Devakshi – Break ke Baad #11

Recap: Ishwari agrees to Devakshi’s relationship. Dev proposes Sonakshi. Ishwari asks Radhrani to shift in their new house. Dev and Sonakshi spends some time together.

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Sonakshi reaches her house. She is sitting at her bed and now analysis how her life changed from winter nights to spring mornings. She didn’t told anyone about what happened at the hospital or at dev’s house. There was a time when dev was scared of evil eye on their relationship now Sonakshi is. And off-course! her fear is justified after all what they have faced to come along together.

And then her phone rings.

Dev: Hello ! My would be wife….
Sonakshi: wife?….who will talk to my parents…
Dev: Sonakshi…Don’t start it again…
Sonakshi: Ok ! I am not starting again…..tell me why you called.
Dev: Do I need any reason to call you…yah! Before this I used to find reasons to talk to you…but now I have my mother and your….. would be mother in law’s license. Ab koi rok ke dikhaye(now nobody can stop me)….
Sonakshi: acha ! toh ab Mr. Dev Dixit ….Mr. Bhadur Dixit ho gye hain(Yah ! now Mr. Dev Dixit has turned into Mr. Brave Dixit)
Dev: Yes ! aur tumhare hone wale patidev ki taang matt khicho….(Now stop teasing your would be husband)

Sonakshi laughs on the otherside….
Sonakshi: Toh kya socha hai mere patidev ne(so what my husband has thought)….How will be our married life…she smiles less and shies more on this !!
Dev: Rocking !! ek dum perfect….roj subah hum dono late honge….bahut ho gyi punctuality…mein tumhe hospital chodunga….hum lunch humesha saath karenge…phir dinner family ke saath aur…phir humari long night walk…tumhara haath mere haath mein…and ice-cream…waise kaunsa flavour khaogi ?….Sonakshi !!
(Rocking !!….. just perfect….. everday we will be late….. enough of punctuality…..(I will drop you the hospital…… we will have lunch together always….. and then dinner with family….. then we will go on long night walks…. your hand in my hand…and ice-cream… which flavour will you eat?….Sonakshi !! Sonakshi !!)

Sonakshi slept on the other side of phone call while listening to dev’s post martial plans. But we are sure she too must be dreaming of there marriage only.

Dev: abhi soch kar hi mein itna khush hun Sonakshi !(only thought of these these things make me so happy Sonakshi!)…. then when I will live these moments, how happy I will be ….I am blessed to have you….Good Night !

Its morning,
Sonakshi is called to Dixit’s by Nikki.

Nikki: Waise sona di …I mean hone wali Bha-bhi…(Then Sona Di…I mean my would be Sister-in law)
Sonakshi smiles when she hears Bha-bhi (Sister-in-law)….
Nikki: apne btaya nhi bhai ne propose kaise kiya…(you didn’t told me how Brother proposed you)
Ria: Bhai ne nhi sona din ne kha hoga…(Bhaiya wouldn’t have said Sona di would have)
Nikki: or kya…just imagine bhai propose bhi kaise karenge….(or what….just imagine how will Brother propose sona di…)
Ria: In Email or fax…
Nikki and Ria give high five to each other….Sonakshi too giggles…
Nikki: And in that it will be written I loves You Dr.Sonakshi Bose. Give me your reply through this mail….
Neha:Nhi ! Nhi ! Tina ne bhai ke jagah propose kiya hoga….(No ! No! Tina would have proposed in place of Bhai)
And all of them laugh over this….

Dev enters and smiles seeing them all together and happy…..
Dev(in his mind): This was my dream….We met…fell in love…you became part of me and then of my family….

Ishwari comes from behind,
Ishwari: yahan kyun khada hai…chal andar…(y are you standing here….come inside)
Dev nods happily….

And the upgraded Dixits spend some time together….

Ishwari is doing knitting while sitting on sofa in hall. Radharani finds the moment perfect.
Radharani comes and acts as if she worked every hard and really tired.
Radharani: Arrey! Bhola mere kamre se suitcase toh le aa….(Oh ! Bhola….please get suitcase from my room…)
Ishwari looks on….
Ishwari: Bhola !!!

Radharani: ab dheere-dheere saman bhej rahein hai….akhir dusre ka ghar kabhi apna nhi ho sakta….(now we are slowly slowly sending our luggage…after all someone else house can’t be ours forever…)
Ishwari: nhi bhabhi…(no bhabhi…..)
Radharani gets happy with this word and thinks that her acting worked…
Ishwari: Aap aaram se saman le jayein…jab apka ghar set ho jaye….tab le jaye….hmm…? (take you luggage peacefully….when your house is ready…take it then…hmm..?)
Radhrani nods sadly !

Aww…..poor Garib Ki Beti this time her magic didn’t worked well…
But Devakshi’s magic is working very well….

At night Dev drops Sonakshi home, They are together in his car

Sonakshi: As you have asked me…I didn’t talked about this in the whole day but now its high time….your are coming in and talking to my parents….
Dev: Soankshi…try to understand….
Sonakshi: What?…keep marrying me in your dreams…phir mein kal ek mote Bengali se shaadi kar lungi(then tomorrow I will marry a fat Bengali boy)…tum ussi ke saath jana apni long night walks par(and you will go with him on your long night walks)…..Gud Night Mr. Darpok Dixit !( Gud Night Mr. Coward Dixit !)
And she gets out of the car

Dev: Sonakshi ! Sonakshi….
And dev keeps shouting from the car….
Dev(to himself) : Sahi kehte hain log….girlfriend tab taka chi lagti hai jab tak usse biwi na bnaya jaye(people say very well…girlfriends are loving until you think of making them your wife)…..God please help me

Bose family are sitting in the drawing room. Sourabh & Elena are aware of Sona’s love but not the new progress in story.

