Devakshi ff # Mind & Heart # Episode 10

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Mind & Heart # Episode 10 # Proposal

Sona’s POV

finally m at home now..
but why m not happy..
i think something is missing..
but what?
it cant be can i miss him?
remember sona u r ice queen once again…no one can ever change u..

she tries to be brave & pretend to not miss him & laid down in her bed with eyes fixed on ceiling.

nahi..ab mei usse pyaar nahi kar sakti..vo pyaar jo meri jindgi se jaa chucka h..vaapis meri jindgi mei nahi aa sakta..
( no..i cant love him..the love which is gone from my life cant come back )

(someone goes to her & ask her why?)

Dev ab badal chucka h or ho sakta h jo bhi maine uske saath kiya tha is karan vo mujhse nafrat karta ho..tabhi toh jaab mei jaa rahi thi usne palat kar ek bhi baar meri taraf nahi dekha..or itna sab hone ke baad mei uska mujhe pyaar karna kaise expect kar sakti hoon..but vo vo dance stage pe jab mei jaa rahi thi toh usne mujhe roka kyun? (a smile crept on her lips remembering about the dance)..jyaada mat soch sona ho sakta h ki it was just bz kyunki use dance finish karna tha.. aisa hi tha..hmm..main bhi kitni pagal hoon..kya kya sochti rehti hoon..ab sona soja subah kaam par bhi jana h..
(dev is changed now & he must be hating me after what i did to him..that’s why he had’nt seen me once when i was going from there..& why m excepting him to love me that too after when such a thing happened..but why he had stopped me from going away from dance floor..(a smile crept on het face remembering about dance)..dont think too much was just bz he had to finish the dance..hmm..its like this only…u r so stupid with ur thinking sona..go to sleep now tmmrw u have to go to work)

She drifts to sleep..

Dev’s POV

I hate u Sonakshi..just hate..the 3 year of seperation did’nt change u a bit..why u r not changed..m changed person now..but it seems nothing can change ur ice queen behaviour..

atleast ek baar toh palat ke dekh leti..mujhe lagta ki tum badal gayi ho..but tumhare jaise insaan naa kabhi nahi badal sakte..
(atleast if u had seen me for last time by returning..i can get that u r changed..but the person like u do never change)

but i have no regrets now atleast i know we both have mutual feelings toward eo..feeling of hate..

By thinking like this he also drifts to sleep.

Next Morning both leave for Noida by bidding farewell to their respective parents who lives in Delhi..but not together..(remember they do job in Noida & they live only there but they r at their parents home bz of marriage of Vilena..)

They reached Noida & moved to their respective offices & start doing their work happily unaware of storm that is gonna come in their life.

Storm? Really?…see sarcasm..

Remember they both do work in Noida but their path never cross each others nor did they knew about it.

5 daya passed nothing changed much..

One day in night dev’s phone rang..he immediately picup the phone..on other side Ishwari was there..

Ishwari: hello r u
Dev:hello maa..m r u
Ishwari:m good..
Dev:& how is papa?
Ishwari:he is also good..did u had taken ur dinner..
Dev:yes maa..i had taken it
Ishwari:ok good..
Dev:okk then..
Dev:maa..u r here..
Dev:should i hang up the call?
Dev: than do speak..
Dev:hmm..speak..m listening.
Ishawari:Dev..vo dev..a girl is in my eyes whom will suitable for u..
Ishwari:m thinking of going to meet her parents to keep this thing at higher level..i mean i wanna see u get married..
Dev:than what r u waiting for.. go ahead..
Ishwari:really dev..u have no objection with my choice..m so happy..
Dev:no i know which girl u r gonna select for me will be best…guess what m also happy?
Dev:m happy to see u happy..
Ishwari:ohh..thanku dev..thanku so much..u fullfilled my wish to get see u married before my death.
Dev:maa..don’t u ever speak like this..u know naa i can do anything to see u happy..
Ishwari:okk dev..m hanging up the phone..i have to give this news to ur father..he will be happy after listening to this news..bye beta..take care..
Dev:Bye u
Ishwari:love u too beta..

They hang up the call & ishwari broke this news to ramnath..
ramnath become very happy to get know dev agreed for marriage..

Dev agreed for marriage just bz he wants his parents happiness.

