Devakshi – Break ke Baad #13

Recap: Dev and Sonakshi confess their relationship infront of Boses. Bijoy says he need some time to think about this. Dev surprises as Sonakshi as he bought a hospital building for her. Ishwari asks dev when are they going to talk about engagement.

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Sonakshi is walking in the hospital but her mind is still struggling with thoughts that when her parents will agree…Miya-Biwi raji but not Kaji(Husband Wife are ready but not The parents)….She always thought that there will be a day when her parents will find a right guy and later on she have to go with him…her family always remained understanding….she was actually not expecting this….

Nidhi comes to Sonakshi,
Nidhi: mam ! you bought file for new dietary plan?
Sonakshi: Oh no ! main bhul gyi(I forgot)…..Let me call Elena she will bring it !..
She checks her phone…but it is switched off….Battery Low!
And why not when you spend whole night talking on phone…battery will be low…initially dev was insomniac and now Sonakshi is also…

Sonakshi: Battery low!
Someone forwards his phone to her…She was so stressed that she didn’t paid attention to who is giving phone to her….
Sonakshi(mindlessly): Thank you !
As she opens the phone….she sees her photo as wallpaper….And when she turns to know who is he….. having her photo…..finds her prince charming standing infront and smiling at her !

Sonakshi: Aap? (you)
Dev: main !(me)
Nidhi: Good morning Mr. Dixit !……… I will meet you later……
Dev says good morning to Nidhi and she leaves…..

Dev: Mera Khargosh ! itni tension mein kyun hai ! (why my khargosh is in so much tension)
Sonakshi: Maa-Baba ! when will they agree…

Dev holds her hand comes nearer to her
Dev: Itni desperate ho….(you are so desperate…)
Sonakshi: Hum hospital mein hai(we are in hospital)…patients are looking at us !
Dev(cheesy): Mein bhi toh patient hi hun….aapka heart patient !(i am also patient….your heart patient)
Sonakshi makes him away with a cute push…
Dev: phone use karo…phir ja rha hun mein… mein bahut kam hai ! (use phone…then I am going to office…important work)
Sonakshi: Ok ! Mr. Obhodro…


Elena is going through a magazine that had pictures of great holiday destination….
Saurabh: Yeh kya dekh rahi Puchki ! (What are you looking at Puchki ?)
Elena: Dada ! mein Greece, Venice aur Italy ke pictures dekh rhi hun….(Bro ! I am looking at pictures of Greece, Venice and Italy)
Saurabh: Tu Saurabh Bose ki behan hai…tuna sirf Dhaula Kuan, India Gate aur Chandini Chowk dekh…..(You are Sourabh Bose’s sister…you can only see Dhaula Kuan, India Gate & Chandini Chowk
Elena: Toh kya hua Dada…..I m sure Dev Babu sona ko honeymoon par yahi kahin le jayenge ! (So what Bro….I am sure Dev Babu will take Sona for honeymoon at one of these places…)

Bijoy looks on….And Asha senses that Dev Babu status irked Bijoy !
Asha(to Bijoy): Agar ! Dev Babu Rich na hote humari hi tarh middle-class hote….still aap itna sochte….?? (If ! Dev Babu would wasn’t rich and middle class like us….still you would have thought that much? )
Bijoy: Asha! Agar !!!! par aisa nhi hai…..(Asha ! If !!!…But this is not true)
Door Bell Rings and Sona enters…
She sense the vibes of tension in air…so without saying anything see moves towards her room…

Landline rings….
Bijoy picks it up….It was Ishwari Dixit who is coming up to their house….For her son’s alliance….Bijoy just says yes as he wants to know their side too….before taking any decision.
Sonakshi was happy but yet nervous !

Sonakshi enters her room Elena follows her….
Elena: tere piya ghar aaye oh ram ji…(your lover coming home oh my god !! )
Sonakshi shies it away…..She should be happy excited after all they are going to name their relation finally. She never thought how it would….. to be called as Mrs. Dixit…. girls will envy her…. when she will go holding dev’s hand….and being called as his wife ! Her world will be complete….

