DEVAKSHI- Colours of Undying Love Few Shots- Shot 2

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Precap: Fire incident…Tina saving Dev from the accusation of illegal business.

Vicky enters Dixit house in fury and directly goes to his room. He starts breaking things in anger.
Radharani notices Vicky’s rage and rushes towards his room.
Seeing Vicky breaking everything she shouts “Haaye…meri Red…why are you…bre… bre…breaking all the thi…thi…huhh…saman? Stop…stop warna you will en… engineered (injured) khudko.”(Spare me for this stupid English…but I think ex-gkb’s language will be like this but this may be little exaggerated).
Vicky shouts angrily “Mummy…stop it…I’m already tensed, don’t eat up my brain with your English Dictionary.”
Radharani says making face “Why you are so gussa my red?”
Vicky angrily kicks the table and groans “That Sonakshi…I will kill her…because of her my whole plan is flopped…she…she informed Income Tax Officers and Police about illegal business going on Dev bhai’s name…police was about to seal office but Tina proved that bhai’s signature were forged…now bhai also asked police to investigate the matter…now Dev bhai will try to find out everything…if he finds out then he will kill me for sure…In these two’s business rivalry I will be finished.”
Radharani shockingly looks on and then says almost crying “Yeh bangalan…how zyada dang..dange..khatarnak(dangerous) hain. Now what will we doing…taalk na my red.”
Vicky angrily says “Stop it mummy…let me think.”
Radharani says “I will talk to jiji…haan.”
Saying this she goes to Ishwari’s room.
In office Dev comes back to Sona’s cabin again and finds her working.
He says “I never thought that you think about me like this…never mind…I will prove that your allegation is false..ohh…it’s already proved that I’m not related to that so called scam…I..”
Sona interrupts Dev and says “Why you are explaining me all these…why is it bothering what I think about you?”
Dev looks at shocked…he gets numb as he can’t understand what to say her. All he knows that her presence, her behaviour, her ignorance in sort her each movement effects him badly. But he can’t tell her all this..he can’t show his real feelings…he don’t want to fall weak in front of her.
Sona again says calmly “Mr. Dev can be a very big businessman..sorry.. sorry business tycoon but you still can’t judge a person correctly by your own…you can’t take a decision by your own…a correct decision…still now you didn’t change even a bit.”
“Stop it..stop it..just stop your nonsense…I promise very soon I will show you who is right.” Saying this Dev goes out.
Dev angrily enters Dixit Mansion and finds everyone looking at him. He gets irritated.
But to his surprise Ishwari doesn’t ask him anything about office incident. He gets confused but then shrugs off his thought. He directly goes to his room.
Next day Dev as usual goes to his office early.
Ishwari goes out after Dev’s departure and calls someone asking that person to meet her at market.
Ishwari arrives at market and waits for that person. After a while a car stops in front of her and the person comes out.
Ishwari looks at the person shocked and says in disbelief “Sonakshi!”
Dr. Sonakshi Bose…the businesswoman of the year, who is standing in front of her is completely different person than the Sonakshi she used to know.
Ishwari doesn’t understand why but her heart says that may be this Sonakshi Bose will never do anything according to other’s wish… may be she will not bother anyone’s words. But still she has to try for her son’s happiness.
Sona bends to touch her feet but Ishwari steps back. Sona doesn’t say anything. She just looks at her waiting for her upcoming words.
Ishwari is baffled…she thought that may be Sona would ask her why she isn’t letting her to touch her feet. She expected Sona to say those types of words which she is used to hear saying other’s dils…she expected Sona to be shocked as she didn’t give her blessings.
But all she finds that Sonakshi Bose doesn’t need her blessings…she feels so dejected as she can’t read her face..she can’t understand how to talk with her…she can’t get how she will react…she is scared…yes she is scared…she has fear of rejection..she has the fear of losing her son again to this lady…though her son is away from her for last 7 years still he has none in his life…but if this lady comes back then her son will again go to her.