Next Day

Ishwari & Ramnath went to girls house to meet her parents..(any guess? right! she is none other than Sona)

Asha & Bijoy whole heartedlly welcomed them.

Ishwari & Ramnath after doing some random talks ask for Sona’s hand for their Dev from Bijoy & Asha.

Bijoy & Asha was surprised..they themselves want this..& now the offer comes to themself by front..they say they will talk to sona about it & will tell their answer later on.

Ishwari suggest a offer that dev & sona can decide it by themself by meeting eo as they live in same city Noida.

All happily accept her suggestion..

Ishwari & Ramnath went away from sona’s house happily.

At Evening

Sona’s father calls her.

Bijoy:hello sona r u?
Sona: hello papa..m’z u & maa
Bijoy: we r alright..aacha..sona beta i wanna talk to u about something..
Sona:yes papa..
Bijoy:today a boy’s proposal came for ur marriage with him..
Sona:papa..i told u earlier naa..that i dont want to get married..
Bijoy:but why’s too late & ur mom r worried..
Sona:but papa..if..
Bijoy:no but’s & if”s’s high time now..tmmrw u r gonna meet the boy at XYZ restrauant of Noida at 6p.m. after ur office hours finished…
Sona:but papa..
Bijoy:he lives in Noida also due to his govt job..tmmrw u will meet him & its a order..
Sona:okk..if u want then i will meet him..
Bijoy:that’s like my girl..& haan plzz don’t come up with a negative reply..i personally met him & knows him very well & ur lame excuses r not gonna beware!..
Sona:okk papa..
Bijoy:bye beta..
Sona:bye bye papa..

They hanged up the phone.

Sona’s POV

Now i have to meet him..meeting my can papa order me to meet him..but i m definately going to meet him to see how he had get appreciation from my parents…m not gonna to do a marriage with him..papa..u say naa..i cant come with a no reply..but than what if boy come with a no reply..


ohhh…hello my dear readers..i hope now u get it…
get what?
destiny games..what else?

Precap – Sona & Dev’s first meeting in Noida…boom**….what is gonna happen now?…will they agree for marriage or some complications…

Think! Think! Think!

So how was the comeback?
Hope u enjoyed it ..& r not bored..


One thing which i dont understand is why TU is missing fantastic ff from awesome writers in krpkab fan page…
i think all were missing like amazing writers of TU..plz just wake up…m also wake up now…so u also…


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  1. Muthash

    Loved the episode…? but still confused as to what happened in the 7 years…. hope everything will be revealed soon…? and about ffs. I think most are writing in wattpad. Its very easy to keep track of the stories too…. you have any idea to write there too?

    1. Ekani

      thanku so much Muthash..past 7 year mystry will be revealed soon…now i know why krpkab page is empty…i had already made my mind to write on wattpad..but i need some time as u know m very busy …m gonna post my story on wattpad very soon…till than have some patience & u

      1. Muthash

        Sure u will wait dear….?

      2. Muthash

        *i will wait

  2. nice episode… ???

    1. Ekani

      thanku so much dear…keep on supporting u

  3. Dear can you please share me the link of previous episode

    1. Ekani

      yaa sure..take it..
      here is the link: Devakshi ff# Mind & Heart# Episode 9

      1. Ekani

        srry dear it is not working…m giving other

  4. Darshana

    Wow..what an episode…!!..and on think i am sure that marriage is going to soon…??
    and ya Tu krpkab forum has gone silent for a many days…what to busy with studies!

    1. Ekani

      thanx dear…i think ur guess is right…will try to post soon….TU forum has gone silent..everyone is busy..i can understand ur situation..u know wattpad is not silent..r u on wattpad?…

      1. Darshana i am not…whats the difference there?..and i guess most of them are there right?

  5. Aarti32

    Hey, dis ff is going great

    1. Ekani

      thanx dear..will u plz tell me one thing…r u on wattpad?

      1. Aarti32

        No..y do u think so??

  6. Awesome plsss post soon

    1. Ekani

      thanku dear…will try my best to post soon..just tell me one thing r u on wattpad?

  7. Ekani

    So here is the message for all my dear readers…it is that i will be no more available on TU…meet me only on is app..just installed it on ur phone & make ur account there..& start reading wonderful devakshi stories there…reason i cant continue with TU is my busy schedule..i will post my story only on one place due to it…n m going for wattpad

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