devakshi: a different love- Aamu OS


Aamu here!…
hmm i know u all dont know me…so does me…!!.
i m new to krpkab telly updates page…..
m a big fan of twinj n devakshi………
i write 2 ff on twinj …n here i gave a try to devakshi…dis is a one shot…hope u liked it….n yaa at d end der is something do read…..

:::::::READY SET GO:::::::
A BIGg bmw in black stops near a park…now 2 body guards comes out of d car n goes to back door n open it..2 small beautiful legs r shown wearing a cute baby pink camera moves up…she is wearing a cute pink n maroon frock till her knees..den her face is shown… cute..she had made a 1 pony tail…her pinky lips…chubby cheeks..wide eyes..n a cute hat on her head made her look perfect…she was approximately 5 yrs old!…
came out of d car in full attitude!!….
bodyguard 1:sonakshi mam…u can play…u have 39 minutes n 6 seconds n v r here on….
he was about to speak further but sonakshi had left..
(yaa she is only our sona aka sonakshi)..

dey stand der n watch her from distance…
sonakshi goes in n meets her frnds….
sona:so wat will v play today!!…

riya:wat about hide n seek… lets start..
dey start to play..sonakshi goes n hides behind d banch..some eyes were spying her….
dey continue to play…now sona runs in d bushes to hide herself…
every1 got caught..but sona is not found….now d 30 minutes gets over n she dint return so d bodyguard went in n saw evry1 finding her….dey get tense n start finding her but she was not anywhere….

next scene:
a huge luxurious bunglow is seen…with a big swimming pool on terrace…n bodyguards all around…now d name plate is seen”BOSE VILLA”is written on it..lets go in..
a lady was crying vigorously n is revealed to asha sona mom…she was not yet found..evry1 was tensed…

next scene:a car stops outside d airport…some guards came out n sona was in 1 of d guards arm…
dey let her slept on baby wilchair…n takes her….
dey do all d formalities…n make sona disguised..n wite her name in abnormal…dey take d flight n went off………..

15 YEARS LATER:::::::
a shopping mall…is seeen..a handsome hunk wearing a jacket n goggles comes out of d watch shop..n was talking on phone..n from d opposite side..a girl wearing a red n white croptop with a short coming…she was holding soo many bags dat her face is not shown…..
both bangs n girl falls in boys arm…first she close her eyes but den opens…both had a cute eyelock…but den he makes her stand

g:hmmm me!…sonakshi is here….but u here!
b:ohh yaa i came bfore somedays only to my family!..wen did u came
sona:i came yesterday only…
her eyes was filled with tears listening d word “FAMILY”
b:oh!….its good u here..i will get a company..tooo..n will enjoy
sona:dev!!…wat u think of me..m il a joker dat u will enjoy
dev:no its nothing like dat!…
both starts fighting…..
dev:u mad girl!!..huh.

sona:u only mad..
dev:i m not.!!…
both continue fighting n atlast dev gave up
dev:ok it was my mistake!….who can win over u….! don know how ur FAMILY…live with u!..
dis made her eyes teary…she avoid eye contact n took her belongings n left…!
dev notice tear…
dev:something is wrong wenever she listen family word she gets on d verge of crying…bevore also i notice
(dev n sona r frnds….dey become frnds wen dey were in london!…!..dey always fight….but dev loves her..n sona hadnot realized till now)

few days later:
both means devakshiwas enjoying in india…in dis days sonakshi had also realized her love…dev many times try to ask her about family but she doesnt say anything….

dev:sona…i m going..!!
dev:to mumbai..for a see d place..
sona:will miss u!!
dev:u can also accompany if u want..

dev:b ready at 7 i will b der…
both goes to der house

dev enters his house…omg!..dis is d same house which v saw 15 yrs ago…!!..he enter
d lady turns n revealed to b asha only..!!…
dev:maa m going to mumbai tomorrow so pack my bags…
asha:ok beta
dev left
asha:dis boy had bring happiness in my life….after sona left us

n here sona enters a flat….
she goes to her bedroom…n gets fresh..she goes to her balcony n see d stars
sona:maa!…baba!…where r u alll..m missing u…its 15 yrs i hadnot c u…missing u like anything…dat day change my life…!!…change evrything…!!..those b**tards kidnaps..hmmm that only mr.singhania..papa!..ur rival..dey kidnap me n took me to america


dey took sona to america…!!…so dat no 1 could find if dey would put her in india..bose family would hav caught dem…
dey put her in house…!!..n give all’s son..always play with her…n both became frnds..n 1 day sona tell him he take her to london…n start to study der..but 1 day dey took dat boy after dat sona was old man took care of her after 15 years she came to find her she was so small she dint remember much about dem….(wen dey took d boy d boy n sona was only 5..! so she dint remember him too)..
sona:i miss u..!!..dabbu(d boy…she dont know his name..dey both call eo dabbu)
voice:i tooo miss u dabbu..!!..
sona turns n saw dat its dev
dev:yaa m ur only dabbu..n u r mine
dev:dabba jhabbaa!..
sona:u r only dabbu..!.
she runs n hugs him…both were crying..
sona:but u here..!!..
dev:ohh yaa i came to take u somewhere…lets go
sona:but where..!!
dev:its a surprise….wear dis n come fast m waiting
n he gave a packet n left…

