Devakshi – Break Ke Baad S02 #28 Just a Glimpse


Dev is bitting his nails….while surfing internet…..what he is looking up on Google is “How to make your angry wife happy ?”….oh ! boy you will never change….
Sonakshi enters the room and gives a pissed off look to dev…. as he looks back to her she throws her beg to the bed….and opens the wardrobe to take out her night wears and closes the wardrobe door with thud sound….as it was for dev…and leaves to the washroom with fast steps…

Everyone is on table…except sona and dev was only starring the stairs to know when his lady bheem is coming back….this was their first fight after marriage….but he was more puzzled as he don’t know he should be guilty for what….
As he looks back the Love of his life…who is angry right now…arrives….light pink kurti and salwar…Dev jumps from his seat and pulls a chair for her….she on the other end gives him a serious look and moves away to sit next to Nikki….everyone was amused to see always Lovey Dovey Devakshi at cold war….and again they all considered he did something…Ishwari asked him by her eyes…and he nodded negatively…conveying he didn’t did anything….
Nikki: Bhola Bhaiya…!!!! Aaj ki special dish layyi jaye…(get today’s special dish)
….this was something Sona cooked as it was her first day in new office….She actually cooked…TOUGH…not the cooking but tasting…..everyone knew how bad she is at cooking….so without wasting a second and giving their tongues any moment to rescue from this tough task….they all tasted and smiled at her…..

But it was trick for dev…Sona was waiting for his man to answer….actually she was ready to forgive him…if he can praise for her cooking…now the ball is in his court….if he can make goal…the girl is yours….BUT IF NOT…then Mr. Dev Dixit….get ready….the mosquitoes of your garden are waiting to cuddle you while sleeping…ahem!
Nikki: bhaiya ! hows it….
Dev didn’t knew who made it….and was not even bothered to know…his concentration was on sona only…how to make up with her….and thus couldn’t understand the sign language his sisters were doing to make him understand that his darling cooked it
Dev after getting back into his senses…and in mood of tasting something…
Dev: Upma mein namak thoda kam hai…!(salt is less in upma)

Nikki hitted her head very hard…saying “gayi bhans pani mein” (everything ruined)
Ladies and Gentleman…it wasn’t upma but rawe ka halwa…our master chef Mrs. Sonakshi Dev Dixit….instead of putting sugar added salt….and halwa transformed into upma…
Sona jumped from her chair…and left for their room…giving dev an angry look…
Dev (puzzled): isse kya hua….tabiyat theek hai na? (what happened to her….is she ohk?)
Rhea: bhabhi ki toh thik hai…par apki kharab hone wali hai…(bhabhi is ohk…but you will not be fine after this…)
Dev with questioning eyes…
Neha: kya hai na bhai…who jiss upma mein apne namak kam btaya hai….
Nikki and Rhea: wo mitha halwa hai…
Dev got up from his chair….suddenly the universe started rotating infront of his eyes…
Dev: aur aaj meri shaamat hai!!!….
Sona is fuming in anger….while making bed…
Sonakshi: halwa mein NAMAK kam hai….shaadi mein pyar kam hai…aur Mr. Dixit !!!!….unke pass dimaag kam hai…

Here dev enters with his vibrating legs….
Sona gave him same look…which he was getting right from the moment she saw him with Sharmila…
Dev: Shona….
Sonakshi gave him a “not interested” expression….
Dev hold her from her back….giving a tight hug …which she was reluctant for….but his grip was strong…So finally she gave up….the struggle to come out of his grip…
Dev slowly kissing her ears…whispered “ I love you”

Hey people….this is the glimpse of whole tale to come along….
You can also SHARE your ideas how you want dev to make up with her……That can be the way you want their patch up to be on TV….but why not we can have it here….
HOLD ON!….This doesn’t mean I am running out of idea and wants you to do my job….but since this will be the last episode of DEVAKSHI BREAK KE BAAD….I want everyone to get into it so that make we can make this last thing of such an amazing journey even more memorable….Guys! don’t think that there will b any accepted/rejected procedure….all ideas will added up in one and other way….your hardwork will also be in credits…So just message me on tellyupdates your idea….and wait for next episode coming…

