Devakshi – Break Ke Baad #6


Recap: Asha asks Sonakshi to get married. Sonakshi denies. Elena too tries her best and asks sona to move on. Dev comes to Sonakshi. They confess their love to each other.

Link of previous episode: episode 5

After the love confession, they had bitter but necessary good bye.

Dev is driving his car…
Song plays in behind… yeh dooriyan bhi hai zaroori …zaroori hai yeh dooriyan !
Dev remember the moment they met…
Flashback: (song lines are in brackets)
Their first meeting when wheat flour falls on him…( Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori, Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan)
their sweet nok-jhok moments…(Zyada Nasdeekyon Mein Dooriyon Ke Hote Hain Ishaare)
their memorable friendly moments…(Hum Toh Leheron Ko Chakhna Na Meethay Nahi Paani Hai Yeh Khaare)
his love confession “I love you…like a man loves a woman”… (Love Kahe, Mere Paas Tum Na Aana)
their moments in neha’s marriage…(Door Se, Accha Hai Timtamana)
his name in her mehandi…their wedding vows…everything…just beautiful…and then when they aparted…(Varna Adh Mein Hoga Dard-E-Jaana
Hai Ziddi Yeh Badi Majbooriyan Bhi
Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori
Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan)

Dev stops his car…he falls suffocation…he get out of the car…the location is very isolated…covered with tress on the both sides of road…he gets sounds of his mom saying no to their relation and sonakshi saying I love you to him…they echoed in his mind…suddenly a car came from behind and hit him…he was tossed in air…and then fall on ground with his chest…he was bleeding…all red !!!

Ria: maa ! aap ne khana khaya…? (mom! You had your food ?)
Ishwari: pta nhi beta ….aisa acha nhi lag rha…dev kha hai? ( I don’t know…I am not feeling well…where is dev?)
Ria: maa apne medicine nhi li hogi….aur bhai toh office gye hain…aap khana kha lo…warna hume bhai ko bulana padega…(mom you might have not take your medicine…and brother is gone to office…you have food or else I will have to call bhaiya here…)
Nikki: maa..!!!!!!!!! Ria di..!!!!!!! maami…!!!!!!!!!!!
Ria: kya hua chila kyun rhi hai….? (why are you shouting…)
Nikki starts crying… Ria di Bhai…..

Sonakshi is in his past moments spend with dev…actually she is mostly with dev in her dreams and rarely comes to present…immense love….
Nidhi (having deep breaths as if came running): Mam ! Mr. Dixit is bought to the hospital….he met an accident…
Sonakshi without listening to her just ran out of her room…she was panicked…in hyper mode…running …crying… and then she stopped…who am I too him…?…the question raised in her mind…and then again the other thought…
Sonakshi: main dev ke liye kya hun mujhe nhi pta par mere liye wo sab kuch hain(I don’t know who I am to dev but I know he is everything to me)…and she again ran…as she was about to enter his room. A voice came from behind…
Nikki asks the receptionist about Dev’s ward
Sonakshi turns and sees the whole family…she steps back and stands behind a pillar holding her all pain…
Sonakshi cries: I was right…I have no right over him…his family is here to take care of him…
Flashback…“Neha’s sangeet scene”
Dev : Sonakshi mein pyar karta hun tumse…aur pyaar sare hak de deta hain…(sonakshi I love and love gives all rights) “Neha’s sangeet scene”

Sonakshi: Dev ! pyar sare hak deta hai par… aapke aur auntyji ke pyar ne… mere sare hak le liye (dev love gives all right…but your and auntyji’s love has taken my all rights)….she cries and sits down on the floor…
She consoles herself…and moves to her cabin…

Sonakshi enters her cabin, her shoulders down…face down completely wait with tears…eyes red…as if lost everything in stock market “poor baby”
Nidhi: you met him?
Is he ohk…?
He saw you…?
You didn’t met…?
Sonakshi just sits on her seat helplessly as if all she had is now of someone else…all lost…
Sonakshi: why will he meet me…?
Shouts in grief…who am I to him…?…..friend…girlfriend…wife….who? got damn !!
Nidhi: you are everything to him …I know that…and he too…
Sonakshi: sab jhoot hai..!!!!!!!….yeh sab !!! (everything is all lie)
Nidhi: I think iss waqt hume unki tabiyat par dhyan dena chahiye….(I think right now we should focus on his health)
Sonakshi cries….

Dev was unconscious,
Dev just got some consciousness and he whispered Sonakshi in grief…
Ishwari got stunned seeing his son in pain and even then saying Sonakshi…
Doctors ask them all to leave him alone…
Out of the ward,
Radharani: Jiji ! meine toh pehle hi kaha tha yeh kahani aise khatam nhi hogi…par..(I have told you earlier this story is not going to end like this)
Ishwari: bhabhi ! meine aapse pehle bhi kaha tha…dev guman hai mera…aur aisa ho hi nhi sakta ki wo mere khilaaf jaye…(I have told you too he is my pride…he can never go against me…)
Radharani: wo wapas aa gyi hai…ya phir yeh kahun ki who toh kabhi gyi hi nhi thi…humesa dev ke dil mein thi…(she have returned…or should I say that she have never gone…always there in dev’s heart)
Ishwari: bhabhi ! dev ki tabiyat thik nhi hai…(dev is not ohk)
Radharani walks away…but this seed got sowed in Ishwari’s mind and she was only thinking of this…

Dr. Sinha: Dev met an accident. We have to make a major surgery but…
Sonakshi: but what…..i hope everything is ohk..
Dr.Sinha: Hain ! actually for operation dev’s body is not prepared…nutrient and mineral content…this is his report I want you to be with him at his house…he is going to be discharged today…you have to report from tomorrow onwards is it ohk….?

