Devakshi again….current track….!!! (Part4)

Hi frnds….I’m really sorry. I knw m extremely late. BT please forgive me. As. Said before it was my xam time and I was busy concentrating in it. So please forgive me if u can. Pls.
So without wasting the time lemme start the epi.
Dev leaves to Bose house..

Bose house..
Sona: ~ comes down from her room~ I will bring u all coffee..
Mr.Sen: wow beta ., its really amazing to have a coffee prepared by u.
Sona: tq uncle, will make it fr u.
Ritvik: Son…I mean Mrs.dixit can I join u in making coffee..
Sona: No prob Ritvik u can call me as Sonakshi and I’m OK with it..~ smiles~ and of course u can join me.
Both sona and ritvik heads towards kitchen.
Ritvik: Sonakshi! Can I ask u something.
Sona: of course Ritvik! Y not?
Ritvik: Are u happy in dixit’s house.?
Sona: ~ thinking a while and sees ritvik confused~ yes Ritvik I’m very happy there. Since Dev, and his sisters, Ma , mamaji are there I’m very happy and feels safe there…and moreover my Dev is with me na?! Y should I worry then. I’m completely alright and…
Ritvik:~ interrupts~ Sonakshi! I juz asked u as a friend ..
Sona: Ritvik! I didn’t said anything and I’m very happy for ur concern towards me..tq.
Ritvik: ~ gives a warm smile to her~ of course I’m ur friend is it?
Sona: Yeah…its true …and y not?
They both had a friendly talk….simultaneously preparing the coffee.
Sona: Ritvik …
Ritvik: Hmm..??
Sona: I’m sorry …….and thanks.
Ritvik: ~ looks confused~ why??!
Sona: sorry for hurting u and ur family on that day….remember??…I knw in that situation anyone would have think wrong about a girl who left her engagement juz to help her ex….
Ritvik: sonakshi…pls..u don’t want to worry and ask sorry for that …..and after all I’m ur friend is it…
Sona: No Ritvik…I knw…and thanks for making me realize my immense love towards Dev. If u were not there at the moment ….u don’t knw …how my life would have changed ..thank u very much.
Ritvik: Sonakshi listen we r friends…and no sorry and thanks and all formalities between two true friends…OK?
Sona: ~ shakes her head positively and smiles~
By then Dev enters….and stands at the doorstep by seeing some guests in Bose house.
Elina: ~ sees Dev~ wow jiju… U r here…I think u came here to pick up sona….but she said that she will leave only by tomorrow…..she can stay here for one night at least nah??;
Dev: oh..oh Elina…enough…I didn’t say anything….and came here to see sona..that’s all.
By then he takes blessings from from Asha and Bejoy. Dev greets them and vice versa.
Bejoy introduces Dev to Ritvik’ family..and they know him already..(.y do they don’t knw)
Bejoy: Mr Sen he is Mr Dev dixit our damadji…and dev he is Mr Sen , Ritvik ‘ s father and she Madhu ,Ritvik’ sister. Hope u knw Ritvik…!
Dev: haan baba…I knw …Ritvik..~ he greets them~
Elina: vaise jiju can’t u stay even for a night without seeing ur lovely wife..
Dev nods in no.
Dev: Elina where is she ~ he signals him~
Elina: in kitchen….
Dev: ~ leaves to kitchen~

