DEVAKSHI- Colours of Undying Love Few Shots- Shot 1

After watching 2nd February’s episode a story popped in my mind. This is my first attempt on Devakshi.

In my story..Sona’s character will have little bit more importance. I somehow felt that in showing Dev’s love, sacrifices, vulnerability, pain makers somewhere avoided Sona’s pain, frustration. Even in the time of first separation, they mainly focused on dev’s pain and neglected Sona’s pain…they showed sona moved on for her parents but in that they didn’t show sona’s love..infact after the leap of 7 years also…they give some hints of Dev’s love but what about Sona’s love, her pain, her vulnerability. So, in my story I will focus on Sona’s feeling more than Dev.
This is only my point of view and I thought to write on it after reading a comment on a episode…probably Leesa was the one who comment on this.

These will be maximum 4-5 shots..but I myself don’t know how much shots it will be. So, let’s start.
It starts from Sona put fire and came out of office.

Next day Dev comes early and sees new lock and gets confused.
Dev’s POV
I didn’t put this lock then how come the lock got changed overnight. Sona is inside the office still now. What the hell is happening? I’m not getting anything.
That moment the watchman comes and tells everything about yesterday’s night. He also says that Sona called him and asked to be here and to tell Dev everything when Dev come office morning.
Dev looks angrily at the watchman and shouts at him “Why the hell you didn’t call me…this is my office and it’s your duty to call me first. Now, get lost.”
Dev angrily bangs his fist on wall and says in mind- So, you played well Miss Sonakshi Bose…but you did the biggest mistake of your life…you shouldn’t have put fire in my office…now I will show you what Dev Dixit can do.
During this time all the employees come as the routine and gets shocked to see the lock.
Before Dev can say anything, Sona comes there and smirks seeing.

She tells the whole matter to everyone and tells that she put a new lock for safety reason. Everybody shows concern to Sonakshi and gets in the office.
Dev looks at Sona fuming while Sona winks to him and get in.
Dev also goes inside.
Whole day passes like this. Dev waits for everyone’s departure.
After the office gets vacate, he barges into Sona’s cabin.
Sona smiles seeing Dev and says “Come…I was waiting for you only…otherwise I don’t have any such work today.”
Dev angrily says “I know very well that you were the one who put fire to get
out…how dare you?”

Sona smirks an says “You only set up the rule that I shouldn’t inform any employee so I got out of office in my way…you shouldn’t be angry for that kiddo.”
“Kiddo! I mean seriously…you think me a kid” Dev says almost shouting.
Sona says in same sarcastic tone “What else should I say to you other than a kid…your plan was so kiddish…come on grow up.”
“Fine…now wait and watch what this kid can do.” Saying this Dev starts to go.
“Dev” Sona shouts and Dev angrily turns to her. Sona throws a key towards him and says “Duplicate key…for you.”
Dev catches it and goes from there stamping his foot.
Sona smiles seeing this and also goes out.

Dev reaches home and finds everyone surrounding him.
He gets that everyone knows whatever happened in office.
Before he could say anything, ex-gkb started “Haay..haay..Dev red ne tell kiya ki bengalan tere affice(office) main fire sat(set) kar diya…haayee…you na teach bangalan a listen(lesson)..kaise dare she..pura affice jala diya..tumhara impartant(important) papers bhi..sab…kuch..bohot lass(loss) karwadiya.”
Dev irritatingly says “Mamaji..she set fire only in dustbin..not in any important papers…stop overacting.”

Ishwari tries to say something but Dev says “Maa, don’t worry..I will handle her.” Saying this he goes up. Ishwari tries to follow him but Mamaji stops her.
Like this two-three days passed and Dev tries his best to irritate Sona…sometimes he used to flirt with lady employees, sometimes he used to call in Sona’s landline to irritate her.

He even tried hard to make her employees believe that Sona is not a good boss.
But everything goes in vain as all her employees have full trust on Sona. In addition, his own employees also start getting attracted towards Sona’s friendly, understanding nature.
In between these days Tina joined Dev’s office after 5 years.
One day a group of police officers come in office and informs Dev about the illegal business going in his office.
Dev gets shocked and says that they must have get wrong information…he don’t do any illegal business…he don’t need to either.

