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Devakshi – Break Ke Baad #8


Recap: Sonakshi reaches Ishwari mansion. Radharani and Divya had a tiff. Sonakshi and Dev spends some time together.

Episode 7


Divya is in Kitchen,
Vicky: Hi ! May I help you in something…
Divya: yah ! you can…. in giving me privacy…look I am here to work…
Vicky: so where you go for fun…
Divya: no where
Vicky: I will reach “nowhere” just tell me the time….
Divya: well ! what you do beside roaming around girls…
Vicky moves his hand into his hairs as he had no answer of it….
Divya: so you don’t do anything
Vicky: I spread love…
Divya(with a smirk): Look ! I have a standard in society what you do…nothing !!! but I am employed….tumhra apna kuch toh hai nhi beside mr. dixit’s label(you don’t have anything of your own beside mr.dixit’s label)…so go and work…

Vicky leaves pissed off !


Sonakshi moves curtains of Dev’s room. And well lighten the room.
Sonakshi’s phone rings, she hurry to pick the phone and answers it in a corner of dev’s room. Dev looks at all this in very confused manner as if he was disappointed that sonakshi is giving someone else importance…even when they are alone in their….sorry “his” room and can create some beautiful moments…

She hang up the call and move to Mr. Annoyed Dixit.

Sonakshi: what…?
Dev: kaun tha…? (who was there?)
Sonakshi: kahan?… (where?)
Dev: phone par?…. (on phone? )
Sonakshi: hmmm….woh !…Maa ki kissi friend ka beta(mom’s friend’s son)…
All in naughty manner as she knew he will jump out of bed to kill him for calling his sona..
Dev gets up from the bed…as he didn’t felt any pain sat straight on bed….
Dev: why he called you ?….
Sonakshi: hmmm…wo we met few times…kuch din pehle hospital mein function tha I met him there(few days ago we had function in hospital I met him there)…so just friends !
Dev: Jhutt ! tumne wo function attend hi nhi kiya tha…kyunki tumhe fever tha
He just bursted it out without realizing that Sona did it intentionally…
Sonakshi: how do you know that…?
Dev: Hmmm… woh…
Sonakshi: Hmm woh kya…? Newspaper mein publish hau tha…(was it published in newspaper)
Dev: toh tumhe pta tha…….phir mujhe roka kyun nhi….(you knew it…then why didn’t you stopped me…)

Divya enters Sonakshi stands up from his bed…

Sonakshi(in her mind): Aaap mujhse phuchte hain meine apko roka kyun nhi…apko kaise bataun…apko mere saath rehna jitna acha lagta hai… usse kahin jada mujhe apke saath rehna lagta hai (you ask why I hadn’t stopped you….how should I tell you…. that how much you like being with me…I like it even more)
Song plays in behind….And Devakshi keeps eyes on each other

teri ho gayi mein tujhko pata bhi to ho
mere pyar me teri raza bhi to ho

pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu chhalka hai
mere rango me kuchh dhang hai tere jaise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Divya: mam ! wo….

Divya interrupted taking them out of their world

Dev: hey ! tum toh wahi ho na(you are the same)…sister I mean nurse…
Divya(gets so happy as if just got distinction in 12th in all five subjects): you remember me …!
Dev(awkard): ahem !! ahem !!
Sonakshi leaves room whispering in Divya’s ear : Sahi mauka hai Laga de Six ! (right time hit a six)
Divya giggles


Sonakshi is in Hall…She sees Ishwari putting large boxes…
Sonakshi: Auntyji ! aap yeh kyun kar rhi hai(why are you doing these things)…Kichu Bhaiya !!
Ishwari: Kichu chutti pe hai….(he is on leave)
Sonakshi: mein apki madad kar deti hun….(I will help you)
Ishwari: Koi zarurat nhi hai tum bus itni madad kardo ki bina kuch aur kiye bus mera beta thik kar do…samjh gyi(you don’t need to help just treat my son without doing anything non sense)
Sonakshi: Auntyjii ….
Ishwari: Bhola ! yeh saman yahan se hta do…(bhola! Put these things away)
Ishwari ji leaves Sonakshi standing alone in Hall….

