Devakshi – Break ke Baad #9

Recap: Sonakshi takes care of dev. Radharani borrows money from Ishwari. Nidhi shouts on Dev. Dev is taken to the hospital.

Link of previous episode: Episode 8


Ishwari standing infront of Ganesh God’s Idol and praying for Dev’s betterment.

Ria: Maa!… office mein bhi sirf 2 lacs hi hai….bhai ke health insurance ke bhi claim hone mein time lagega…..humare pass paise milakar bhi sirf 1 lac hi honge…..kya karein..??? (mom ! there are only 2 lacs in office…it will take time in claiming health insurance…and if we total the money I have is around 1 lac..what will we do…?)
Ishwari: hum kuch karenge…tina se baat karo…aur mujhe bhi kissi se phuchna hai….(we will do something…you talk to tina ….and I have to talk to someone else….)


Sonakshi is restless…she wants to go and hold dev’s hand during all the pain he is going through due to injections and various tests…she wanted to console Ishwari…hold her around shoulder…tell her that her son will be ok ! like before….but just can’t !


Sonakshi is in pain, she fell down from her bed while dreaming of dev and her marriage and couldn’t walk in morning.
She enters Ishwari Mansion and could barely walk and was about to fall when dev holds her.
Dev: what happened…?
Sonakshi: I fell down from bed while dreaming of our marriage…
Dev giggles
Sonakshi: you are laughing at me….
Dev holds her hand..
Dev: is it paining now…
Sonakshi(lovingly): no !
Dev: You know what I have wi-fi connection with you…Love wi-fi !
Sonakshi: oh really ! apne company ke phone mein matt dalna…company dub jayegi(don’t use this in your company’s phone…company will be at a great loss)
Dev and Sonakshi both laughs !

Back to Present,

Nidhi enters the cabin.
Nidhi: you here..?
Sonakshi: its my cabin only…
Nidhi: I expected you to be with Mr. dixit…
Sonakshi: after what you did yesterday…you really think he will let me be with him…
Nidhi: excuse me !…i just told him that he was wrong…..did things got worse between you two….i am sorry
Sonakshi laughs a little….keeping the pain inside intact.
Sonakshi: No ! don’t be sorry…I was just joking !

Divya enters.
Divya: joke toh mera ban gya hai(you made myself a joke)….mera sapna todd diya(you broke my dream)…and starts crying**drama queen**
Sonakshi and Nidhi laughs…

Another nurse enters and informs them that Dev’s operation got delayed. Sonakshi got to know that there is a money issue and she was confused…Just like we are Dixits and money issue…seriously ???

Ishwari on phone as Radharani left hospital as she was asked about money. Such an expected step.
Ishwari: Bhabhi ! Agar ho sake toh Vicky se kahein wo pure nhi toh….sirf 3 lac hi wapas karde….(if possible please ask Vicky…. if he can’t return whole amount…give us only 3 lacs)
Radharani: jiji ! meine aapse kaha na Vicky ko zaruri kam tha…(I have already told Vicky had some urgency)
Ishwari: Bhabhi ! dev ka operation bhi jaruri hai…(even dev’s operation is important)
Radharani: hello…!! Hello….jiji awaj nhi aa rhi hai(I can’t hear you)….hello.. !
And cuts the call intentionally !
Ishwari takes the sip of grief !

Sonakshi comes to the section of hospital where dev was going to be operated. She asks the receptionist about the current scenario. Nikki finds her there
Nikki: Hi ! Sona di…
Sonakshi: Hi ! You look sad…..*as if she don’t know*
Nikki: wo…nothing…we will manage !
Sonakshi: tell me nikki…we are family…..**oh really**…I mean you can share it with me…
Nikki: wo…
And she narrates whole tale including Radharani Thing
Sonakshi: array ! I think there is a mistake the operation is of 7 lac only (4 early deposited and 3 collected now)
Nikki: but…….
Sonakshi: go and tell everyone that dev is going to enter OT…. so meet him…before he enters
She taps on her shoulder and moves to the reception to make the fees 7 lacs **actually to pay the rest of 3 lac***

Tina reaches hospital but there couldn’t be any improvement. ATM Cards, Debit and credits card all have secretive pin that only dev knew….and he is now on anesthesia. Nikki comes and tells everyone that the problem is over now. Everyone gets happy

Ishwari rushes to the hospital temple and in the way she finds Sonakshi paying the bills.Ishwari gets teary with the scenario and she feels guilty may be she realized that Sonakshi – Dev relationship is much for than she thinks….

Ishwari moves to thank Sonakshi. But she stops in the way she finds herself so low that she can’t even think of how to thank her….she came up at 11th hour…and saved her son…

Ishwari: Meine sirf suna tha Doctor bhagwan hote hain aaj dekh liya….(I have only heard that Doctors are god but saw it today)
Sonakshi turns to her and leaves as if she just don’t want to take any credit…

Dev’s operation takes place. Sonakshi and ishwari both keeps wishing to god all time during the operation at their respective places. Dev reaches his house.

Sonakshi gets to know the details from Nidhi and feels happy that anyhow she got a chance to be with dev in his pain….


