dukhi kar diya tumne yaar….( okay.. Im telling this to tina… You made me sad).. Ms. Khargosh
Sona- mrs.
Dev- tumhe kaun bol rha tha … Mein toh khargosh ko bol raha tha..( who is talking to you.. I was talikng to the rabbit) Hahahaaha
Sona- bye* aapka kuch nahi ho sakta- tone*(*you will never change*- tone)
Dev- byeeee
Dev cuts the call

Dev calls after 30 mins
Sona- mere bina aap ka man nahi lag raha??( you are not being able to live without me???)*romantic tone*
Dev- nah… Par ek jaroori baat..(no… But one important thing)
Sona- kya ( what)
Dev- tickets for 6 tomorrow at 4:30 am… Bye
Sona- okayps!!! Yipeee!!thanks dev!!
Dev -smiles….everything for you…..
Sona cuts the call…
Dev- ja.aa.aa…n( dar…li…nn…gg…..
Frowns`~~~~~*excitement mein mujhe bhool gayi wala look*(*in her excitement she forgot me*- look)

Sona calls riya and nikki from the hall and they come rushing ….. She calls elena and tells her about the next day’s flight…. Elena comes
…. All are excited for the packing……
All evening they do their packing… They even go to bose house to help ele and dada in their packing.. Ishwari helps them in selecting what to take…. Sona tells them( nikki riya) about bengalis so that they are completely prepared to leave….. Sona tells them all about dev being sad coz all are coming and they wont get privacy…..
Sad Dev comes early thhat evening
When he enters all shout -aweeeeee……
He understands that sona hhas told them all… He says- aesa kuch bhi nahi hai(nothing is like that)
All start laughing hard….
He goes up the stairs…..ishwari and sona help him in packing his clothes(selection)and act as team in teasing him…

At night****
Devakshi are lying on the bed.. Sona carressing dev’s head….
Dev- sonna…
Sona- haan…(yesss)
Dev- humlog hai na 5 days stay karenge …( we will stay there for 5 days..).
Sona- better…. 5 days of the puja … Puri masti karenge.. Aap bhi dekhna mere Calcutta ko( we will completely enjoy.. You also see.. My calcutta)
Dev- dekhenge( we will see)
Sona-dekh lena…..(see)
Both laugh

** next morning**
Day of departure
All are ready … Ishwari sends them peacefully and gives them aashirwaad…( blessing)..
On the way to airport nikki and riya discuss something with elena and saurabh
All laugh( devakshi sitting in the front )
( 8 seater car) ( dev sleeping on sona’s shoulder.. Sona not able to sleep due to excitement…..)
They reach airport….wait….hear their flight announcement ….leave

In the flight
Elena pulls sona and makes her sit beside herself….
Whereas nikki pulls dev and makes him sit beside her
Riya and saurabh sit together and giggle…..
Sona and dev irritated….
After sometime they allow the lovebirds to sit together…they all smile… Dev very happy…
Dev to sona- kitna tang karte hain yeh hum dono ko.. Sab tumhare karan.. Tum hi layi ho musibat ko saath..( how much they are teasing us.. All because of you… You have only brought they together….problem makers) * frowns*
Sona- inhi ke toh karan mmaja aa raha hai .. Aap toh bas so hi rahe ho….( all because of them we are having fun… You only sleep)* frowns*
They both sleep on each others shoulder…. The other 4 see them and smile…
They reach calcutta…
Coming out of the flight sona breathes shouts- good morning calcutta….(opens her arms… …!!! Dev comes and hugs her from behing .. All cough and laugh….

They find their luggage in that *round round revolving thing*…..
And they come out of the airport happy happy … You know in that dil dhadakne do poster wala style with sunglasses. …but….. It is raining now in calcutta…. And unki style ki toh dhajiya udd gyi … They all look angrily at sonakshi …* Like what was this- look*
Nikki-Bhabhi!!elena di
Riya – yeh kya hai!!!
Sona-har baar toh garmi hoti hai .. Iss baar baarish …???
Riya nikki- its okayy
Dev and saurabh smile..and say- huhhhh… Arghhh!!! Girls and their style…..

I hope you liked it… drop in your comments below….thank you lovely people for reading… i have added english subtitles for your convenience..??????

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  1. Hey Caira di! Loved the episode to the core. All their jokes were amazing. The episode was simply FAB!
    Do post soon!!!
    Love ya???????

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much for ur comment… i am really happy that you guys are liking my written work… no *caira di* i am just 13… and yes i will post soon…??

      1. Ohhhk then, done??? I’ll be calling you Caira from now on???
        The best part about your ff is the humour, according to me??
        Loads and tons of love??? (from your friend cum sister ???????)

  2. Superb…….???????☺️???????☺️????…….and as I said……it’s seriously hilarious……I can imagine…..Dev’s expression on adding two more people…?????…… was amazing one…?????☺️?

    1. Caira

      Thank you so much maleeha di for liking my update… thats what i want .. u all to imagine their expressions as i do ….??✌

  3. Manya

    Post soon??
    And no didi i am just 14 okay??
    Love love ??

    1. Hahahaha Aysuhi???????? Seems like you’ve been having quite a tough time convincing peel to not call u didi 😉
      But kya kare…aap ho hi itne sweet????????

      1. *people

      2. *Ayushi

      3. Manya

        Thanku thanku?

    2. Caira

      Alright Ayushi …. thanks for liking my update…i will post soon….???✌

  4. Aaru

    Yay Ciara..u wrote in hindi..Episode was too funny n cute..

    1. Caira

      Thank you aaru di…??✌!!!

    1. Caira

      Thank you..!!?

  5. Bhoomi

    Hehe…. very funny ….. superb yaar..?… Post soon…

    1. Caira

      Thank you … im happy that you liked it..? i will post soon?✌!!!!.

  6. Caira superb yaar????. Thank you so much for english subtitles????. Loved it and keep writing dear???.

    1. Caira

      Thank you soo much…. it is my pleasure keeping my readers happy..

  7. Superbbbbbbbb.?????????????????????
    Ï just Luv was too funny.plz post nxt épi soooooooooooooooon.?????????

    1. Caira

      Thank you ….!!!

  8. VimalSanjana5

    Nice … Thanq…
    All the best for the next epi..

    1. Caira

      Why thank you???..
      Thanks for liking it…? thank you…

  9. Erina

    Truely enjoyed and loved ur epi dear ???????????????nd best part which attracted me was u kept my words my giving me that look vala section?????. Thanks for that dear
    With loads of love

    1. Caira

      Thank you erina di…… .. it was my pleasure keeping my readers happy…thank god .. u enjoyed it

  10. Yashfeen

    Heya it ws total fun to read ur ff..mast tha..n ya as erina says look wala part jst add on special effects…n yes it ws dam hilarious I lyked it bt I jst luved d part wen dev ws sleeping on sona’s shoulder.actually tat is nt d part bt tat scene…I cn image tat, d mst romantic scene of d ff..
    N at d age of 13, dear u ryt so very well…everything is jst perfect…keep it up….

  11. Superb episode dear. I loved it. Post next one soon. ????

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