sona took it n got ready
after 15 minutes
d room door open..n sona comes
she had wore…stocking so dat her legs will not b visible…n matching diamong acesories..too.
dev get awestruck seeing her…her mouth wides open..
sona comes to her..n closes it..
he take her to d car n blindfolds her…n starts to drive…she kept..asking..but he dint bother to answer….
he stop d car…n holds her n take her…n open d blind fold..she get shock seeing d place…
it was a beach view…fully…decorated..with small tiny bulbs…n ballons..she goes to d water n starts to play..n eyes her lovingly…after sometimes she came back..n hug him…n thanx him…

den dev take a deep sigh n sits on his knees
dev:dabbu..!!..i know probably u will b shock after listening..dis..but its d truth…from d day ur father took me i miss u like hell…i was so smalll …..i dint forget u..after 15 yrs i was trying to forget u wen u comes to me…!..i was not knowing dat u r my sona..but i fall in love with u..!!…how i donno but I LOVE U:::!:will u b singhania..
sona have tears of happines..she hugs him n says yes…both enjoy have some quality time…wen
dev:baby..!!..dont wanna meet ur family
sona eyes filled with tears…
sona saw her parent coming she start crying
she murmur..n runs n hug dem…dey all hav family moment devakshi tell evrything about dem..!!..dey geets happy..
sona:but dev 1 thing i dint understand y u r with my family
dev gets tears
dev:actually wen i got kidnapeed by ur father dat day only my whole family die in plane crash dey were coming to us..from den ur family had take care of me…
both hugs
aasha:ahem..ahem….i think v should..leave
n d family leave..
devakshi hug…n sona goes to d water..dips her legs in n stand in titanic post..n dev comes n back hugs her…both closes der eyes

n hear our os tooo close….
so how was it??
hope i had not bore u all…
so i wanna ask can i start a ff on devakshi….oops correction not me… n my frnd lubbi…
v wanna start a ff on devakshi n twinj…hope u all r okay with it..?
v will soon give its intro…ff will start after 29 till den our exams r der…!
v had made another account of both as v both r going to write…v will post d intro soon…
by account

dat means..lubbi+aamena(aamu)
so pls support us..
ff name will b…!
khud hi padhlena..!!…
n yaa will u b my frnd…!?
nn i had read ur ff…but due to exams i had left it so ..wil u pls giv d ff summary..not now…right exams r going after 29 i will tell u so pls giv summary
bahbye sweeties…
dont forget to cmnt

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  1. Manya

    Hi I am ayushi ?I will be ur friend and I don’t write any ff on krpkab but I read every ?And coming to the OS it was awesome ❤️

  2. Its amazing. ?? plz write the ff. I wanna
    read it??


  3. Awesome dear u should go a head. Nd when u step in our devakshi world nd join us u already become frnd of Mine. So yaa i love to be ur frnd but dear plzzz write which scenes for whom e.g screen 1,3,7 relate to krpkab so it will be fav bcse i don’t watch twinj so thats why its request

  4. Sharica

    Nice one. Do write the ff ☺

  5. Asmita...

    I am confused… as you said that Singhania has kidnapped Sona and Bose has kidnapped Sona… when Bose kidnppd dev, Singhania family died, then which guy took Sona to london… when Bose kdnppd Dev…???

    Sorry but so much confusion…???

    And when Sona does not remember Dabbu thn howcome she knows Dev from London…

  6. Awesome.
    Plzzz start ur ff I am desperate for ur ff.

  7. Angel20

    It was nice! From where r u? N what’s ur age?

  8. Aaru

    Superb OS..N I’ll surely wait for your ff..

  9. Awesome ????☺️??. Will be waiting for ur ff, start soon ??

  10. Anshi

    Hey it was nice…….. And I will be ur frnd plzz do read my ff on krpkab the name is Color Of Love…….. I haven’t updated since long so it would difficult for uh to search the ff…….. Still plzz read it plzz…….. And don’t mix twinj and devakshi plzz write a ff on devakshi only………

  11. I also agree With anshi plzzz write ff only on devakshi or if u want then consider my suggestion which i have mentioned earlier

  12. Hey, don’t mind but I was not at all impressed by this ff of ur’s but I can suggest u one thing that while starting that new ff please don’t mix Devakshi with others otherwise it will be boring again. So, best of luck for ur next ff

  13. yaa dear aamu …plz dont mix up twinj and devakshi ….
    a seprate devakshi one dear ///nd about os ..was anazing.

  14. Superb Dr

  15. Jiya_Ani

    Heyyy …ammmu…yahan par Dhoom machane ki poori tyaari kar li hai meri jaan…I am whole heartedly ready to become ur frnd but will u become my frnd again???

    Bolo bolo??

    Chalo yaar OS was toh just Ammu!!


    Ab OS AMMU!!
    Toh meri jaan jaisi ammu vaisa OS!
    Now who knows better than u who u r!..haina…
    Ab u know naa I have exams toh no bak bak..uper se Ice-cream ?????? ka nateeja…
    Aaaaaachiii ..zukham ho gya

    Uff..Well I am damn excited for ur new ff..I know its gonna be???


    I m waiting

    Love you??????

  16. Dhira

    Adorable Os wow nice …..
    In my dictionary I don’t have any words to express my feelings
    Will be waiting for your ff I mean u and ur friends frist ff

    1. Dhira

      And plz don’t mix any only DevShi ff plz I don’t watch any other

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