Sonakshi takes out the saree dev once gifted her…She dressed up and was waiting for prince to arrive with mother in law…By this saree she doesn’t want to remind him old days but she wants to show him a glimpse of future when she will be dressing in saree ….in their married life !

Kya hota hai…
Bahut kuch kahna chahta hai mann…
Par sirf muskan khili rah jati hai…
Uski har baat mein..
Dilchaspi aati hai…
Kamiyaan, Khamiyan
Sab gayab ho jati hain
Kya hota hai
Koi bta nhi sakta hai

Door bell rings…
Sonakshi: Dev aa gye ( dev has come)….
Sonakshi runs to open the door…
Elena: Haan ! tu door khol de….aur jab baraat layenge Dev tab bhi tuhi welcome karna….dev se shaadi mein kar lungi….
(yah ! you open the door….and when Dev will bring baraat you only will welcome it….and I will marry dev )

And the whole family laughs at this in tension…Sonakshi steps back to her room

The door is opened…Ishwari arrives with Sweets Boxes and Gifts…But no Dev !
Bijoy looks on and try to estimate their worth…And then he realises it was much more than his one month pension…They exchange hello ! hi ! namaste !

Sonakshi arrives when she was called…She comes all dressed up in the beautiful saree…expecting dev sitting infront wearing his black tuxedos…. looking at her with his loving light brown eyes…asking her to walk along with him for rest of their lives….. but he wasn’t there…Sonaskhi gets disappointed but can’t show that she bends down and touches Ishwari’s feet. She blesses her….But she have already blessed her with Dev…

Ishwari: Mein janti hun….aapki beti ke bare mein hai….chinta karna zaruri hai…akhir mein bhi 3 betiyon ki maa hun….samajh sakti hun….(I know that…its about your daughter…you must think…after all I am also mother of three daughters…I understand)
Bijoy gets comfort with her words…

Ishwari: agar aap paise ke bare mein soch rhe hain toh na soche….sach kahun toh jo aaj humare pas hai humesa nhi tha….humari halat toh bahut kharab thi….dev ki mehnat se aaj hum yahan tak pahunche hain….Mera beta apni sari zindagi apki beti ke saath bitana chahta hai…kya aap ko manjur hai…(If you are thinking about money please don’t….We were not rich always…..even we were at very poor condition….dev’s hard work have led us here…my son want to spend his whole life with your daughter…..if you agree )
Bijoy looks at Asha and then at his mother they both nod with smile and allow him to reciprocate…

Here our darling was depressed as his prince didn’t come to witness the time when their relation is going to be named…

Bijoy nods with smile…They exchange gifts…Ishwari gives shagun to Sonakshi.
Ishwari: Ab jaldi ghar aa jao….hmmmm !….humne baat ki hai pandit se aajse 2 din baad acha din hai…..agar aap log ko thik lage toh to sagai kar dein…(Please come to our home fast…we have talked to the priest after 2 days…there is a good for engagement….if you are ohk with it)
Asha: kuch jada hi jaldi nhi hoga….(it will be too early)

Ishwari: jaldi hai par chinta matt kijiye hum milkar karenge…..thik ? (yah ! it will early but don’t worry we will manage it together…ohk ?)
Bijoy: ji thik hai ! (yah ohk !)
Sonakshi smiles at the thought of it…
Ishwariji leaves with happy face and dreams of his son’s married life….

Tina: Sir, I think you should not delay it any more….you should go to USA
Dev: I am not doing it intentionally!…you know na me and sonakshi…maa is going to meet sonakshi’s parents today…
Tina: So you are going to get married…The most eligible bachelor is hooked..
Dev smiles and actually he blushes…
Dev: The most awaited day…
Tina: I am very happy for you…but this is important
Dev: OK ! Plan that…i am leaving today !