Dev is resting in his room….
Dev: maa ! wo operation ke paise…health insurance claim kiya tha kya….actuallly papers check karne the(mom ! I was asking…the money for operation….you claimed for health insurance…I wanted to check papers)….i am tired of resting now…
Ishwari: Dev…
Intially she thought of hiding it from dev but later on she thought it is necessary and tells him everything


Sonakshi is in fever. And still working in kitchen. Dev comes to her.
Dev: kya kar rhi ho(what are you doing)….your are in fever… meine kha tha aaj matt aana(I told you not to come today)….
And takes her hand away from household and holds them
Sonakshi: khudd se durr rakh ke aur bimaar karna chahte ho(you want to make me more unwell by keeping me away from you)…
Dev holds her from waist and moves closer
Dev: acha(ohk)….
Sonakshi: pass matt aana(stay away)…
Dev: durr mat jana…pas mat aana… chahti kya ho(don’t go away…don’t come near…what you want?)
Sonakshi: itne hot jo ho…pass aaye toh mera temp aur badh jayega….(you are so hot….if you came near….my temperature will increase…)
Dev and Sonakshi both giggles…

Sonakshi laughs in her present…

Sonakshi gets an important call and leaves.

Radharani: Jiji ! mein toh mandir ja ke 101 ka Prasad batungi….dev thik ho gya…ab garib ki beti aur kya kar sakti hai…(I will go to temple and distribute Prasad of 101…dev is good now…what else can a poor’s daughter do…)
Ishwari listens to all this pissed off…

Sonakshi enters……hain !!!!! now what is next…..”Keep Reading”

Ishwari: aa gyi tum…(you came)
Sonakshi: auntyji ! apne bulaya…kuch jaruri kam tha…(you called me…anything important…)

Dev comes walking from his room on the stairs…

Dev: maa ne nhi meine bulaya hai….(maa didn’t called you but I did….)

Sonakshi, Ishwari, Radhrani and rest of the family members looks on…

Dev: maa ! ne btaya mere treatment ke paise tumne diya.. kahan se aaye…? (mom told me you gave the money of treatment…from where you got money….)
Sonakshi senses … Dev is not in very light mood…he had something else in the question
Sonakshi: kahan se aaye ka kya matlab hai….dev ! (what do you mean from where I got money….dev!)
Radharani: kaisi baat kar rha beta ! iss bengalan ke pass kahan se aayenge…(what are you saying son….from where this bengalan will get money…)

Dev gives straight look to Radharani and conveys “Shut Up Got damn”

Dev: maa ne tumhe dekha hai…..Sonakshi paise kahan se aaye…(mom saw you…tell me Sonakshi from where you got money)
Sonakshi: I am not rich like you…But I do get salary…
Dev: salary !…just month ago…you joined…how much you get…3 lac per month !
Dev holds her tightly from her shoulder…
Dev: Sonakshi answer me….

Sonakshi was all teary more than his tight fist her heart was paining…she don’t have any right to pay his bills…

Dev: kya tumne FD toddi….(did you broke your FD)

Sonakshi takes her eyes away…

Dev(shouts) : look at me….

Sonakshi nods slowly. Dev leaves her…

Dev(teary): wo sapna tha tumhara…tumhare clinic ke liye tumne wo collect kiye the…..(it
was dream…you were collecting them for your clinic….)

What’s next…..Tomorrow !!
Get ready for SUPRISE!

How much loved, liked, hated(I hope not), laughed, cried wrote down….
Interestingly, what ever you wrote reaches directly to me and off course affects me writing further….so write and give suggestions !!!

Precap: SURPISE !!!!! Much more than you expected, I will say best of this till now….


  1. Varsha94

    Actually a perfect situation to make Ishwari realise all her false hatred towards Sona…gr8 thinking👍… It would b awesome to c patch up of Dev n Sona.. Jus not sure that will Ishwari accept sona so soon.. But waiting for tmrw s update from now.. 🙇
    U know sumthing dear…i wait for ur updates more than the present track running in the show…😊😍💙💚💛💜

  2. Azzuu

    Osm yaar no words to describe
    You r too good
    Actually Ur’s ff was the first one I started commenting on
    The way you write is just too good
    Like just it sets everything in front of my eyes
    Plz updated as soon as possible
    I am in love with Ur ff

  3. Riyaa


    |Registered Member

    It was osm…may be ishwari would accept sona…and will talk abt mrg
    …it’s my my guess…ur ff s soon touching..

  4. Naina

    Offo yar bilkul last moment pe a k ap ne epi khatam kar diya ab jab tak next epi nahi parhon gi chain nahi aye ga plz post asap and it was really nice specially the last part i loved it

  5. Bhoomi


    |Registered Member

    Loved it… FB part was awesome 😊… Aaj to dev ke lines ne dil ko chu liya…
    Wo sapna tha tumhara this line is so touching yaar… Hands off …. I love surprise. wating for your surprise😊😊… Lots of luv💗… Stay blessed😘

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  7. tanya

    D episode is so beautiful… awesome…….so good………
    I just cant get enough words to describe how beautifully u wrote dis episode

  8. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    1st of all m very very sorry 4 reading late nd commenting late….
    Kya kahu tumhe ur just ossam ur thinking is mind blowing yaar…t
    Love this episode….m totally love wid ur characters….
    The love wi fi part was too funny…u make me laugh tht time…
    Awwww my poor Divya she is too cute yaar…
    ND yes dev’s line is always superb… * ye tumhara sapna tha**😞😞😞 aww so emotional….
    So m going to read nxt one….

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