In kitchen
Sona and ritvik had their normal talks and was laughing for each others joke.
Juz then Dev gave a entry to the kitchen and shocks seeing sona talking with ritvik. He can’t control himself but somehow manages and gets in.
Dev: may I come in.?
Sona : Dev..?
Ritvk: Hi Mr dixit ….so glad to meet u here..Hw r u?
Dev: fine Mr Ritvik and tq..hw r u?
Ritvik: fine ..tq.
Sona: Dev …its too late now and u ……here..?
Dev: haan sona I came here to see u..and Ritvik if u don’t mind…..
Ritvik: haan haan sure…u both continue lemme take a leave..
Ritvik leaves..
Dev: y did u do this sona….u knw I came home too early today juz to convince u and spend time with u…bt u without informing me u came…~ with a fake anger tone~ at least u should have said me nah?
Sona: y did u do you this Dev..?
Dev: what!!.?
Sona: what would Ritvik think if u behaved like that..?
Dev: Ritvik? ….wait what did I said to him.
Sona: y did u asked him to leave..??!
Dev: sona! I have full rights to talk with my wife personally..
Sona: its okay Dev I knw that and I didn’t deny it….but without hurting others..
Dev: Is he more important than me…?
Sona: Dev that’s different…he is my friend….
Dev: okay sonakshi! I didn’t mean to hurt ur friend…sorry..
Sona: Dev please..
Dev: its late now and I’m leaving..
Sona: Dev…..
Dev kisses her forehead and leaves the kitchen angrily.
Sona follows Dev to the living room.
Dev: Ma , baba, its late now and I’m leaving…
Elina: so soon jiju??
Sona: signals Elina to shut up.says, and goes towards Dev. Hmm?
Dev: Hmm.
Sona and Dev go outside …
Sona: Dev…….
Dev: its late sonakshi….let me leave now..and u go ..
Sona: Had ur dinner .?
Dev: I’m leaving …..bye..good night.
Sona stands shockingly seeing Dev taking a leave. She goes inside and serves them coffee.
Mr Sen: wow its really tasty beta….
Sona: tq uncle.
Sona leaves to her room and no one could find the reason for her sadness. Elina notices and signals her to come but she refused.
Dev reaches home.
He goes to his room without hearing to anyone. Dev sits in his bed and thinks about sona talking with Ritvik. He tries himself to stop thinking about it but unfortunately he couldn’t.

Bose house
Sona in her room.
Sona: I’m sorry Dev I didn’t mean to hurt u but….~tears rolled down her cheeks~ please Dev forgive me..
Dixit mansion
Ishwari thinks why is Dev so sad..and thinks what had happened there. Radharani enters
RR: Jiji! U r still awake ..? Y? Wat happen.come on Jiji we will sleep otherwise u will get tired.
Ishwari: bhabhi …wo yahee karan ki dev bahut dukh khi baat haii..?( bhabhi…why is dev so sad)
RR: Our dev is sad…why what happen to him.
Dev comes down.
Dev: Ma , mamiji u both didn’t sleep yet.
Ishwari signals RR to say nothing.
Ishwari: beta…nothing we were just talking..
Dev goes to his room thinks about sona’s engagement with ritvik. Just then Nikki and Ria.
Nikki: bhai are y too desperate to meet bhabhi now.
Dev: what..! No.
Ria: No…!?
Nikki: its not acceptable.
Dev: its too late go and sleep.
Next day n Bose house.
Asha: is it important ..u should leave now.? U can stay here for 1 more day na shona.
Bejoy: haan Asha is right ..
Sona: baba….please today my fast is going to get over so I should be there.
Elina:~ pouts~ then when will u come again..?
Sona: may be next month.
All: ~ chorous~ what…!?!
Sona: haha just joking…will meet u all again.and miss u all.
Bejoy: did dev didn’t arrived yet.
Sona: WO baba…he has some work he sent the car.
Sona leaves Bose house and leaves to her sasural by the car sent by Dev.
Dixit mansion
Ishwari: Kichu…come fast ..
Kichu: haan memsaab…
Ishwari: why is all these flowers shattered here keep all these in one place.
Kichu: ji memsaab.
Sona arrives.
Sona: Ma…
Ishwari: haan Sona beta aage aage..

Sona takes blessings from ishwari,radharani,and mamaji.
Ishwari and sona do the arrangements for the vijayadashmi pooja.
Dev comes down sees sona. Sona goes to him.
Sona: dev…!!
Dev: I’m getting late move.
Sona: Dev …but today is vijayadashmi pooja.
Dev: I don’t have any work here.
Sona: you can stay here nah..pls
Dev: I have a important work today and u knw that I don’t believe in all these.
Sona: pls.
Ishwari sees this from far..and waits for dev to answer.
Dev: lekhin..
Sona: pls Dev…and I need to talk to u. Pls dev..pls.
Dev: teek hai.
Ishwari was shocked by his reply and thinks….
Ishwari: pov~ My Dev had accepted….to join in pooja. Is he changing.
Nikki: Ma, mamaji is calling u.
Ishwari: haan. Mein aa raha huin.
The pooja begins and ends within an hour.
Sona goes to dev.
Sona: dev pls maaf..
Dev gets a phone call.
Dev: let us talk later…I got an important call.
Sona: par..
Dev leaves to office and sona became sad.

