Devakshi FF “Togetherness” Chapter 1


Hi, This is my first attempt to write a ff. I have kept the characters same and added my own shades to them. Please have a read and comment. I want to continue it if the readers like it.

Chapter 1: The visit

This time of the day is busy for all the doctors in the hospital as it is an hour before lunch, which allows most of the office goer patients to quickly drop in for a check-up. Even the emergency ward is comparatively quiet as opposed to the huge volume of out-patients waiting to see the doctors creating an utter anarchy in the waiting area. The hospital maintains strict rules to book appointments in order to see a doctor and places those without one on a queue to be only seen after the appointees, subjected to the doctor willingness to spare some time off the hectic schedule. Mr Khatri who is a regular client to the nutritionist walks out of the chamber looking depressed and made his way to the reception to secure another sitting with the doctor. On being asked by the woman at the counter of his unusual self, Mr Khatri who is otherwise a happy go jovial guy answered in a blue tone “ yaar, Dr Bose firse wahi chart bana dia although I have recovered a lot. Look my records says I have lost 2 kgs in 3 months. Par last week meri bhanji Manneet ki shaadi mein, tin chaar bhature zyada kya kha lia, 4 kgs bar gaya. Ab isme meri galti kaha hai batao? Dr to dhamki dene lagi ki aise chalta raha to chart se jo do rasgulle hai, who bhi nikal degi.” The woman nodding her head in amusement tried to console Mr Khatri by saying “Khatri ji, you know Dr Sonakshi is the best nutritionist we have on board and all her patients are very happy with the miraculous results they get provided they follow her diet religiously. Apko pata hai na she treats each her patients in a special way? So follow her instructions and she will be lenient with you as well”. After dismissing Mr Khatri, she directed the next patient in line to Dr Bose’s cabin. The 8-year old kid accompanied by his mother knocked on the door. A pair of large hazel eyes turned towards the door and quickly glanced at the clock only to realise the arrival of the next patient. It gazed at the half eaten apple on her left hand in urgency and started taking bigger bites and ended up in a mouth full. She hurriedly cleared the mess on her table created out of her habits to nibble in between appointments. Sonakshi is particularly busy at this hour of the day because she commits to see all her patients and hates to let someone return without seeing her. In her benevolent ways to keep everyone happy, often misses her own lunch, unlike her colleagues who takes at least one hour to have a relaxed lunch. Subsequently, Sonakshi compromises on her diet to make sure every patient have been examined and even the hospital staffs are aware of her generous nature which makes her everyone’s beloved Dr Sona. The long kurta fitting her tall thin frame had pieces of the food which she promptly dusted off still chewing on the last morsel. She checked herself in the mirror for any clinging food from her mouth, the heart shaped face with the most astonishing sharp features adorned with curly ended tresses looked as perfect as ever, and finally settled back in the chair and tried her best to display as typing something before calling her patient in. She greeted her little guest “hello good looking guy” and apologised to his mother for the wait at her door and the next 15 mins was the most awesome experience the kid had ever imagined with a doctor.

Amidst all these chaos at the waiting area, suddenly all gazes were centred on a man who has broken into the long queue to reach the reception. And surprisingly the staffs who supposedly are intolerant to any such intruder and are known to extradite them off the premises has turned into puppets swinging their heads to his unruly behaviour. His demeanour has unsettled and disturbed the air at the counter as all of a sudden this seemingly upset man has become the centre of attention with all the staffs attending to him. The lady at the counter looked petrified and on being jerked by the sudden shout “do something, I cannot wait”, she escorted him to Dr Bose’s cabin abstaining the next patient from entering the chamber by blocking the way with her left hand and steering the stranger to the door with her right hand.

Sonakshi was expecting her usual patient Ms Sinha was surprised to see the unplanned guest asking for entry. The 5’ 11” tall broad shouldered figure draped in a dark grey suit stood in front of her asking for the permission in the most aggravated manner. The chisel shaped face with piercing eyes was turning rugged out of sheer irritation culminating from the wait and he eventually entered the cabin in a burst of impatience and introduced himself as Dev Dixit. Sonakshi stood up from the chair shocked by the riotous action of the invader. “I think you are not aware of the rules, Mr Dixit. If you need an appointment please visit the lady at the counter, she would be able to help you with bookings or else please queue up. I have my next patient waiting..” she started to explain and was cut in by Dev “ I cannot wait, others can”.

Credit to: Raily

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  1. Wait so dev and sona are not together yet?

    1. Hi,

      I have started the story from the top when they just met. As I said the characters will be same but the storyline will be a bit different from the actual show. Please let me know how did you like it.

      1. It’s really nice but just make it more romantic..I mean like make them fall in love fast…sorry I’m kind of those cant wait for the romance to take place person

  2. hey thoda dialogues add karo na han aur jaldi se jaldi devakshi ke beech mein kuch pyar ka rang bhi rehna de. Sry if my language is harsh.

    1. no its perfectly fine. since this was just the beginning I had to give a background to the story. More dialogues would be coming up between them

  3. awesome

    1. thanks bhabya. hope to keep it upto the expectation. your support is appreciated

  4. Yaar plz make in Hindi or someone plz translate idk Hindi that’s why

    1. I was trying to write the dialogues in dual language, but I will try to translate the dialogues for you. The hindi dialogue between Mr khatri and the receptionist goes like this” Dr Bose again prescribed me the same diet chart, last week at my nices’s wedding I put on back the kilos I lost over last couple of months. the dr has threatened to take off the sweets from the chart if I don’t show any improvement”.
      I hope this helps

  5. shanaya malhotra

    keep goin’

  6. Love the way ur wrote and narrate the story keep it up and all the best 🙂

  7. Thank you daily for the translation

  8. Interesting…….plz plz continue….

  9. Vey nice intro.. ?

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