This last note is for a lovely Lady who suggested to watch BAAR BAAR DEKHO….I just watched it yesterday….AND I AM THANKFUL TO WHOEVER IT WAS…

It was not about direction…music…script….and ohk! Not about Sidharth’s good looks as well…but the message…any moment missed…missed for whole life…. don’t run behind highlights of your life….capture after shines of it as well…specially for someone like me,who is soo much into future planning…and I actually love to be planned always….i hate walking randomly ahead….but this movie…it made me look into future while living the present….Aww!…i am really gonna MAKE every moment worth….and so as expect you all to do the same…LIVE OUT LOUD !!

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  1. Manya

    Hi Anshi finally u r back ??i was missing u badly ?And this glimpse was…..???????❤️❣?????poor Dev and I was rolling on the bed when Sona said halwe mein namak kam hai shaadi mein pyaar kam hai aur mr Dixit ke pass dimaag kam hai???but I am sad that next one will be the last episode??but u should follow ur dreams dr anshi?And I don’t want to give any idea bcoz I want it to be a surprise for me?Love u ?????❤️???????????❤️?❣????post soon ?

    1. 4nshika

      Don’t b sad darling !….i will b with second season (may b)
      Hope your surprise turns out to b the best till yet….

  2. Angel20

    halwa mein NAMAK kam hai….shaadi mein pyar kam hai…aur Mr. Dixit !!!!….unke pass dimaag kam hai…
    Omg!!! This line made me laugh so so much that my bro asked what happened? I showed him and he was also laughing!????????????????
    That was amazing! Ohh sad part is that you made me realize that the next is the last one??????????
    No yaar!! Not ready, not at all ready for the last part!
    I also watched Baar baar dekho! I liked the story that we should live in the present and enjoy each moment!☺☺
    So coming back to your ff! Of course I’ll give you a suggestion! You can put it like a dinner date because I want some romance! Rest it’s your wish?
    And where is KAHI UNKAHI????
    I’m waiting for it!! Please post it soon!
    Love you loads???❤??????????

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you for the suggestion sweetie !…
      KAHI UNKHAI will b here soon…i knw when… but want to shock u….so keep chkng…it may land up any moment….

      Love you 2 🙂

  3. Aaru

    Sach mein Dev mein dimag jam h, in case of fights wid his lady..warna to itna dimag h ki Vicky n Radha Rani ko donate bhi kr de to bhi full rahega..The Dev Dixit aise hi thodi na ban gya!!??
    Episode was more than awesome..

    1. Aaru

      Jam nhi kam

    2. 4nshika

      yet again…..a single took over the whole comment section….

  4. Awesome dear. mai kya kahu jb trailer itna interesting hai to epi kaisa hoga. In todays epi their r many wow moment on which i madly laughed not only me but i also shown this to my sis on which she said amazing nd one more thing ki aaj to lgta hai full jolly mood m hai. I also think same nd coming to ur ques i think no suggestion is required for u as u r such a?? awesome????? writter so post soon exiciteddddddddd nd Egarlyyy waitingggg

    1. 4nshika

      Awwwww ** Thank you 🙂

  5. Make it super duper romantic….
    I want DEVAKSHI’S ..:
    romance and romance…..
    Plz plz post sooon……plz post KAHI UNKAHI also….i am waiting waiting…?

    1. 4nshika

      ohk….. As you like it !
      KAHI UNKAHI….Is going to land very soon….