She finishes her fast and starts eating with all family members. The days passes just like that and sona couldn’t apologize to dev as she couldn’t speak to him.
Even for Dev the days were so complicated in his office ( y not since Vicky is working there.). He works day and night to complete a presentation. Meanwhile , Vicky misbehaves with everyone by saying as Dev’s brother.
Dev was regretting each day for making Vicky as a project head.
Dixit mansion
Riya and Nikki were sitting in their room. Dev in his room and sona , ishwari and radharani went to mandir.
Riya got a call.
The man on the phone: Good morning madam! ~before he could speak Riya interrupts~
Riya: Yes Mr. Shaman I couldn’t come to office today as I have some important work to be completed so please take care of other works at the that..
Man: Mam ek sec…I just called u to inform that I wanna resign the job as I cannot continue working here.
Riya: what??! What r u saying Mr Shaman?
Mr. Shaman: yes mam…I just can’t ..
Riya: but please say me what happened .. U can say if anything or anyone is troubling u in the office. .but I won’t interfere if its ur personal..
Mr. Shaman: No mam its not about personal..its about our new project head who rudely behaves with everyone and he juz underestimate everyone’s dignity. Mr. Dixit sir had committed a mistake by appointing Vicky as a project head.
Riya: Listen, Mr. Shaman if u face any consequences u should just claim me and its none of ur business saying about Mr. Dixit…….sir.
Mr. Shaman: I’m sorry mam…but…I just wanna leave this job. I couldn’t say u what Vicky had done but….
Riya: Mr. Shaman please…please give me some time and I’ll talk to Mr. Dixit sir and we don’t wanna lose such a good workers please give me some time.
Nikki just look Riya . Riya cuts the call.
Nikki: What happen di.?
Riya: A big problem..
Nikki: prob??!
Riya: All because of Vicky bhai…
Nikki: Vicky bhai..!! Say it clearly na..
Riya gets up from the bed and move towards Dev’s room. Nikki follows her.
Riya: bhai…..sona bhabhi is completely correct. You should have thought about it for once or twice.
Dev: Riya…kya hua. Is everything alright…
Riya: Bhai.! Mr. Shaman called me and said that he wants to resign the job.
Dev: what..?? Par kyun..?
Riya: Because of Vicky bhai.
Dev: Vicky?
Riya: haan.~ Riya narrates everything to Dev~
Dev was angry to the peak.

Dev: POV ~ I was wrong …I was completely wrong. I should have listened to sona at least once. She is always correct but I misunderstood her. And Vicky…..
Sona, ishwari, and radharani enters.
Nikki and Riya was just staring at Dev. Riya keep on blabbering ….just then Nikki sees all coming in.
Nikki: bhai ..Ma arrived.
Dev was tensed and looks anger. He goes down .
Dev: Ma I have listened to u but it creates a problem.
Ishwari:~ shocked ~ Dev what are u talking.
Dev: Mami where is Vicky.?
RR: Vicky?
Dev: where is he? I made a big mistake by appointing him as a project head of my company . I should have not done that. The biggest mistake I made.
Ishwari: Dev ..hold on. What happen. First say what Vicky done.
Dev: what not Ma.? He done everything. My fear came true.
Hearing Dev shouting , Vicky comes out from room.
Vicky: bhai..! Why are u shouting..? What happen.?
Dev goes towards Vicky and dragged him towards centre.
Dev: what do u think about yourself? Huh? Listen Vicky u might be a project head in my company but u didn’t deserve to be. I offered u this job only because of mamaji.
Vicky: ek min ek min …..I can’t u understand bhai can u explain.
Dev: explain??
Sonakshi goes to Dev and asks.
Sona: Dev! Kya hua?
Dev: ~ turns towards ishwari~ Ma ! U asked me to offer job for Vicky and I’ve done it but he….
Ishwari: Dev! What happen?
Dev: I made a mistake by appointing Vicky as a project head…..
Ishwari looks confused.
Dev:~ says everything.~
Ishwari: …what..? ~ after few seconds~ Dev, Vicky is new to this job and u should teach him right.
Dev: ~ interrupts inbetween~ Ma to teach?? He doesn’t do any mistake in work after all not even done that…but he behaved rudely to everyone in the office even to seniors. He can’t do that Ma. And moreover he used my name. He said that he is my brother and I will not encourage this in office. And also Ma u r asking me to train him? What for? U only said to offer him a valuable post. And u r now asking me to train him..
Ishwari was shocked. Stands still.
Dev: I made mistake ….
Vicky: mistake mistake mistake….what’s the mistake in it. U r my bhai is it..
Dev: but not in office ~ angrily ~
RR: Dev!!!
Dev: Mami please ..
I should’ve listen to Sonakshi …she was correct…I should made him as a trainee.
Everyone was shocked including sonakshi.

