Devakshi- the colour of love (Epi-2)


Hi guyzs thanks for your love and support lets continue with our story
dev – ( to himself) if I will give this dress to her then she will,definately reject it but ……idea
dev calls someone and the conversation is mute

@ 4 pm
there was a knock on the door ( remember guyss she is in ishwari mansion)
sona opened door
man-mam this is for you
sona- who are you …. Please let me see your face
man removes the parcel from his face
sona- you…..
man- yes me
sona- what are you doing here neel( yes neel is the person whom dev called)
neel- I wanted to give you this and this
sonA- what is this
neel- you check it your self baby iam getting late
sona- thank…thankyou
neel- bye jaaneman
neel left

sona opened the packet
sona- wow what a lovely saree …..and flowers ( its dev’s fav flowers) means ye,mr dxit ….
she called dev
sona- mr Dixit ….
dev- miss Bose kya hua
sona- this dresss ….
dev – you don’t like this dress I will change it
sona- what? Mr Dixit how can you change it ye to neel ne di hai na
dev- vo…vo.
sona- mr Dixit agar ye dress aap mujhe kudh dete to
dev- sorry miss Bose I thought ki…
sona- leave it mr Dixit ..( she kept the dress on sofa and left)
dev – ajeeb hai mein inhe jitna samajh ne ka try karta hoon she becomes more complex .

@ 7 pm
sona- kichu bhaiya iam leaving you manage the things properly ok
kichu- ok
suddely lights goes of
sona- bhaiya where are everyone
kichu – didi they went for shopping.ley me. Bring candels
sona- hmmmm
kichu left
sona-, leave me
she saw dev
sona- mr Dixit you…
dev- see that….( pointing towards a screen)
it was showing all the sweet and biter movement of devakshi( actually he got all that fromm cctv footge)
sona- mr Dixit did this for,me?
dev- no for this dress and these flowers…
sona- thankyou…( she hugged him and he,hugged her back and there was a peace full smile on their faces)
girl- ahem…ahem..
they broke their hug
dev- ng tum
ng- ya…
sona- I need to go..m
ng- lets go dev
they went opp direction.

precap- a secrate revealed

hope you guyzs like It .thankyou for reading

Credit to: reema

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