  6. Sharica

    How about Dev doing some crazy stuffs. He doesn’t know about movies so u can make some actor sona’s favorite one and dev will be doing his acting in funny way. That will be interesting to watch. Rest is ur choice and hardwork☺
    Anshi missed u alooooooooooooooooooot. It was a nice one post soon dear. And are u gonna post the last epi of ku and bkb on the same day. Anyways will be missing ur ff a lot. ?

    1. Manya

      Hey Anshi if u will make Dev an actor then I want it to be Ranbir plzzxzxxxx ??plzzzzz

      1. 4nshika

        Ae Ae Captain…

    2. 4nshika

      hmmmm….nyc idea…i will work upon this for sure….

      I missed you guys too….kya karein as dev said once….Life vaise nhi hoti jaisi hum chahte hain…or woh hota rehta hain jo hum nahi chahte…..same case here….trying hard to take ME out of MY life ! 🙂 🙂

      KU is coming soon with huge unexpected twist…..

  7. Why so small? Why last one? Where is kahi unkahi? Please post fast you are a good writer

    1. 4nshika

      soooo many questions…i thought you would b telling me about the one line….as u lyk one liners….
      Chalo lets start answering your questions…
      Small….coz it is trailer…
      Last…coz i m busy in other part of lyf…
      kahi unkahi is no the way….reaching you very soon…i really mean it !

  8. Finally!!!! OMG it is awsome. Eagerly waiting for the full chapter.

  9. Hilarious one anshi?? I was laughing like mad while reading. And don’t tell me this is the last episode. I waited for it like anything since these many days and today finally it arrived. Such are such a wonderful writer believe me. Just awesome????

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you much dear…

  10. Hilarious one anshi?? I was laughing like mad while reading. And don’t tell me this is the last episode. I waited for it like anything since these many days and today finally it arrived. You are such a wonderful writer believe me. Just awesome????

  11. Bhoomi

    Dev ki to sacchi main shamat aagai 😛 ….. omg this is superb then the episode will be amezing…. waiting for last episode of BKB …….. And KU also.. Post soon.. Luv u tanker bharke… 🙂 :heart:

    1. 4nshika

      Love you ten tanker bhar ke…. 🙂

  12. Piya1

    Awesome glimpse ansi… it was really nice… especially this line… halwa me namak kam hai.. shadi mein pyaar kam aur unke Mr. Dixit ke pass dimaag kam hai.. pls post the full epi.. nd I was also waiting for KU

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks dear… KU is cmng very soon…

  13. Esme

    Halwe mein namak kam hai…shaddi mein pyar kam hai…mr. Dixit mein dimag kam hai..LOL..but Anshika where were u dying?? I was badly missing you. Fantastic Glimpse. You rock!!!

    1. 4nshika

      I was dying in counsellings…. and in taking admission….
      You rock more than me… ! 🙂

  14. Finally you are back awesome episode

  15. Episode was superb,……..awesome…….and….????☺️???. Seriously loved it. Waiting for the last episodes of both of ur ff. Post soon ☺️

    1. 4nshika

      Waiting for last…..?
      Chalo…it will b here soon 🙂

  16. Priya9876

    Ohh u dont know how badly i missing ur BKB nd KU & my watsapp frnd usne to mera dimaag hi kharab kr rkha h.. she asked me every day ki puch na next part kb aayega KU ka.. she is also love wid ur FF.. n she thanx me a lot teri story batane k liye.. n i m also very happy…

    Soo coming to ur lovely Glimpse:–
    ohh whn i read “TOUGH…not the cooking but tasting ” sooo funny… afterall our sona cheif is mahaan naa… hahahaaha UPMA me namk kam hai… my god seriouslly, laughed a lot…

    Bhai tumhe koi suggestion dene ki gustakhi nhi kr skti… everyone knows tum jo v likho gi wo BEYOND EXPECTATION hoga.. as always…
    N i want to wait for this last n awesome memorable episode ( m very sad,,, gonna badly miss )
    & all knows u rocked it… SABRA KA FAL MITHA HOTA HAI..

