Devakshi again….current track….!!! (Part 3)

Hi frnds….!! I’m Heshine…Really sorry for the delay as my semester is nearing….and I’m very happy for all ur respense towards my plot….so I don’t want to waste much of ur time….so let’s start..!!
Recap: Vicky enters ishwari communications as a project head….sona leaves to Bose house…. Dev regrets fr his mistake…..

Today’s epi…
In office
Dev: Tina! Cancel all my appointments today after 7 pm. As I need to leave home quickly today…
Tina: OK sir I will do it as u say..
Tina leaves
Dev POV: I regret my mistakes….I shouldn’t spoke to sona so rudely….I made a huge mistake. Thus is not fair on my part. So I should convince her immediately as soon as possible… As Navratri gonna end..~ Smiles brightly~

Bose house
Asha: Sona , Elina come down beta, I hve done ur favourite dish..
Elina and sona come down..
Elina: Wow…!!! Mashi you have done aloo paratha today its really amazing ….yummy….!!!
Sona: Ma ..! Aloo…this is not fair Ma …!! You shud not eat aloo Elina …then you will gain more weight..then he will we search a perfect groom fr u…!!????
Elina..: Haan haan shona don’t worry don’t need to find a groom fr me rather I’ll be choosing by not giving any trouble to u all…..!!
Asha: Haan haan that’s crct Elina…
Sona: Any way no one shud eat thus aloo today. That’s all and its my order.
Bejoy: Shona let them eat for once. Only once a week na..?? Beta…
Sona: baba…you too…and I guess ..u too wanna eat it…is it so??!
Bejoy: No no…..actually yes for once only na..
All: please shona….
Sona: ugh….OK agreed…but only today..OK?
All: haan OK .
Sona: Ma where is Dada?
Asha: He might have some work shona…
Bejoy: or he will be roaming somewhere.
Asha: bejoy??!
Elina: OK OK Dada will come let’s all eat first.
All have completed their lunch. Elina and sona starts their usual chat.

In office
Dev: ( in phone) No sir I’m really sorry ..I can’t come today but I assure u that I will be at ur place tomorrow sharp at 10 am.
Man on phone: OK Mr.Dixit.
Dev: tq sir.
Dev sees his watch
Dev: oh its already 7.15 ..I shud leave nw and convince sonakshi..

Dev POV : where is sonakshi…she is not here ..she might be in the room..
He smiles to himself..and rushes to his room. By then
Ishwari : Arey Dev …u came so early beta…?
Dev: Haan Ma wo actually ….I have completed my work so soon..
Ishwari :That’s really beta..come let us talk for some time..
Dev: Haan Ma I’ll come ..I’ll freshen up and will cum. Vaise Ma where us sonakshi..?!
Ishwari: ???? Beta sonakshi went to her house and she said that she will be staying there tonight.
Dev: What..?? But she didn’t inform me could she go without saying to me..?!
Ishwari: Today mrng she asked me then I asked her to go. I thought u knw abut that so I too didnt inform you. But she shouldn’t do……
By then Dev rushes to his room without hearing to ishwari.. She was shocked lil.
Dev room
Dev: How could sonakshi go without informing me..she should have at least said to me abt this is it….I think she is very angry on me. ..I’m juz an idiot ……and shouted at her yesterday….I’m really sorry sona…please forgive me…

Bose house
Asha: it was already 8 and still saurav didn’t reached home y??
Bejoy: I said no he will be roaming some where.
Asha: No bejoy, saurav is very workaholic now a days.
Just then Ritvik and his family enters..
Mr.Sen: Hello! Mr. Bejoy..!! How r u??
All were just shocked to see them.
Bejoy: come in Mr sen …So good to see u here..
Ritvik greets them and sona.
Sona and other family members greets them too.
They werr talking about everything and sona sits sadly listening to them.. She gets excuse and went to her room.
Dixit mansion
All were sitting in the dining hall.
Ishwari: Vicky! How was ur day in office today…hope u it went gud.
Vicky: Haan bus it went really gud.
Just then Nikki gets a call.
Nikki: Bhabhi?
Dev and all looks Nikki..
Dev: sona..??
Nikki attends the call.
Nikki: haan bhabhi ..! Hw r u?
Sona: fine Nikki..hmm?? Did Dev arrived home?
Nikki: haan bhabhi…bhai came home too early today..
Sona: too early??
Dev: ~pov ~ hmm too early… Just fr u ….BT u were not here…~ sadly~
Nikki: haan bhabhi…he completed his work too early today.
Sona: OK Nikki bye ….
Nikki: haan bye..
Dev: what..!
Nikki: nothing.
Dev: Nikki…??
Nikki:Bhai….haan I need to ask u this ….when are u going to ur honeymoon.
Ishwari gets shocked hearing Nikki.
Ishwari: Nikki!!!!!~ anger tone~
Nikki: Ma simply..
Dev: ~ too childish~ immediately after Navratri gets over.
Nikki: immediately??but bhai tomorrow is the last day for Navratri.
Dev: what…?? But sona didn’t said this to me at all..I’ll go and meet her immediately.
Ria: bhai slowly…bhabhi will be there only and she won’t go anywhere.
Dev: but its too important fr me to see her immediately.
Ishwari: beta its too late ….hw would u go now.
Dev: Ma its not so late ….and its juz 8.45
And Ma I’m grown up and there is no harm if I go out now..
Ishwari gets shocked ..
RR: look Jiji, our Dev had completely changed fr that beng…..I mean sonakshi…
Mamaji: Radharani ….shut up poisoning ishwari

Precap: Angry Dev…leaves Bose house..

I hope u I didn’t bored u ….and sorry again fr the delay….will post the next one asap…..

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  1. Manya

    Eagerly waiting to know that why is Dev babu again angry????
    Post soon?
    Love love??

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Ayushi …!!!will post the next one soon….???❤?

  2. Awesome

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Princess….

  3. Hey Heshine di!
    The episode was great! Short but sweet!?
    Loved seeing Dev’s concern towards Sonakshi and his regretful words???
    I was glad when Dev told Ishwari that he wasn’t a small child but a grown up adult??
    I see that the honeymoon is being planned after Navratri. However, this Ishwari!????
    Do post soon and do try to post a bit longer ones next time!??
    All the best for your upcoming exams!??? Hope you excel in all subjects and pass with flying colours!??
    Loads and tons of love to you!?????

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Anshita for ur lovable cmnt??????…I’m very happy that u liked it….tq once again…..??????? and sure it will be the longer epi nxt

  4. Rj12

    Amazing post soon looking forward to it

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Rj12……will post asap..

  5. it wasn’t boring…….it was superb……and awesome????❤????????❤???……..kaash real track main bhi aisa ho…..??…….but the precap……..omg ……..I’m eager to know what happened ……that dev is angry…..??????????❤??

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Maleeha di…. ?????????will post it soon….??

  6. Aaru

    Are yaar!! Dev to khush hone se pehle hi chid jata h..but anyways, nice episode..

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much di…

  7. Nice one dear. Oh scary precap

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  8. Ali


  9. It was great?????????❤??????…….

    1. Heshine

      Tq Nikki…..???❤??

  10. Yashfeen

    Hey…it ws not at ol boring..rather ws quite nyc..m happy tat dev realised hs mistake n finally heading to bose house…I wsh ol shud get sorted soon…

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much….will post it asap..!!

  11. Erina

    Superb job swtheart nd i think dev will be angry bcse he might see sona with ritvik. Is it so??? So dear plzzz jaldi post krna…
    With loads of love

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much di…..will surely post it soon….??glad that u liked it…???

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