She again neglects her heart’s words which told her repeatedly in these 7 years that her son’s happiness lies with this lady…she can only get her son back if this lady comes back in Dev’s life again…only Sona can turn Dev’s colourless life into a colourful one.
Her heart always kept pondering that only due to her …Dev’s life became miserable but her mind always makes Sonakshi guilty.
She keeps all her thought aside and again makes herself believe that she is doing for her son’s happiness
She says Sona “Why are you after Dev again, Sonakshi? Why are you creating troubles for my son? For you only my son is like this…for you I have lost my Dev…you left my son 7 years ago…then why did you come back?”
Sona looks at Ishwari without any answer…and Ishwari is taken aback…she ontices ignorance in behaviour. But still she continues.
She again starts “Look…Sonakshi…I only want my son’s happiness…and I can do anything for that. I’m ready to give you anything but leave my son…go out of of my son’s life…I will give you as much as you want.”
“You will give me as much as I want…but what?” Sona asks drily.
“Of course money…Sonakshi…for what you are doing all this” Ishwari replies but her voice trembles a little.
“So…can you name Dev’s whole property in my name?” Sona asks in same way.
Ishwari looks on shocked.
“Why are you getting shocked? You only told that you can give as much as I want…right.” Sona replies “I guess…you can’t.”
Ishwari says in a trembling voice “So, bhabi was right…you can do anything for money… you put this false allegation on Dev to make his loss.”
Sona clenches her fist to control her anger which was rising up with each passing second.
Sona still calmly says “You can take her suggestion if you feel it’s needed…after all she is here only.”
Ishwari confusingly looks at Sona while Sona looks behind of Ishwari’s car. Ishwari confusingly turns back.
She gets shocked to find Radharani there.
Ex-gkb comes out of the back of the car and starts stammering “Ohh..jiji..I think…haan …I think kiya ki …bhethar(whether) you need helep(help)…so I coming here.”
Sona looks at ex-gkb with wide open eyes.
While Radharani continues to talk “Don’t bhurry(worry) jiji..I will taalk to this bangalan. mera holi ke days hai na..I did not gaya to paraty(party) I thaught(thought) ki helep you.
RR looks at Sona and starts to say but stammers more as she had already seen Sona clenching fist. Moreover she is afraid enough as she knows if Sona comes to know that it was Vicky who compelled Sona’s family to go out of house 7 years ago then she will kill them for sure..she knows that this Sonakshi Bose is more powerful than Vicky. Dev already busy in finding the if Dev comes to know Vicky is behind the scam then she don’t expect a little help from Dev. She has fear of Sona more than Dev as she knows Sona is much more practical than Dev and she has good sense of society. Even if they can fool Dev but it’s very difficult to fool Sona. Her only way is to keep Dev and Ishwari by her side and make them believe that Sona gave false news and documents to make Dev low.
She somehow starts that “Ehh…ehh..banga..bangalan…hau(how) can..can you do this to my Red…Dev…haan. Don’t you have sha..sha..huhh..sharam(shame) can you hammer Dev?”
Sona looks at RR confusingly…and says “Hammer?”
“Haan…hammer…tu this much eng..english nehi janti kya..hammer..meaning bura karna..huhh” RR says confidently.
“You mean harm!” Sona says in disbelief.
“Haan..haan wahi…tongue of slip ho gaya.” RR says.
Sona- Slip of tongue!
RR is going to say further but Sona interrupts “Mamiji..I’m not don’t try this whatever you are trying to…I think I already clear myself..and..yeah..don’t try to buy me…next time it will not be good…my time precious for me.”
Saying this Sona gets in the car and drives off.
Sona while driving says herself- Whether her nonstop talking wasn’t enough..that she even starts speaking English…no wonder Dev is behaving this much rude to everyone ..if anyone hears this English Dictionary for even 10 minutes then that person will surely go mad.
Two-three days passes like this. Dev didn’t get enough info about the culprit..but he got sure about one thing that someone inside his company is doing this scam.
One day Dev goes to Golu’s school to pick him up and see a little girl waiting for someone. He doesn’t know why he felt some attraction towards her. However, Golu informs him that she was the same girl with whom he fought. Then he also says that the girl is very good…she helped him in completing his math task and saved from getting scold.
