Devakshi ff-Mera Sab kuch hai iss chehre pai (Episode 6)

At night,
Sonakshi talked to her parents. She told everything that happened in these 2days. She seemed very happy. All these were noticed by Dev. Both their homes were nearby. As the windows were of transparent glass, one can see the other if screens were not closed.

Even their bedrooms were opposite to each other. So, Dev was watching Sonakshi from his bedroom. Her cute antics didn’t go unnoticed by Dev. He was some mesmerized in her.

Only then reality stuck his mind. He understood it’s bad to watch her like this. So he went near the window closed his screen and lied on bed. Soon sleep took over him.

The next day, Dev soon got ready for office. Here, Sonakshi was also getting ready. She knew she was very late. It’s her second day and she was so late. She came out of the house and was locking it.

Here Dev was ready to office in his bike. He saw Sonakshi and wished him. He also said that she is getting late.

Sonakshi :yeah Dev. I know I am late. I don’t know what my team leader will say. Yesterday itself he told that I should not be late. But see now I am late. I don’t know what to do.

Dev : oh I see. Sonakshi I know u r leader is very strict in rules. By the way, if you wish, I can help you. You can accompany me to the office.

Sonakshi :that’s so nice of you Dev. But how can I come with you in bike. I mean…

Dev: oh god. I am Sorry Sonakshi
. I know you are not comfortable
. Wait a minute I’ll come now.
Saying this, he went with his bike, parked it, took his car and came.

Sonakshi was very surprised.

Dev:I know we have met only 2days back. Though I am in your team you will not be comfortable in coming with me in bike. That’s why I took my car. Now I don’t think you will be having anything problem.

Sonakshi :umm…

Dev:if you are not interested in this drive, then tell me, I don’t wanna force you..

Sonakshi doesn’t answer.

Dev:Sonakshi, what happened.

Sonakshi :No nothing. Actually you just reminded me of someone.i have already heard this dialogue from someone.

Dev remembers he had already told this to her, when they talked first at phone.

Dev: oh someone. Who’s it.

Sonakshi :I’ll tell you at the right time. OK so, shall we go. It’s getting late.

Dev:so you are coming.

Sonakshi :ofcourse Dev, I am coming. My team leader has asked me to come soon.

Sonakshi sits inside the car. They both got to the office. Their team members were surprised today see both coming together. To avoid anyway awkward situation Dev, told the entire fiasco. Then they started their work.

As Sonakshi was new to their team, she used to spend more time with Dev to understand the concepts. But whenever she talked to Dev, she was always reminded of her fiance.
Within few days they had became close. Once in a week, they go to their favourite ice-cream shop nearby. They sit and chat there for a long time. They started understanding each other. There were so many things in common between them.

While, Dev was happy in spending time with Sonakshi, She thought she had found a true friend in Dev. She thought it’s high time that she has to tell about her marriage to him.

But Dev, he was growing more fond or Sonakshi. He didn’t realise when she had become so important to him. She had become more than a friend to him in no time.

One fine day, all the team leaders working in their office where asked to go to pune for some official work. Dev could not deny it. He informed his colleagues and went to home to get ready.

Sonakshi also finishes her works and goes to dev’s home. She helped him in packing stuffs. He told that he will lock home and come. She went to her home. Dev, after locking came to her home. He gave her spare keys of his home and asked to keep it with her.

Dev:Sonakshi, I have told priya to come and pick you up up to the office.

Sonakshi :why do yourself worry Dev. I could have managed.

Dev:it’s not like that Sonakshi. Though you now know very well about this area, you can’t take risk. That’s why. Andrew by the way, I will miss you so much. Everyday, we will go together to office, eat together, go to the ice-cream shop. I was used to this. Now I will be missing this. This had become a daily routine for me and I will miss it.

Sonakshi :Dev, don’t worry. You will become back within a week.

Dev:will you not miss me.

Sonakshi :yeah I will miss you. I will miss a very good friend.

Dev’s pov:
Sonakshi still thinks me as a friend. Am I only a friend to her. Doesn’t she feel like how I feel for her.
God, what’s this. What am I thinking. Dev, concentrate on your work. You have to go.

Dev: OK Sonakshi. Bye we’ll meet safe.

Sonakshi :bye Dev. Take care.

Dev misses Sonakshi. But what does Sonakshi feel.

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