But officers shows him the papers as proofs…Dev looks on shocked and tries to protest but Sona comes and says that she only gave officers the proof as she doesn’t want her employees any problem due to illegal business..
Dev looks at Sona in anger…the officers proceeded to seal the place but Tina comes there.
She gives some documents to the officers and says “This business is not related Dev Sir…this is case of signature forgery…here is the documents…someone has purposely done all these against Sir. But here is the proof. You can’t seal the place as Sir isn’t involve in it but can continue investigation.”
The officers check the document and understand that Tina is saying right. They leave without sealing the place.

Dev looks at Tina surprised.
Tina says “Ohh..Sir, actually yesterday only while going back I noticed the papers and I got to know about this illegal business papers…so I kept some papers with me yesterday while going back…as if the place is sealed you can’t get document…I wanted to tell you but I had some emergency in home that’s why I couldn’t call you…sorry sir.”
Dev smilingly says “Why are you saying sorry, Tina…I should thank you for whatever you have done…Thank you so much.”
Tina says “No..Sir please don’t embarrass me saying thanks and all…A person for whom I’m here and my life got changed totally…I can at least do this for that person..I owe my life.”

Dev smiles and goes from glaring Sona.
As soon as the office gets over Dev goes to Sona.
Dev claps and says “What a move Dr. Sonakshi Bose…I mean seriously…I never thought in my life that you will stoop so low…just prove yourself equal to me you put this wrong allegation on me right…Dr. bose.”
Sona sarcastically says “Come on Dev, grow up…I just found those papers and give that to police…if you really want to know who did this then find out and stop blaming me.”
Dev angrily says “You only know me this much that you thought I will do illegal works to maintain business.”
Sona calmly says “I know you that’s why I did all these…otherwise I wouldn’t have done that.”

Dev looks at Sona with anger, pain, frustration as he didn’t think even is his wildest dream that Sona can really believe he can do scam.
Though everything was over in between them but he felt that Sona knows him better than anyone. But today his this belief is also crashed.
So, this is it for today.
Please, let me know my mistakes so that I can correct it.

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  1. Priya12

    Di, no mistakes….yeh , the makes rdidn’t show the love , pain of sona more tha dev….and the epi was amazing…eaget to know what happens nxt….post the nnxt epi soonn…

  2. V.V.harshita

    Hey Pritha it was really awsome……and no mistakes……plzs post soon

  3. Awesome

  4. Eeshi

    It was amazing
    No mistakes were there pls continue writing

  5. Erina

    Well pritha i also understood dis very late that kuch rang is about a men as how can he deal with his wife n mumma as per d promos too but i misunderstood dat tym too i also thought they will show my sona pains ,struggles n all but i was wrong n now i understood dis that this is different because its about boy journey how he was earlier, how he fallen in love ,how get married n all not a journey of girl so now i don’t expect from them that they will show sona pains ,suffering n all …….
    Btw awsum fs i so badly wanted that makers also showed some suffering of sona n given her equal importance too …..
    Feeling happy that u also think my sona was not wrong at all …….
    Post soon excited for ur fs???????????❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Pritha

      Actually that is why I thought to write.
      If a daily soap in about a woman’s struggle then also I have seen the male lead sharing equal screen space and getting equally importance regarding his feelings and all.
      That is what I didn’t like about KRPKAB. This show is about Dev and how he dealt with his mother and wife…i can understand that. The makers have given enough importance to Ishwari’s character which is more than enough to make viewers understand Ishwari’s love, care and over possessiveness towards Dev… according to that also there were less moments which defines Sona’s unconditional love towards Dev though Sona was the first one who fell for Dev and she didn’t love Dev Dixit rather loved Dev who craved for a friend to share his real feelings. She was the first one who spend sleepless nights to hear Dev’s official problems so that he don’t take sleeping pills.
      I never felt Sona wrong not even after yesterday’s episode when Sona complained in Income Tax Department..because If I would have been in her place then I would have done the same.

  6. Lovely episode nd no mistakes plzz post soon❤

  7. It’s really awesome…. Superb dear

  8. Great work!!!

  9. Niki645

    Just AMAZING!!!! It is fantastic!!! Pls post soon????

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