Sonakshi enters her room in fast steps and starts throwing her ear rings…removes her make up and starts blabbering….
Sonakshi:Auntyji ne toh kha….. (starts saying in her manner) “Mera beta chahta hai ki apni puri zindagi aapki beti ke saath bitaya”…mein toh marr rhi hun par beta kahan hai….ahhhhaa ! Sahi kehte hain log…ek baar ladki maan gyi phir kya farak padta hai….sach mein mujhe toh darr hai shaadi ke din aane ke liye inke pass waqt hoga ki nhi….(Auntyji said that… (in her style)“my son want to spend his whole life with your daughter”….i am dying to spend but where is your son…I think he will not even have time on our marriage day…)

Elena looks at her and is very scared of sonakshi’s anger…
Sonakshi: ki haulo….? Main bhoot lag rhi hun….(dev’s style)Sonakshi I will not leave you ever….to leave you have to come…..par janab ka toh koi aata pta hi nhi hai….
(What happened….? Am I Looking like ghost….(dev’s style) Sonakshi I will not leave you ever….to leave you have to come…..But we don’t know where this man is…)

Dev calls Sonakshi,
Sonakshi(in angry women mood): Hello !
Dev: Itna gussa ! (you are soo angry)
Sonakshi: no ! no ! I am soo happy …My engagement date is fixed…but I am in some doubt…I don’t know my groom will arrive on marriage date or not !
Dev: I will tell Tina to manage…
Sonakshi: Manage what?…should I take marriage vows with tina…
Dev: No !… I will tell her to manage my meetings..

Sonakshi: You will go to office on our marriage too..
Dev: Ok ! I will not…Right now I am in hurry and leaving for USA will be back in 2 days…Take Care and I love you !
Sonakshi: Dev !
Dev: Bye
She was almost about to cry….This was hardest…All her anger was still there but she didn’t expected that…she thought these 2 days before their engagement will few last days of their girlfriend-boyfriend relationship…she was expecting some beautiful moments….love bytes !…But he is going….very far….where she can’t hold his hands !
Door bell rings…
Elena: sona ! main dekhti hun(Let me see)….it must be dev !
Sona fumes in anger….

It is Nikki…
Nikki: Sona di….please chalo mere saath(pleace come with me)….
Sonakshi: Nikki, tum yahan(you here)… jana kahan hai(where are we going)…
Nikki: Airport !

Sonakshi is still in that saree….hurriedly she couldn’t wear earring but bought them along with her and is now wearing them
She reminces the phone call they had after the engagement date was fixed…

Sonakshi: You will go to office on our marriage too… You know how much I missed you in all those moments….i wanted to hold your hand steal that moment…..but you were not around…
Dev: I was there only…

Sonakshi: oh really tell me what I felt when baba said yes to it…
Dev: Your heart was filled with happiness…your eyes cried….tears of happiness…and mind….it was angry on me…
Sonakshi: Dev ! You know that…still you can’t come here…
Dev: So what….I wasn’t there….We will make our engagement precious

Kya hota hai !…
Jeb ka vajan, chehre ki chamak..
Mayne nhi rakhti…
Wo lehar si lagti hai…
Jo kunthit mann ki sabhi awdharnao ko bha le jati hai…
Mann khush hota hai gum mein bhi
Udna chahta hai bin parr ke bhi
Behna chahta hai sukhi zamin par bhi
Aakhir hota kya hai

Sonakshi(in her mind): You said our engagement will be special….i hope you will be there on time…
Nikki: Sona di, where are you ?….we are about to reach the airport…..ready to surprise bhaiya !
Sona just comes out of her dreams world where dev and she exchanges rings…..and realises the sad reality that dev is about to leave…for 2 day…48 hours….2880 mins….172800 secs and uncountable micro secs….Oh damn ! Sona is going to miss him like hell…

They reach the airport…There was announcement of Dev’s flight going on…

Sorry I couldn’t upload episode yesterday as there wasn’t electricity at my home…..i had my episode all ready to post…But no electricity so i couldn’t open my pc
Sorry !!!!!!!!

Now here it is tell me how it is 🙂 🙂

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