Devakshi – Break Ke Baad #19

Hey! Devakshi’ans…. I am glad to announce that because of you guys’ love and support the “Devakshi-Break Ke Baad” is going to complete its 20 episodes tomorrow.
Here is a small question, you can answer… by putting the option you chose in your comment.
Which scene of this ff you loved the most and if you can tell why?
A) The changes you see after Devakshi’s break up
B) The way Dev proposed Sonakshi
C) The way Devakshi gave news to Boses
D) When Dev convinced Ishwari for Sonakshi.
E) Before Dev’s accident, their conversation.
F) Lastly, Devakshi’s engagement
G) And if any of your personal favourite I didn’t mentioned
  

Thank you, here we are going to start the episode…..

Recap: Devakshi decide their rooms color. Dev gives Sonakshi good news that his deal is finalized. Devakshi decides to go for shopping. Ishwari asks to dev to do something but he excuses himself.

Link of previous episode:

Shopping mall,
Devakshi reached the mall… Hand in hand… and walking along…World! Get ready to check out Mr & Mrs Dixit first appearance after their engagement…
Guys! Beside this take a second out…..and just imagine….. how things will be after their marriage…I mean everything! Will be so beautiful….being die hard devakshi’an butterfly are fluttering inside my stomach even at the thought of that!

Dev: You go ! I have some important calls…
Sonakshi: Dev! You are coming along and that’s final…
Dev: What will I do there…. You finalise I will come to clear bills…
Sonakshi: Who will hold my shopping bags….
Sonakshi is literally pulling Dev and he didn’t moved a single micrometer…
Sonakshi: Ohk ! I will find someone else to hold my shopping bags…
Sonakshi leaves all his possession over Dev and moves her hair back to the shoulder…
Dev: Ohk ! I am coming….
Sonakshi tangles her hand in his hand…

They reach the shop…

Sonakshi: Saree?…
Dev: cause…Mrs.Dixit!….You look most beautiful in it….
And he moved his fingers on her cheeks…And Mr. Unwanted …shopkeeper asked what kind of saree is wanted…..forget saree…a private space is the most required thing

Sonakshi looks at the sarees but the thing that was to be noticed was Mr. Uninterested suddenly became Mr. Most Interested. He was enthused with the thought of buying things for Sonakshi…that he himself started finalizing sarees and Sonakshi was only admiring him….
He finalises 2-3 sarees and excuses himself for a business call…..Who invented phones!!!! ergh !
Sonakshi suddenly disappears from the place and enters the Gents’ Section….It was all the way difficult for her to get it…Saurabh don’t wear such formal and not even her baba…
But Dev do…so….keep guessing !

Dev was on his call….When he met his acquaintance…..Mr. Ahuja
Mr. Ahuja: Mr. Dixit its pleasure to see you….
Dev: Hello ! Mr.Ahuja…
Mr. Ahuja: You here?…i mean in Ladies section…. Auntyjii came along ?
Dev: Noh !…. Girlfriend !…..that now turned up into fiancé
Mr. Ahuja : I didn’t know…that’s a great news…
Great news?….Best news…and you should see Dev’s face all red…awww….First time we got to see a Tomato at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches

Dev: Yah! We got engaged…few days ago in a private family event….
Mr. Ahuja: Congratulation….Welcome to the group !
Dev: Group?..
Mr. Ahuja: Yes! Committed people group…get used to carrying bags….and their tantrums…
What are you saying Mr. Ahuja… its about tantrums only… He can handle any thing…..He just want to be with her…

Dev laughs and says: Sonakshi is not like that….She is different…
Mr. Ahuja: It all seems initially….but when you get in…situation is different….we commit for life long and but later on it turns into committing suicide…
Hmm ! SO….Mr. Experienced do have a point to ponder…let’s see how dev takes it…

Dev laughs…and doesn’t mind his views…
Mr. Ahuja: Yah! You can take these things lightly….but don’t forget I am more experienced…You are just engaged… I am married since 8 years and have a daughter too…Best of Luck Young Boy !

Mr.Ahuja walks away with his wife’s bags ..his daughter and the lady that made him soo experienced…his wife
Dev sees them from behind…
Sonakshi come taps on his shoulder…but he is lost…In Mr. Ahuja’s family (He, his wife and daughter)…Dev looked for his future…

Dev: Sonakshi ! Time will be passed…one day we will be walking in their place…with our daughter….my loving pretty little lady…
Sonakshi all red…
Sonakshi: Dev ! we didn’t say these things like this…
Dev: Then how these things are said….
Dev goes close to her…
Sonakshi: Let’s go Mr. Dixit
Dev holds her from shoulder and walk like holding his most worthy possession….

