Devakshi – Break Ke Baad #4

Recap: Dev meets Divya. Sonakshi comes to know that Dev have arrived to the hospital. Dev meets Ishwari in her ward. Dev and Sonakshi meet at canteen and share some beautiful moments

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Dev is holding Sona’s hand they can’t see each other as they have their back towards each other… But the feeling of being together prevails…
Sona takes away her hand and moves out of canteen wiping her tears…
Kuch rang pyar ke (Sad)……
Nidhi was seeing all these things from a window. Dev too takes his order and moves away…

Sona enters her cabin…She stands near a window
Song plays from behind****

She reminisces the moments

Flask Back:
Sonakshi: Dev !!! hum Sunday ko milne wale the na…(we were to meet on Sunday itself)
Dev has reached sona’s house at 12 am of Sunday morning…
Dev: I can’t wait…
Sonakshi: Dev !!
Dev: You can live without me But I can’t….(He comes closer to her hold her from waist)….you don’t love me right ?
Sonakshi smiles and get into his embrace

tears rolls from Sonakshi’s eyes…

dev: Sonakshi ! I love you…But I love maa too….I don’t want to hurt her…
Sonakshi: We can talk to her…
Dev: She won’t say no…but she won’t be happy too…
Dev takes a deep breath….Its over now…
Sonakshi looks at him with shocked eyes…

Nidhi enters Sonakshi’s cabin…
Sonakshi is having no expression on her face only tears are coming from her eyes… as if she wasn’t in her senses…
Nidhi: Mam !
Sonakshi: Hmm…
Sonakshi moves from window to sat down on the chair…
Nidhi: You can hide tears what about the pain you have in your self…take it out…Sirf oily food hume nhi marta yeh dard jo chuppa rhi yeh bhi aapko maar rha…(not just just oily food but this pain you have kept inside also kills us..)
Sonakshi: aisa kuch nhi…(its nothing like that)
Nidhi: I saw you both in canteen
Sonakshi looks on.

These two ladies were mature than expected. Nidhi was more understanding than being sympathetic towards a lady who just saw her ex after such long time…

Nidhi: aap dono ko dekh aisa to bilkul nhi laga ki you guys had any tiff…toh baat kya hui..? (it doesn’t seem like you guys had any fight…then what was the reason)
Sonakshi: Meine Canteen inspect karli hai… tum bhi thode din baad check kar lena…(I have inspected the canteen…you too can check in few days)
Nidhi: aap btana nhi chahti.. its ohk…(if you don’t want to tell me…it ohk)
Nidhi moves out…

Sonakshi cries without a tear from her eye but every nerve of her body was weeping it wasn’t like see saw her ex….and excuse me who ex…??….those who hold hands together…breath together…their hearts beat together are not ex….and specially these can’t be ex at all…
Sonakshi: mujhe nhi pta ki mujhe khush hona chahiye ki I was the lucky one who made Mr. Dixit love….yah phir dukhi… unse pyar karne ke baad bhi I couldn’t ever get him….(I don’t know whether I should be happy on the fact that I made Mr. Dixit love…or sad that even after loving him…I couldn’t ever get him…)

Dev is moving in the hospital….basically toward Ishwari’s ward

Dev and Sonakshi are sitting on Dev’s car’s bonnet
Dev: yeh kya kar rhi ho… (what are you doing)
Sonakshi ties her dupatta around her and dev’s hand…
Sonakshi: tumhe khudd se bandh rhi hun…(I am tying you with me)
Dev: aur isse kya hoga..(and what will happen with this)
Sonakshi: din bhar bahar rehte ho kitni ladkiyan milti hain…I am very possessive girlfriend…(you stay out whole day…meet so many girls…I am very possessive girlfriend)
Dev: toh phir thik hai…yeh problem bhi solve kar deta hun…So Ms. Khargosh tumhe humesa ke liye khud se bandh leta hun….possessive girlfriend se possessive biwi bna dete hain…What say ?? (ohk then… lets solve this problem…So Ms. Khargosh let me tie with you for forever…from possessive girlfriend let me turn you into possessive wife…What say??)
Sonakshi nods happily
Dev and Sonakshi both laugh….

Dev looks towards his hand as if searching for Sonakshi’s dupatta…
Dev: wo duppta aaj yahan nhi hai…par mein ab bhi tumse bandha hun…(that dupatta is not here with me any more…but I am still tied with you)

Dr. Sinha comes to Sonakshi
Sonakshi: Dr Sinha please come…!
Dr. Sinha: Mein bethne nhi aaya hun tumhe btane aaya hun…ishwari ji ki purani bimari wapas aa rhi hain… I want you to consult her dietary habits…(I am not here to sit…I am here to tell you that Ishwari is sick again… I want you to consult her dietary habits…)
Sonakshi shocked..!!

Precap: Nidhi argues Sonakshi over Ishwari. Will Sonakshi agree ?

Guys !! I wrote this episode with so much love that…that every line touched me…hitted me write in my heart….i hope it will make you smile with tears in eyes…The comment box is right below…do tell what was your experience all through out the episode 🙂

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  1. Angel20

    Awww it was such an emotional episode, I felt so bad! Please post the next one soon OK?? Loving it more and more day by day

    1. 4nshika

      thanks… i will definitely unite them with tears of happiness in your eyes…after all i am also a devakshi fan i too want them together

      1. Priya9876

        Soo sweet ? of u

  2. Very touching episode

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much …

  3. Ncz yaar…..of course they can’t be ex….

    1. 4nshika

      thankq ! 🙂

  4. Priya9876

    lovely lovely episode….tht duptta scene was tooo emoitional…loved it
    upss!! again ishwari ji sick…wo v same problem…
    it means agin sona goes in dev’s house to take care of Ish…
    hope tht in upcoming episode Ish ji realise kare tht ,, sona is perfect 4 dev…

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much…lets see what is up to next 🙂

  5. Smileflakes

    Emotional episode devakshi made me cry
    Plz join them faster

    1. 4nshika

      YAH YAH !!! I will 🙂

  6. Its too Good srsly the way you wrote is just Amazing
    Plz Keep on updating fast as possible

    1. 4nshika

      thanks ….yah i will update asap

  7. Yes it was very emotional but a very nice one…….

  8. Its too Good Srsly the way you write is just Amazing
    Plz upload the next soon

  9. Madhuri

    It’s so good. I like it very much. Plzz update soon

    1. 4nshika

      thankq…i will asap

  10. Bhoomi

    So many lovely scences ?.. Duppata wala sabse best …. it made me cry ?… Your ff is very touching…?

    1. 4nshika

      thanks sooooooo much Bhoomi !! for beign a regular reader 🙂

  11. Very nyc and emotional to

    1. 4nshika

      thanks ! 🙂

  12. Keep it up its the best

    1. 4nshika

      thankq sooo much

  13. Esme(registered member tired of log in)

    I m a silent reader of fan fictions but urs is so good that I feel like saying hats off to u.i feel like watching d show after devakshi’s breakup.

    1. 4nshika

      hey ! i am highly obliged that you read and commented…. keep readng and will keep astonishing you 🙂 🙂

  14. Nice epi….different story line…..

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much….

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  16. Amazing yaar
    Sorry for late comment

    1. 4nshika

      thankq 🙂
      its ohk! …i am happy that you commented

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