Dev asks him whether he said sorry for previous which he nodes and says that that they are good friends now.
Meanwhile, Dev notices Sona coming inside school..he gets confused.
While the girl rushes towards Sona and shouts “Mumma”.
Sona takes the girl in her arms and says “How was your day, Miss Suhana Bose?”
Good mumma..but call me Soha na…I’m not Miss Bose to you na” Soha says cutely.
Sona kisses in her forehead lovingly and “Okk..Soha…now come…we need to go home..dadu and Asha are waiting for junior Miss Bose.”
Dev feels like someone snatches the floor under his feet. A certain realisation hit him “Soha is his daughter!”…he has a daughter!
Golu notices Dev staring at Sona and Soha with tears but in a trance…he starts shaking Dev but it results nothing.
So, without any option Golu shouts “Big Cha!!”
Dev jerks and the shout make both Sona and Soha noticing them.
Sona gets shocked to see Dev…she realizes that Dev heard their talk…Dev knows about Soha..Soha being his daughter.
Sona notices Dev’s teary eyes which are filled with the feeling of betrayal and pain. It showed Dev’s devastated state. And it pained her…she feels like someone stabbing her heart. Still she can’t see him broken though she claims to hate him.
Sona doesn’t get what to do.
“Big Cha…what happen..she is my new friend…and Suhana..he is my Big Cha” Golu introduces.
Soha who is in Sona’s arms says “Hello..uncle…I am Miss Suhana Bose and she is my mumma Miss Sonakshi Bose.”
Dev says “Soha..”
“Uncle, you can call me junior Miss Bose.” Suhana says cutely.
Dev feels stabbed…first uncle and then junior Miss Bose…these are only words going around his mind.
He reminds Sona’s words in past “For you, I am Dr. Bose.” She is just like Sona.
“Bye..Golu..Bye! uncle..chalo mumma” Soha says cutely and Sona nodes.
Golu also bids bye to them and Sona looks at Golu lovingly.
She gets very well that Golu is Elena’s son.
Sona goes fron there taking Soha…she recalls Soha and Dev’s meeting and decides something.
They both reach Bose house and Sona sends Soha to change her dress. Meanwhile, Sona tells everything to Asha and Bijoy. She also tells her decision to which Bijoy protests but Son convinces him.
Sona makes Soha sit along with her after having tiffin.
Sona calmly says “ shouldn’t call Golu’s Big Cha as ‘uncle’ and if he calls you ‘Soha’ then let him address you like that.”
“But..mumma except you, dadu, Asha, and Mamu none calls me Soha.” Soha replies cutely.
Sona composes herself and says “He is your father, Soha…he is Dev Dixit.”
Soha shockingly looks at Sona.
Sona continues “Even after coming Delhi you didn’t ask me to take you to your papa…neither you asked me to show his photo to you. So, I didn’t say you anything. But today you met him at school so I thought to tell you everything.”
“Soha, tomorrow I’m not coming to pick you up..I will send Ramu kaka to pick you up…he will surely talk to you tomorrow and he may also ask you to accompany him. I already told you that I don’t have any problem if you keep relation with him…I will support you whatever your decision is. If you want to go with your papa to meet your dadi and all…you can…just inform me then.” Sona pauses.
Soha looks at Sona and says “But mumma I want to be with you.”
Sona kisses Soha’s forehead lovingly “I’m just saying about meeting Soha…and I already told you that you can do whatever you want to. I’m always with you. Just listen to your heart and take your decision. I will make sure that none will ask you to change your decision. And you also need to know about everyone I will show everyone’s photo to you.”
Saying this Sona takes a old photo and shows everyone’s photo to her. She introduces her with Ishwari, Mamaji, Mamaji, Vicky, Elena and others.
Percap: Dev meeting Soha and Soha going Dixit Mansion…and much more.
So, tell me guys how is it?
I guess makers toughest work after the leap is Ex-gkb’s dialogues. I mean seriously..this type of English…offf…anyone will go mad.

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