Devakshi- the colour of love (Epi-1)

Hi guys iam reema and it’s my first ever ff so guys please support me . Iam a big Devna fan so here we go

So the story starts with yesterday’s episode ( dev put ring in sona’s hand) so here we go
@ ishwari mansion
Radha rani- haye… Jiji see what dev have done
Dev- mami?
Ishwari- what happened bhabhi?
Meanwhile sons was trying to remove the ring from her hand
Radha rani- jiji… Dev ne is bengalan Ko ng ki ring pehna di
Dev- mami calm down nothing happened
Sona- mr dixit …. ( returning the ring back) no it’s not ok…. For you it’s just a formality but for us it’s a pious ritual which connects the heart of two person it’s not an ordinary ring mr Dixit it’s for ng and only for her so…next time don’t take all these things for granted mr dixit…( teared eye) from this Saturday you will belong to her .
( every one was stunned because this was not expected from her)
Radha rani-enough … The employes don’t guide the boss … Go and do your work
Ishwari- bhabhi…
Sona – it’s ok aunty I will complete my work…
Sona left and all we’re engaged in engagement preparation but dev followed sona
Dev – miss Bose….
Sona- (wiping her tears) hmmmm
Dev- look at me miss bose( sona turned towards him) I..I dint knew ki this will hurt you soo much miss Bose iam so.. Sorry I shouldn’t have done this but…
Sona- it’s ok mr dixit ..
Dev- ok miss Bose … That means you are not angry on me na..
Sona- I can’t be mr dixit…if I want then also I can’t
Dev- UFf I thought that I lost a good friend… Now I need to go
Sona- mr dixit… You are happy na
Dev- hmmmm
Sona- ok
Dev left
Sons- ( to herself) this was only written in our destiny …uups my destiny

@ living room
Nikki- Bhai select one dress for bah hi na
Dev – You do all this.
Ria- please
Dev-( chooses a random dress ) this one
Ria and nikki – good choice
They ran to ishwari
Dev – ummm show me that dres
Man- this one
Dev – yes pack this one
Man- ok
Dev- this one is for you miss Bose

Precap – dev gives dress to so a..

Thanks for reading . Hope you like it

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