Ishwari(in her mind): Mein nhi janti ki dev ke mann mein ab bhi sonakshi hai ki nhi par…mein bus itna chahti hun ki dev thik ho jaye…hey bhagwan mera beta thik kar do…
(I don’t know whether dev still feels for her…but I know one thing only that son gets alright…oh god ! please make my son ohk )

All that mother heart have is love for her son…after all he is her pride…her love…No matter what difference they had in his love life…at the end he is her son.. !..loving son !!!

Dev gets conscious,
Doctor: Mam ! hum inhe aaj discharge kar rhe hain …yeh abhi operation ke liye tayar nhi par hum ek hafte mein operation karnge…
Ishwari looks worried,

Dr. Sinha: Sonakshi ! I am asking you…is it ohk..?
Sonakshi: yes !! Dr Sinha…

Precap: Sonakshi enters dev’s house. Everyone looks at her with shocked eyes

Well ! Well ! People i am very glad…oh sorry glad is very small word…but my dictionary fails in expressing my feelings…so happy i am that you all appreciating it so much…loving it….and commenting too….unfortunately my last ff didn’t go really well…But you guys made this go well…go superb !!
So again Mr.Comment Box is right below…you are blowing with your views go and burst them their…
Or if you guys astonished me with the no. of comments I WILL TOMORROW 🙂 🙂
Cheers !!

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  1. My guess was rite
    And once again this ff is just osm
    Plz upload tomarrow also
    Sona in devs house
    Cant wait for monday

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq so much Azzuu !!! Your love toward my ff keeps me going …..

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    hey thank u so much! mein bhi apni ff mein is gaane ke saath kuchh na kuchh toh karungi!

    1. 4nshika

      Yah ! lately but i did ….was actually thinking where to use it…..yah u should !! gr8 song ! and gr8 suggestion ….Thanks ! ?

  3. Bhoomi

    ??…. Its so touching… cant express my feelings in words…. My eyes are wet…. u r just faboulus…
    plzz post it tomorrow plz….?? lots of luv❤

    1. 4nshika

      I am fabulous and so as you are !….my reader from day one….Thankq dear !!
      As far as it is about your wet eyes hold on…they’re going to tear again out of fun and happiness many times in next fews

  4. Ur ff is just osum. .. can’t wait till Monday. . Pls upload it soon… very well portrayed and written.. keep up d good work???

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq so much….your affection keeps me going …..

  5. Amazing!!!Awesome…Suoerb and What not
    Plz post tomr if not possible Pakka on Monday

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks dear 🙂
      Yah ! here is monday …i uploaded the surprise episode on sunday and it is here

  6. Great job. Atlast Sona at Dev’s house.
    Excited for the next one.

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks Ishii !!

  7. Hey dear…u know I was awake last ngt to read ur ff.. And slept after reading nly…and Sona can’t meet her love when he s in pain…this makes me feel very bad…but im really excited for sona’s entry in dixit house..pls post tongt…we r already missin Devakshi durin weekends..we don’t wanna miss ur update..soo do post tdy…wil b waiting…

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq for avoiding you sleep to read mine ff….its a great compliment… next time i will upload it early…you will not have to wait for long 🙂 🙂

  8. Esme

    No words to say . awesome awesome. Love it yaar.i rarely comment on fan fictions but yours is so good that I felt no I have to shoot a comment right now.
    Yeah I checked your instagram profile. You are not much active there.why???
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      1. Esme

        Nice thought dear.

  9. Very emotional episode loved it

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq soo much Ayushi !! 🙂

  10. Shivi

    Waiting for sona’s re entry in dixit house…quite emotional episode

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      Thanks….stay tuned lot more fun is lined up 🙂

  11. Wowwww looking for next update

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      Yah ! next few are going to be really a’sum !

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    wow yaar very emotional epi yaar ur writings is great u can express emotions via ur writing very well keep it up

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      Thanks a ton ! Stay tuned !

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      Mera Bus chale toh I will right down whole thing in my mind in one article…..but that will ruin its beauty soo….wait !

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  15. Priya9876

    very emotional episode yaar… literally m crying while reading…
    plz upload tomorrow ur nxt one…
    bcz weekends are allready ver boring widout krpkab….
    soo we need ur nxt episode..
    at last lovely precap…eagerly waiting for next one…

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq you for being a regular reader… and sorry for tears i will make you laugh in next fews 🙂

      1. Priya9876

        ooo really…then yipeee

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  17. 4nshika

    Yah ! lately but i did ….was actually thinking where to use it…..yah u should !! gr8 song ! and gr8 suggestion ….Thanks ! 🙂

  18. amazing fab awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    epi update asap
    read all in one go all were awesome

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      Thankq so much

  19. hey 4nshika pl. tell me that when will u update the next episode of A Step Ahead(KRPKAB)

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      Sorry ! But…..Forget that dear ! I am really out of thoughts for that…or should i get i don’t get time after writing this….but i am working hard this…..if you can follow this !

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