Sonakshi reaches ISHWARI MANSION and Dev left for office….

Sonakshi: Namaste… Auntyji..
Ishwari: Auntyjii…pair chuo….aur maa bolo(Auntyjii ?..touch my feets and call me Maa)
Sonakshi just loved this transformation…Sonakshi touches her feet and she blesses her…

Ria tells Ishwari that there is party tonight And Bhaiya asked all of them to get ready on time….
Ishwari loved the news of his son’s success and gave credits to Sonakshi for being lucky to Dev….as she came good things are coming in dev’s life….That’s more than expected from Ishwari….she is putting lot of efforts to keep her pace with Sonakshi…

Ishwari: tumhe pta chala…Dev ki nayi deal ke bare mein…(you got to know…about dev’s new deal)
Sonakshi: hain maa! Dev ne kal btaya tha…(yes ! maa…dev told me yesterday)
Ooooo… Bahurani you shouldn’t have said that…Sassumaa irked with the thought that Ria told her but Dev himself told Sonakshi….

Nikki: Bhabhi !…new clothes…
Radharani: hain ! Dev gya than na shapping karane….(yah ! dev to shop with her)
Ria: Bhai and Saree shopping….Kya baat hai !!! (Bhai and saree shopping…great news!!)
Nikki: Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi….(some colors of love are like this)
Ishwari: Hain !….saath toh gya hoga par…ek taraf phone par laga rha hoga…hain na!!(yah! …he can went along…but he must have remained on phone all the time…right)
Sonakshi: Nhi auntyjii….Khud saree final ki hain….(no auntyjii….he finalized the sarees..)
Sonakshi smiles remembering those moments…
Where Nikki,Ria…started unpacking all the stuff bought
And someone else was all burning inside….Sassumaa became chimney !!!

Where is the party to night…
The whole Dixit came out from their cars….Sonakshi walks in very beautiful black and white saree….And Dev in proper Black suit (three piece)
As Sonakshi came out of the car…This was the first time dev came to look at her…..she wasn’t in his car…!!!
And yet again mesmerized !….meri khayalon ke malika.. !!! (princess of my dreams)
Dev looking at her…staring her…admiring her…and falling in love with her again and again !!
Nikki: Bhaiya…Bhaiya…
Ria and Nikki laugh…and Sonakshi feels awkward…
Nikki: Bhai ! look barrack obama is standing behind you…
Dev: Yah ! I can see….(lost)
Nikki: You have eyes behind your head….
Dev: yah!……………what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…shutup Nikki…
As they reach the entrance…Dev forwards his hand..Ishwari gets glad…to hold it…But Dev asks Sonakshi…without noticing Ishwari’s extended hand…Sonakshi too in love holds his hand…and values her new identity…They move on..

Radharani: Jaisa karoge waisa bharoge….(what goes around comes around..)
Ishwari: Bhabhi ! mein kuch samjhi nhi…(bhabhi !…i didn’t get it…)
Radharani: ab garreb ki beti kya kahe…Apna Sonakshi ko dev se alag kiya ab who aapo dev se alag kar rhi….Bus! (what ! a poor’s daughter should say…first you seprated soankshi from dev now she is taking revenege by separating him from you…)

Ishwari gives cold shoulder to that….Ishwari has put her all efforts to be ok with new changes…Its not actually her fault all the way !…she is trying !…but getting hurt can’t be her fault…

Hey ! people….This is something for yesterday’s telecast episode….I loved the way Sonakshi held her hand in dev’s arm….and ishwari expression…I loved it !…Ishwari looked like a jealous girlfriend…I don’t know what is in future…what I am curious to watch devakshi infront of ishwari… and I am looking forward for more nikki, ria and dev’s moment discussing about devakshi…. I really want to know how writers going to take it…

As far it is about…tomorrow’s our ff ! This is going to be 20 !


Tomorrow…KAHU UNKAHI will be on-aired…hope it will get place in your big big hearts !

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  1. Shivi

    Ur complete ff is awesome.. It’s too difficult to chuz any1 moment…. Finally tom is 10 Aug… U r ri8 ishwari duz behave lyk a jealous gf

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq for your appreciation and support 🙂

  2. Aaru

    Super cute episode..waiting for your 20TH EPISODE..MAKE IT SPCL DEAR..

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks…I will try to stand your expectations !

