Devakshi ff # Mind & Heart # Episode 6


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guess what guys..sona confesses her love for dev…i’m so so happy after their confession…during all the time of their confession i was smiling like hell…don’t u?…i think it was the world’s best confession ever done by any girl…it was so real & so unique…i just love her was perfect just perfect…

Here u go with the chapter

Devakshi ff# Mind & Heart# Episode 6# Eye Lock

So our dear sona decides to watch horror movie with trio..

Dev give Vicky DVD of haunted movie & his laptop (imagine Conguring 2 or any other haunted movie of ur choice) & ask him to make arrangement for sitting bz he is going to take popcorns & some juices in kitchen.

Dev left the room & soon Sona also bz she wants to help dev.

Here Vilena make themselve busy in doing arrangements.

Sona reaches kitchen & Dev sees her(don’t worry Ishwari is not in home bz she went out to meet her friend)

Dev:Sonakshi..u here
Sona:actually i come here to help u..
Dev:oh! really..
Sona:yes..any doubt?
Dev:hmm..ok..u can..
Sona:just tell me what to do?
Dev:u do one thing just take out juice from refrigerator & fill it in glasses..till than i will make popcorn..
Sona:Dev..i will make popcorns & u fill glasses with juice..
Sona:yes..when sona is here than why to fear..u know me naa i can do anything..
Dev:haan..haan..i know bz u r Anokhi
Sona:if i’m Anokhi than u r Ajeeb
Dev:ya..ya..i know..

on one side Dev fill glasses with juice & on other Sona makes popcorns(two minute active popcorn..u know)

Sona is done with popcorn making. so,she decides to open pressure cooker..but by mistake or u can say accidently she put her index finger on hot part of pressure cooker & hisses in pain..

Dev:sonakshi..what happend?

Dev sees her burnt finger & immediately drag her & put her finger down the running water & after it he apply some ointment on it..

Sonakshi is touched by his concerned behaviour..

Dev:Sonakshi..where were u lost that u did’nt notice that pressure cooker was hot..
Dev:what vo..vo..tell me the truth.
Sona:vo Dev ..i don’t know how to cook in the kitchen..
Dev:u don’t know how to cook in kitchen..but normal girls of ur age knows very well that how to cook & even delicious food..before this i had a doubt but now u proved it that u r really anokhi.
Sona:Dev..u know be quite..
Dev:what i don’t know..tell me..
Sona:i will tell u later on..

they r busy in talking than suddenly Elena comes & tell them to come fast..

they stop talking & left with Elena..not before taking popcorns & juice.

Soon they all settle for movie..Elena with sona & vicky with dev..on two soffa’s which r two seater & arranged in V-shape..(soffa’s were arranged in V-shape & laptop was placed b/w soffa’s on a table)

soon they all engrossed in watching movie..& side by side they were enjoying popcorns & juice.

Suddenly a scene with haunted face of ghost appears on screen & sona closes her eyes due to fear.

Dev who was busy in noticing change of expressions on Sona’s face..immediately notices it…bz he knows very well that Sona is hell afraid of ghosts..

now he only wants to see once again same expression on sona’s face..

here our brave sona (notice sarcasm)..opens her eyes & pretend like nothing had happened.

But to her misfortune very soon another ghosts face appear on screen..more ugly & haunted than which appear before..

this time she was unable to control herself & closes her eyes & ears..& start chanting hanuman chalisa..

Sona:hey god g..plz save me..plz save me..plz god g..(with eyes closed & hands on ears)

this time she did’nt go unnoticed by trio..& is caught..they all start laughing like hell..

hearing their laugh..she understand their reason of laugh..& immediately opens her eyes..

Elena:guys!..who was saying that she was not afraid of ghosts..(laughing)
Vicky:i think Sonakshi was saying..right?
Sona:u both shut up.
Dev: guys..guys..stop..i think we should stop watching movie..
Vicky:why?..( raising his eyebrow)
Dev:see this is not i think we should stop it..
Ele:but Dev..we r enjoying it & wants to see it.
Dev:okay..u watch it.
Vicky:Dev.. u r not gonna see it?..
Dev:hmm…bz i have some work to i’m leaving..u enjoy..okay.

By saying this dev starts to leave & by seeing him sona also decides to leave.


Dev stops & turns

Sona:can i also come with u..

Dev do all this intentially bz he knows very well that sona was not comfortable with movie..

Dev & Sona left the room & enters into Dev’s study..

Sona:is this is ur study? noticing large no. of books…
Sona:these books..means all these books r urs?
Dev:any doubt?
Sona:no..i mean u has read all of these books..
Sona:it means u love to read..

Sona moves toward books shelf & starts looking into books..& takes out a romantic novel..

Sona:u also read this types of books? (pointing towards novel)
Dev:hmm..but why?..any problem.. problem..i was just asking bz normally girls read these types of novels..
Dev:what u wants to say?..that i’m a girl?..(raising an eyebrow towards her)
Sona:no dev..vo..vo..i was just saying…

Sona’s word left in her mouth than Dev starts moving toward her..& noticing him coming toward her she starts moving backwards..& stops when her back touches wall..

Dev comes near her & caged her b/w his arms by placing his hands on wall..

Sona was now hell embarrased & was looking here & there to avoid eye contact..

Dev:what u were saying that i’m girl..haana.. was just saying..

Sona realises what she had she decides to appologise him.
She looks straight into his eyes & says..

Sona:i’m really very sorry dev..i was just saying that u r very Ajeeb…u really do strange types of things.
Dev:so i’m Ajeeb..right?..(looking straight into her eyes)

While saying so they share a cute small eyelock.. Soon they come back to their senses & realised what is happening..

Dev releases Sona from her hold & she sighs a relief & starts to move toward door..

Dev: where?
Sona:vo..actually i have to go home..
Dev:but my novel..(pointing toward novel in her hand)
Sona:vo..vo..i’m taking this along with me bz i wanna read it..
Dev:but i has’nt read it fully..
Sona:u shall read it afterwards..
Dev:but why? this is my novel & it belongs to me..
Sona:actually its my long desire to read it but i had’nt found it anywhere..but now when i found it & i’m not gonna to miss a chance like i’m taking it along with bye bye

by saying so sona rushes out from his study & very soon she was out from dev’s house.. grab her activa & left..

Dev who was witnessing this seen from his window..mentally laughs at her crazyness..

Dev(talks to himself): this girl is really Anokhi..

soon Elena & Vicky also leaves from his house by thanking him.

Night Time

Sona was reading the novel..suddenly she remembers of the incident took place in Dev’s house & mentally slaps herself for doing such a stupidity..

here Dev was also remembering about the same incident & thought why he was so drown towards her..why he did that stupid act of caging her in his arms..& soon he remembers of her crazyness & a smile crept on his lips..& he drift to sleep (note- without taking any sleeping pills)

Dev thought about Sona & Sona about Dev…Do they r fallen for each other…or anything else…Will they ever fall in love?…

i hope this was enough for today…

so how was the chapter guys…

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plzz ignore any grammatrical mistakes & typos..

Precap- Monday…next day of college…Project submission day…Sona giving Dev her chemistry notes…their talks…& much more…

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