Ishwari: Dev…!! Bhai have done many things to us.
Dev: Ma I knw that…
Radharani starts her usual drama.
RR: Dev! Jiji…have u listened to our dev now wat he said. I can’t believe wat had happened now just can’t Jiji.
Vicky: yes ma I too can’t believe that Dev bhai has changed.
Ishwariv: POV changed… My dev had changed??
Dev: stop it Vicky.
Vicky: why should I stop.? Looking at sonakshi~ u are the reason for this u made him changed. After maaraige bhai have completely changed.
U r the reason for that and u should pay for it. U r just making him go away from his family.
Sonakshi listens to this and can’t digest his words
Sona: stop it u don’t have any…
Vicky: shut up..!! Just shut up…
Dev looks shocked..he holds his fist.
Vicky: what do u think about urself huh? Do u think u r a queen or a princess to rule everything…. this house.. Dev bhai… every thing. How cheap u r..? Listen sonakshi…..
Dev looks at Vicky and couldn’t control himself and slapped Vicky hardly.
Everyone were shocked. Tears rolling sona’ s cheeks.
Dev: sonakshi?? She is ur bhabhi and u don’t have any right to call by her name if so I don’t give u any permission to do so. Ask her sorry.
Ask her sorry.
Vicky: sorry? Y should i. She don’t deserve any sorry.( he did not give her any respect).
Dev again slaps him hardly.( but he deserves this beatings….)
Ishwari: Dev enough…!!!
Dev: Ma how could he talk to sona like that.
RR: Jiji Vicky was correct our Dev has changed. He is no more our small Dev. See he slaps his brother for her(sona), but ….~ cries ( we know that its fake …..right) ~no Jiji ….our Dev has changed …after marriage he was changed.
Dev: changed ?? What I have changed? Mami…OK if so wat is the problem. I have married now and I have even some responsibilities towards sonakshi.
Ishwari break down after hearing Dev’s words.
Sona sees him proudly with eyes full of tears.
She can’t express herself in front of everyone.
Dev: please Mami….she is my wife and please don’t underestimate her.
RR: Then r we not important to u?
Dev: ~ sighs~ I can’t explain u all more than this. Vicky apologise her.
Vicky: I can’t and I don’t.
Dev: do u need to get more beatings again….
Vicky:~ thinks a while~ sorry sona bhabhi…~ stretches the word~.
Sona did not even look him. She sees her Dev with full of tears.
Sona(POV): tq Dev tq very much. I’m overwhelmed today. I know u r always with me .
Dev goes to his room followed by sonakshi.
Devakshi room.
Dev sits in the bed reminiscing their fight on this issue.” Listen sonakshi this my family and I have some responsibilities towards them so please don’t interfere”.
Dev feels guilt for hurting sona very badly.
Sona comes there and sees Dev crying.
Sona keeps her hand on his shoulder suddenly Dev gets up and hugs her emotionally. He cries. He asks sorry.
Dev: I’m really sorry Sonakshi pls forgive me if u can. I knw I made a mistake I scold u I fought with u I didn’t listen to u I hurt u….but please sonakshi pls don’t be without talking to me. I can’t stay without u. My life is incomplete without u I’m really sorry sonakshi. Pls …. U can punish me u can slap me ever hard if u want but pls don’t be without talking to me pls I can’t bare that . Pls…~ cries~
Sona: Dev….!! She too cries ~ I don’t want to punish u instead I’m very proud of u……today u proved me U R THE BEST. I just wanna be like this ever Dev. Please don’t leave me.
Dev: I will never think of that sona…never. U r my life ….my love….my strength…my world and my everything. I love u so much Sonakshi. I love u.
Sona: I love u too Dev.
He kisses her forehead and she kisses his cheeks.
The screen freeze.

So guys here my ss ends.
I’m really sorry fr the extreme late…I knw I was late but please forgive me if u can. I’m really very busy in my studies and my exams….ugh…its terrible. I really don’t get time so please forgive me. Even now I wrote this as parts and for 4 days but lastly I could complete it today. Thank god….
Coming to the as. How was it ..hope u all enjoyed and I didn’t bored u….hope so….so this the last part. Will really miss u guyzzzzzzz…will try to come back soon with a good plot …… Miss u all..?? please do comment it views and criticism is well welcomed. Please once again forgive me for the delay….so sorry…sorry..sorry.
Bye everyone…
With love

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