    1. 4nshika

      Sastang dandvat dhanyavad…(hope you got my klisht hindi…) 😛
      Thank you madam…for becoming my brand ambassador and sponsor of promotions as well…tell ur friend….thanks for loving this small effort…
      Agla part??….now INDIA WANTS TO KNOW…when is the agla part coming….
      Toh sabra khatam hua….very soon both will b here **UPDATED**

      1. Priya9876

        Offcourse teri klisht Hindi samjh aayi…
        Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee I m sooooooooooo happpyyyyyy. ??

    2. 4nshika

      Arrey ek baat toh reh gyi…
      Have you got your clothes ?
      Kya khareeda ….shaadi, suit, aur lehanga ?
      Well….if you are coming by my way….pick me up…
      You know na?
      I am ready and you…?
      Chalo btao sab kya pehan kar tv ke samne bethne wale hain…?

      1. Priya9876

        ofcourse dear m also ready…….lets go……..
        maine too orange saree select kiya h khud k liye…….. n about u???????

  17. Hey, Anshi such a superb and awesome episode but the sad thing is that the next one will be the last but still it’s okkk.And the suggestion for ur ff is that dev can make up with sonakshi with his cute tactics and Romantic talks also I want their first night to be romantic and described (since this is the last episode and thereon we will not be able to witness the romance among dev and sona as portrayed by u

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you…
      Hope to stand as per your expectations…

  18. finally u come back . Kiya rhyming lines u did. Awsom! Anshi. Waiting fr nxt it soon

  19. finally u come back . Kiya rhyming lines u did. Awsom! Anshi. Waiting fr nxt it soon fr crazy devakshi fans)

    1. 4nshika

      thank you…

  20. can u plzzz send me the link of previous episodes?? By the way loved urr ff. It is first tym i m reading this and this will be the last epi totally unfair….
    loads of luv ….♥♥♥♥

  21. Listeeen….. im in half omg omg wala phase mein….. just being unable to understand HOW COME YOUU WRITE SOO WELL Anshika diii??… i just want the cutestt devakshi seens in the next episode …. i would not suggest any thing coz i know if u r going to write it will be much much better than what i telll … ive left everything to u?????????please please post sooooonnnnnnn… im in the extreme level of happiness after reading ur ff… also update ku …..
    Please mention when will u post naa???????✌✌✌✌

    1. 4nshika

      Anshika Di….thank you for soo much izaat :P….
      Thank you so much sweetie…..for all praises
      Ohho i have to mention ?….chalo for you….it will b here tmrw !

  22. Anshika super epi. Laughed a lot upma main namak kam hai ??? dear no suggestions for u. We all know u can make it more interesting by ur imagination. Make it surprise for everyone ?
    And yes waiting for kahi unkahi too plz post that also soon. Keep smiling ?

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you sooo much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Varsha94

    Missed u sooo badly yaar… Mjhe stories Mai suggestions dene nai aati par tm Jo b likhti ho mast hota hai.. I mean jb dev NE kaha namak kam tha toh laga may b kam raha hoga.. Jb pata chala ki woh halwa tha.. I was laughing out Loud.. I mean as always u hav the beat sense of humor ??… Kahi unkahi jab post krogi.. Tmare updates kam hote hain bol k Mai telly updates aana he kam krdi?..
    . Missing ur updates alot.. But don’t know wht to do about it.. I know UL write fab only that too last epi of ur update.. All the very best for that?.. And THANK U FOR BRINGING BKB in my life… Love u… Post the next one asap..?????❤??…..ANSHINQ….

    1. 4nshika

      Ohho….tumhare itne saare compliments padhne aur motivate hone ke baad bhi….always i feel more rejuvenated after reading your comments….YOU ARE SPECIAL…and will always b…
      Thank you for making this journey even more memorable

      1. Varsha94

        I’m special coz u r more than special to me..

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