Devakshi again….current track….!!! (Part 1)

Hi friends,…I’m Heshine!!.I am a silent reader of all ur ff,ss,os and so….,,and damn addicted to reading it too. So I was highly impressed by all ur plots and thought of gibing a try. It might be a os , TS ,or even a ss I’m not sure about it yet…

So here we start..!!
The plot revolves around the current track.
Dev was pissed off with the current scenario of his house. He was damn anger on all especially sona.?
Sona enters the room where Dev is sitting with a angry face.
Sona: Don’t worry Dev everything will be alright.~keeps her hand on Dev’s shoulder~she continues..You have done a great job by offering a trainee position to Vicky. He should learn about everything and climb up a ladder as juz Ria did. We should give oppurtunity to everyone as my lovely husband did today…~ feeling proud ~
Dev: stop it sona..enough is enough. I shouldn’t accept what u said me today. I made a mistake. Vicky is Mamaji’s son and my only brother. I should give him a good post rather than a trainee.
Sona: shockingly ..but Dev..!!?

Dev: wait let me finish..! Do u know hw much mamaji has done to us.?! It was unimaginable.
Sona: Dev , I just want Vicky should be good at everything and get a higher position by his own qualification . Even it is same in the case of Ria. Then is she not ur sister.?!
Dev: Sonakshi , Ria is different from Vicky. No I made a mistake. Listen Sona.. I knw what I’m doing..and..
Sona: Dev, I too knw that but please listen to me once.
Dev: No I can’t .Please ….!! This is my family and I have a huge responsibility towards them and you…please stay out of it and don’t interfere in it..
Sona: 1 min Dev ,then is it not my family..?!??

Sona: Dev, I love u ,,…..which make it clear that I love ur family too as much as u….. But u…..~ after few seconds~ OK Dev , I assure u that I will not interfere in YOUR family issues and will stay out of it.
After listening to Sona ,Dev leave to washroom for changing. Sona cries badly sitting in her bed..
Ishwari stands outside their room and listens to their convoy and pass a smile .~ Ishwari POV ~ My son haven’t changed a bit even after marriage. He still care for us.

Precap: Sona leaves for Bose’s house .

That’s all for today frnds..
Hope u all like it. Please don’t mind my short form and grammatical mistakes if so. And as it is my first try I’m eagerly waiting for ur comments. Criticism accepted… U can say if it is not good and can I continue to.. I knw that this is too short but please don’t mind as it is my first try….Thank you

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  1. Erica

    whattttttttttt why is your ff so negative??????

    1. Heshine

      No di it’s just my thought on devakshi fight but don’t worry I’ll soon unite them…

  2. Azzuu

    nice precap
    will be waiting 4 next one.
    post asap

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much ….and sure will post the next soon……tq once again..!!

  3. Angel20

    It was nice! But please post the next part soon and unite them

    1. Heshine

      Tq Maria di …….will surely post it asap..and will also unite them soon…

  4. It was great di!
    I like the bold stand Sona has taken for herself!
    However, I would really want to see Dev realise his mistake, yet again and seek for apology from Sona.
    Hope they unite soon! And do post a bit longer ones!
    Post soon!
    Love you!?????

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Anshita di…..glad that u like it….will unite them soon and as it is my first try it was too short but will try to make it longer from next….!!!! Love u took ???

      1. Your welcome di!
        Besides, you need not call me di as I’m just 12 currently!!???

      2. Heshine

        But I’m juz 11 th di…..??

      3. You sure are in 11th grade but I’m still in 6th!!
        How old are you (if you don’t mind)??? I think you’re 16 🙂 Nd over here, I’m still 12, so, you turn out to be my di, right?

      4. Heshine


  5. Aaru

    Vry good..Sona ko ek baar to chale hi jana hi Dev ko n possibly Ishwari mata ko bhi Sona ki importance samajh mein ayegi..Mujhe to ye bohot sahi laga..

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Aaru di…..but please don’t mind I don’t knw Hindi and just a beginner of it ……but tq very much for commenting ….please if u cmnt in English I could understand it please di …its my request…!!!
      Tq luv u….???

  6. welcome heshine…….????❤?……….and this awesome one……….and I’m waiting for the next????????❤????????

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Maleeha di… happy that u all liked it…..will really post the next one as soon as possible….tq once again…????????

  7. Caira

    You are very right aaru di…
    and heshine di…you write really well di… all the best?✌?

    1. Heshine

      Tq Caira di …..tq fr ur cmnt …will surely make it worth reading….????

  8. Awesome Heshine di!!!! U write so well!!! Waiting for next part.. Btw just wanted to know…How old are u????

    1. Heshine

      Tq Nikki di….will post the next part asap….and I’m 16 ….may I knw urs..pls..and thank u once again..!!

      1. Hi di I am 13 ,so u don’t call me di??

  9. Raya

    Nice.. Hope dev realize his mistake soon.. Post next one soon and a longer one plz

    1. Heshine

      Tq di….sure I’ll post the next one asap…!!!and it will be longer too..

  10. It’s good please continue

    1. Heshine

      Sure tq u fr ur cmnt Miss. Murty

  11. Yashfeen

    Hieee…whats up..n welcme dear to ds family… ws matter if d beginning is wid tym I luv fights..n ATLEAST ishwari is cnvinced dat dev has nt changed..somethng vl go in her head nw..

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much di…..glad u liked it..!!!??

  12. Manya

    Hey I am ayushi?
    I am loving the precap??now Dev babu will understand Sona’s importance and I am waiting eagerly that how will he Manaofy sona?
    Plzzzz post soon❣
    Love Love❤️?

    1. Hehehe Ayushi!???
      Well, that what I want to see as well!??
      Ab pataa chalega Dev babu office ke bahar bhi kuch kaam kar paate hai ya nahin!???

    2. Heshine

      Tq Ayushi di…will really make it interesting …….tq once again di…will post it soon..!!?????

      1. Manya

        I m just 14 plzzzz don’t call me Di plzzzzz?

    3. Heshine

      Oh kkk…

  13. hi! Heshine.
    welcome to krpkab ff.
    ur ff was really awesom. i just lke it. plz post asap:-))

    1. Heshine

      Sure nikki will post it soon and tq…?

  14. Erina

    Its awesome swtheart nd i love to read ur ff so post soon nd one more thing sorry for late comment but seriously i don’t feel u r not grt so believe urself nd if not then believe in me that u r also a grt writter.
    With loads of love ?????

    1. Heshine

      Tq very much Erina…..really I do believe in u ???….I have already posted the second one….so happy u liked it tq once again. ……!!!????

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