Sonakshi knows that very well Ishwari don’t won’t that her son Dev fight with her for Sonakshi even Sonakshi don’t want that….Beacause more than Ishwari it will hurt Dev and she don’t want that…

Sonakshi(in her mind): acha yahi hoga ! ki mein dev se alag rahun…..alag !…..iske bare mein toh sochna hi itna mushkil hai karungi kaise…..(it will be good ! he I keep I remain away from dev….away ! it is hard to think even how will I do that)


Radharani: Jiji ! Vicky na apna kaam suru karna chahta hai(Vicky want to start his own work)….toh…..woh
Ishwari: hain bhabhi !…bahut achi baat hai(that’s a great thing)
Ishwari stands up and take out some money from her locker…
Ishwari: yeh 6 lac hai bhabhi ! kam pade to aur mang lijiyega(these are 6 lac…if you more are required please ask…)
Radharani snatches money from Ishwari’s hand as if a hungry cat got paneer
Radharani: sukriya jiji ! (thanks)



Divya keeps on blabbering making dev more annoyed…but she carries on her always to flatter him…
Dev (finally just got bursted): Look I m just not interested…
Divya: in what?…
Dev: in you
Divya: par kyun?(but why?)….are you seeing someone else?…
Dev: hmmm……yes

Nidhi is at door….

Dev: from a very long time…and I am very serious about this !
Nidhi: that’s gr8 !
Dev: aap yahan? (you here?)
Nidhi: hain who Dr. Sonakshi ko milna tha(yah to meet Dr. Sonakshi)….so you are seeing someone….becharri Divya(poor Divya)…but keep trying(pointing out Divya) ….inka kya hai kabhi bhi mann badal sakta hai(what about him he might change his mind)….
Dev: what do you mean…
Nidhi: I just mean….aap toh rich hai(you are rich)…car se jada jaldi toh ladki badalte hain…(you change girls faster than your car)
Dev: look ! I have already said I am serious…
Nidhi: aapke liye serious hona kya hai…pyar bhari char batein…idhar-udhar ghumna…that’s it…pyar hota toh aap uske liye ladte…apni maa ko kehte ki….woh jitni zaruri hain aapke liye utni hi zaruri woh hai…par nhi apne toh maan liya….aap toh khush hai apni maa ke saath dr.bose ka kya….? (what is seriousness to you?…doing love talks…roaming together….that’s it…if you actually do love…you would have fought…you have told your mother that… she have equal importance in your life….but no…you are happy with your mother …but what about dr.bose?)
Divya !!…you can imagine her expression
Nidhi coming to her senses: sorry ! if I said a lot…

Nidhi backs out Divya follows her….Sonakshi enters Dev’s room

Sonakshi: Divya ! kahan gyi ?(where is divya?)……pagal hai yeh bhi(she is mad)….
Dev: aapko bhi lagta hai meine galat kiya(you too think that I did wrong)….
Sonakshi: kya…(what?….)
Dev: yahi ki mujhe maa se baat karne chahiye thi…unhe mana ne ki kosis karni chahiye thi…(that I should have talked to mom…I should have tried to convince to her…)
Sonakshi: dev!…its not like that….
Dev: I am really sorry !!…
He holds her hand….
Sonakshi: Dev ! jarurat nhi hai…. iss sab ki… baat kabhi honi hi nhi….uska dukh kyu manana(its not required…that thing that will never happen…why to be sad about the thing that will never happen.)…its better if we forget
Sonakshi leaves and Dev remain iwith guilt.


Dev is at the door of operation in theatre on stretcher. He is looking for Sonakshi but she is no where….But for us she is there behind a pillar…
Dev is taken inside for tests before operation.
Receptionist: You have to submit 10 lac before operation…
Ria nods and tell ishwari to bring money from home…
Ishwari: par beta ghar par toh 4 lac hi hai…mein bhabhi ko kehti hun unke pass hain…..
Radharani: Jiji ! ….aap bhi kaisi baat kar rhi hain…Vicky ko zaruri kam tha who paise ab mere pass nhi hai….(what are you saying…Vicky had some urgent work..i don’t have money now…)
Ishwari: bhabhi aap kaisi baat kar rhi hai yahan dev ! ….(what are saying you…here dev is…)
Neha: maa ! rehne do….hume inse waise bhi koi umeed nhi thi(please leave it…we actually don’t hope anything from us)
Ria: mein office mein baat kar thi hun…(let me talk in office)
Ishwari: yeh sab isiliye ho rha kyunki humne kabhi socha hi nhi tha ki dev bhi iss halat mein kabhi hoga….Hey bhagwan..!(this is all going because….we never that dev will ever be in this condition…oh god )

Precap: Sonakshi deposits rest of money. Ishwari sees it

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