Devakshi ff- Our Silent Love Story (episode-1)

Hii everyone.. I hope you remember the prologue.. anyways.. let’s get started..


Bose mansion..
Its seen that a girl is shouting at the other girl..
Girl 1:OMG.. it’s already 25th april..sonaa… baara(12)bajj gaye….
So u know now girl 1 is elena and girl 2 is sona
Sona:toh main kya karoo..
Elena:toh tu Yeh kar ki.. dev ko wish karr!!?
Elena:ji yes..
When sona was about to reply her phone rang.. and she saw the name splashing on the screen..
It was Jia Khandelwal..(sona’s another best friend)
Sona:Jia. . Jia.. ka abhi kyon call aaya??
she thinks and murmers

Phone conversation..
Ha Jia bol…

Are sona.. tune dev ko abhi takk birthday wish nhii kiya..

Main usse kyon karoo..

Bhai after all voh hamara hone.. wala……
Cuts in between..

Tumhara nhi mera hone waala.
Cut by Jia.

Boyfriend.. hainaa?boyfriend hai tera hone waala. .

Nhi.. JIA(shouts) mera hone waala prey

And she cuts the call in anger..
Other side

Dixit mansion..

Every body comes to dev and says happy birthday they enjoy and sleep..

Sona is getting ready.. she takes her hair in a high bun.. she goes to bathe..
After sometime she comes out splashing water in the room from her damp hair..
She applies a heat protective gel and hairdries her hair. .
She then takes her hair in a high ponytail…
Think why??voh bhi after washing..
Bcoz it’s her school.
But did u notice.. that she was wearing a read check skirt and white shirt.. her uniform which sucksss…

She then applied kajal.. lip balm and heads downstairs. .

She takes a sandwich in her mouth.. actually gulps.. and leaves for school…

*sonakshi waiting for the bus when a boy pushes her.. indirectly but by mistake.. the face not revealed.. yet…*

Hey guys.. I know it’s short but I apologise as I am left with A lot of work and SA’s to approaching…. af..???
Anyways do reply and give your valuable comments.. bad comments and good comments,both are always welcomed..

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  1. Interesting! I think the boy who pushes Sonakshi in the next episode will be Dev…
    Post the next one soon!! Best of luck for your studies!

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks anshita… you will know soon in the series to come.. and thanks again for your comment and best wishes??

  2. Priya12

    Awesomeee….post nxt epi asap…all the best 4 ur exams…

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thank you! Priya… yes I will post it as soon as I get time

  3. Fuggysona

    wow it is really nice i want to see dev and sona in school uniform
    tit will be soo cute

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Yes it will be.. anyways thanks a lot for your comment??

      1. Fuggysona

        its my pleasure dear

  4. Darshana

    Hey the episode was great..i guess the boy who pushes sona,will be none other than our handsome dev..that’s just a guess!!!
    post soon
    lots of love?

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Actually… you are.. right right.. uhhhh. … you will get to know in the series to come..??until next time u have to wait..??and thanks alott❤

  5. Awesome episode dear but plzz can you post the link of prologue

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks princess.. and I will give the link in the next episode..XP?

  6. Niki645

    Very interesting! Pls post asap!

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks a bunch niki❤?

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