  3. Amazing…Awesome

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Priya9876

    Uffffff ufffff ufffff kya kyaaaaa likhu Anshika…. U naa u r just awesome – uncountable times…..
    Pure episode me har ek paragraph pe just waoo,,, Awwww,,, soo nice…aisi feelings nikalti hai zubaan se….
    & jb comment box pe aati hu to khud pe gussa aata hai,, ki mai kuch acha kyu nhi likh pati tumhare liye…. Fir maine socha kitni v tarriff kar lu wo kamm hai… Ur writing sense is jst beyond of thinking….?? love u yaar … N glad to read ur beautiful lines….
    Enough of my bak bakk…
    Soo u r asking ki humara fav scene kaun Sa hai?? I mean seriously tum ye kaise puch sakte hoo????
    ### socho? agar meri ek episode me itne sare waoo moments hote hai mere liye,, to Avi tak kitne ho chuke honge… Nd honestly mujhe too sare lines yaad v nhi haii..?
    ** but haa Agar mujhe option se choose karna ho to mai proposing wala karungi…
    Nd one more thing i feel soo connected wid ur words of beauty… Just flawless ??
    Thanx…. Thanxx..thanxxxxx

    1. 4nshika

      I really thought people will make their choices… but you all are like the sweetest people…who said all my creation are fab…they are not….but just a average thing…their beauty is magnified by you all…your love and support…
      Thankq….not for commenting, appreciating…
      But for being their all the time 🙂
      Love you always 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Priya9876

        We r always with you nd u deserve this appreciation!!!

  5. first thing…liked all of them and no particular scene to say as it is like eating a cake and we can’t tell which piece of cake is good as whole cake is devakshi and we love it today
    devakshi in saree shop and dixit house conv and dev stare…all are so good…
    oh….break ke baad to finish 20 episodes….just loved each one…
    kahi unkahi,……reserving a place in my heart and hope it will fill it….waiting…

    1. 4nshika

      I loved the cake example….humesa se talented the yah meri sangat ka asar.. ??
      Just kidding…Thankq for loving Break Ke baad..
      And hope Kahi unkahi will break all records 🙂

  6. Manya

    The epi was just????that is my heart and the arrow is ur ff !!!??And as such I love all the scenes u mentioned above or any else also bcoz i love ur ff waiting for the last part and kahi unkahi???❤️??❤️

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq sooo much…and the 20th will not be last part !… I have many more..
      And yes ! get ready for KAHI UNKAHI….just few more hours i should say….

      1. Manya

        Thanks for not ending it ???

  7. Varsha94

    Hey dear.. Today’s epi was the best after their engagement.. I mean.. Loved the taunting of Nikki n Ria..??… Proud couple out for shopping .. Holding her like his best possession s my fav. Too… ???… Admiring at her beauty and answering wrongly to Nikki.. I was bursting out to laughs there..??.. Felt bad for Ishwari lil’ bit.. But she should also learn share the love for her Son.. On the whole.. AWESOME Epi??.. And my fav scenes til now… Oh god.. How can I list all the episodes… Still wil try.. 1st – Devakshi in pain.. Yearning to meet each other.. Tracking each other.. 2nd – canteen sequence.. Giving advice and feeling each other.. 3rd – dev s accident.. Shouting Sona’s name even in pain.. Sona dying to meet but still had to hold herself infront of his family.. 4th – sona’s re entry into Ishwari mansion.. 5th – Dev getting jealous over Sona paying attention to someone els.. Divya s nok jhoks.. Nidhi making dev realize his mistakes n sona s pain 6th- Breakthrough.. Sona clearing hospital bill telling Nikki she’s family.. Ishwari noticing it.. Radha rani s backing up.
    .6th- dev askin sona if she break her FD.. and The pain they undergo.. Nothing s more than u Dev.. Ishwari accepts Sona
    7th – Dev s awesome proposal..
    8th – confession to Bose family and Dev s clinic surprise for Sona
    9th – Dev leaving to USA.. Last minute rush..Airport sequence.. Hiding tears..sad send off
    10th- Skype convo.. “santra lagunga”.. Dev choosing dress for sona n sona admiring Dev..
    11th – surprise return.. Khargosh k lite khargosh.. Dinner date.. Wine bet.. Sona drunk.. Calling him Baby.. Dev managing his Talli gf..
    12th – engagement attire.. Dev s lack of patience.. Again stuck in room.. Embarrassment.. Getting downstairs as a couple..proposal and ring exchange..and yeah Paneer 4 dinner
    13th – midnight meets.. Deal cracking.. Going out for purchase.. Making the world go crazy..
    actually.. All ur 19 episodes were awesome.. Every moment of Devakshi
    s a dream.. And u write them soo well that v can feel it all the time.. As if its really happening..???.. Ur “THE BEST” ANSHIKA… trust me.. ???????.. Plz don’t end brk k baad soon.. I love this FF.. my most favorite… ????.. And happy that it s going to reach 20 tmrw.. Will b waiting for the SURPRISE.. As a gift.. Post that soon.. Then post KAHI UNKAHI.. All the best 4 the 1st epi of it..???.. CONGRATULATIONS IN ADVANCE…???

    1. Priya9876

      Waooooo just waoo
      Breathtaking comment…

    2. 4nshika

      That tears rolling for my eyes… after reading this are asking for your fingers that might have got hurt while typing so much that with sooo much love and emotion..
      I don’t know why i find my self incompatible to thankq you…. kya karun !!!! tum toh itna kuch likh chlti bni…hum karein de tumhare liye hume bhi toh btao….to tell you that you are vry special…very special !!!
      Fir bhi ek chotti si aarzun kar rha yeh dil nadan
      manjur ho toh kehde yeh najuk jaan…

      Dhanyabad !!!! for all the times 🙂 🙂
      I don’t hve colored hearts like you make but you really captured my real one !! 🙂

      1. Varsha94

        Trust me as u always do.. It dint hurt my fingers at all.. And I usually go short of words while giving comments for ur updates.. But sterday u askd the fav part and I had to tell the story in short.. And I really felt very very happie typing it.. ?.. U know something.. I was replying with soo much excitement that I tried to make sure I don’t miss any of my fav part.. And this s nothing in front of u.. U type soo much for us.. U post such big big fan fictions.. I’m not that talented to write an ff of my own creativity.. But when someone does that work soo well.. Giving appreciation is also a kind of courtesy.. Soo.. I’m find myself lucky that u remember me soo well…??????

  8. Piya1

    First of all congrats… there is no particular favo scene.. I jst loved u r whole ff.. U r amazing writer??.. nd m eagerly waiting for the surprise nd also for u r new ff…

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq soo much Piya !…Its pleasure to hear it from you… Yah ! KAHI UNKAHI is on rolls hope it goes well with your support ! 🙂

  9. Purnima

    very nice

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks 🙂

  10. Very nice one…..

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq !!!

  11. Bhoomi

    Wow……. Wow….. Wow…… I just loved this….???……

    Sasuma bura mat mano…. Kuyuki aap bhi kabhi bahu thi!!!!

    Awwww How sweet when Dev selects sarees for Sona ??? …….

    Muze to is FF ka har scene, Dialogue sab kuch pasand hai… Ab 1 kaise batu ???….. All r my favourite??…..

    Your another FF also will rock like this……..

    luv u tanker bhar ke Anshu… Agar tum nahi hoti to pata nahi kabi itne amazing FFs padhne ko milte bhi ya nahi ?????

    1. 4nshika

      Luv you bada wala tanker ( i couldn’t find anything bigger than this…) bhar ke Bhoomi !
      Bhawnao ko samjho !!!!!!
      Thankq you sooo much !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Buj Khalifa(yah! i found somthing) se bhi bada wala Thankq 🙂

  12. All the moments were superb cant judge which was best
    And todays epi toh just OMG too goood and today kahi unkahi will be on air waiting

    1. 4nshika

      Kahi Unkahi is actually among all….Hope it gets well !
      And Thankq for loving all of my work 🙂

  13. U r so very awesome, that I can’t select any particular moments.I love each and everything u write, specially the romance u portray between dev and sona. Awwww, that’s so real and beautiful, I can imagine all that. Keep going……

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq sooooooo much Dear !!
      Highly Obliged 🙂 🙂

  14. Esme

    Aweeeeeesome lines n aweeeeeeeeesooooommmmeeee writer.
    That moment was awesome. Sona in talli mode. Called Dev hautt!!!! Dev trying to manage his talli girlfriend. ..

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks for appreciating and supporting 🙂

  15. wowwwww! Its amazing. I loved all the episodes till now. And the story is fantastic. Nikki, Ria’s taunts, dinner date, wine bet, Sona addressing Dev as “BABY”, Dev controlling his talli gf was superb.

    1. 4nshika

      Hhehehhehe… thankq so much for praising…

  16. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Update Soon!

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq so much… 🙂

  17. Please post the link for 20th episode

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