Sonakshi comes after changing and sits on the side sofa.
Sonakshi: Ok ! maa….
Asha: hain beta(yes my daughter)…
Soankshi(in her mind): mr.obhodro toh baat karne se rhe Soankshi tuhi karle….(Mr.Obhodro is not going to talk…Sonakshi you have to do this…)
Asha: bol sona…ki haulo? (say sona…what happened?…)
Sonakshi: Mein soch rhi thi ki apki baat man leti hun…(I was thinking to agree on what you were saying…)
Asha: thank god tu maan gyi….mein kal hi ja kar baat kar leti hun…(thank god you agreed…I will go tomorrow to talk to them….)
Sonakshi(confused): kis se ? (to whom?)
Asha: curtain wale se….curtain change karane hain na…(curtain shop owner…we have to change curtains…)
Sonakshi(in her mind): mein yahan apne life ke marital status change kareke single se married karane ke baat kar rhi hun aur aap…..ahhhan ! (here I am talking to change my marital staus from single to married and you….ahahannn)

Asha: bol…(say…)
Sonakshi: maa ! mein…….shaadi ki baat kar rhi hun….(mom !…..I……am talking about marriage….)
And Bose family just experienced an earthquake….Door bell rings
Sonakshi goes to open the door…and sees her Mr. Obodhro standing with a smiling face but all nervous inside….
Dev gets inside….Bose family comes out of their Earthqauke experience. With his entry Saurabh and Elena smirks at Sonakshi and understand the whole tale…
Bijoy: array ! Dev Babu please sit…
They had no idea about what is going on…..
Do you have…??

So here was the first episode after the proposal and break up into patch up….
How was it rate it on the scale of 10….

Thanks for the love you all gave to the last episode…I am more than obliged…
I feel like taking snapshots of your comments framing them for my room !!
Applauds to everyone who loved  

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  1. Bhoomi

    10 on 10… DevAkshi’s Magic is working on me also ??…. Hehe ? Mr. Darpok Dixit… Superb episode…

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks you madam !…I was scared that it wasn’t so gr8…but thank you for rating 10 on 10 🙂

  2. Esme

    Just one word awwwwwwweeeeeeeessssssssoooooooommmmmeeee.
    Love your writing n yes check the promo of my new FF ‘Its TWILIGHT. ……..A Devakshi FF’

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks you and i will definitely go through yours 🙂

  3. 10 on 10…it was literally awesome

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you soooo much…. It means a lot 🙂

  4. 10 on 10

  5. Blockbuster

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you !

  6. It’s 13000000000/10 for u?

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks you zillion times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Priya9876

    10 on 10…
    Too funny episode ?
    NIKKI RIA NEHA convo is superb, I mean how dey r pulling leg of dev .hhaah hahah…
    Tina ne prpose kiya hoga?????????…
    Devs planning before marriage ? loved it yaar, kaise itna acha soch leti Ho yaar…* roj subah hum dono late honge..????
    Yaa I think I have n idea— dev babu aaye apne inlaws Ki permission lene…kyu hai na miss super girl 4nshika??​…
    Keep writing dear… N thanx a lot 4 updating every day…

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks so much priya…..And lets see….your idea works or not !!!…Suspense !!
      And I am obliged that you called me supergirl….Roj subah-shaam 3 spoon of devakshi love and then 2 times pills of krpkab leti hun… write it……. 🙂 🙂
      And updating daily is ma pleasure as i always be desperate to read what you guys think about my writing !!!

      1. Priya9876

        o really
        3 spoon of devakshi love & 2 times pills of krpkab…. hahah hahahah hahahahah waoooo ..ur gr8…
        can u do a favour 4 me?
        ye saare k saare doses mujhe v curior kardoge… nd m very serious this time… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. 4nshika

        I will do that….but tell me why u need it… ?

      3. Priya9876

        Bcz I also wanna mazedaar lovable baatey like u..??

      4. 4nshika

        hahahha…no it is not because of those syrups and pills but I am naturally talented in doing baatey !

  8. Shivi

    I will definitely give it 10 /10…just thinking how will dev confess to Bose Keep up your gr8 job.

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you so much….that’s the high point now… his confession to his inlaws !

  9. I was literally laughing out loud when I learnt that Tina wud hav proposed on dev s behalf..?,,and my Sis was lyk why r u laughing at ur mobile lyk this..seriously.. Ur jus Awesome..?.. All ur episodes get 10/10.. U don’t even need to ask for it.. How cute Devakshi were…these siblings hav the best bond..?????.. I was lyk feeling very bad after sterdays epi.. After watching sona in pain..and I was waiting to learn ur update…and it was totally totally worth it..too gr8..??

    1. 4nshika

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      And you asked for completed episodes….Darling! I write it every day…but if i wrote them in bulk i will send ohk?…..You can send me your email id as I want to be in contact with a lovely person 🙂

      1. Even I wanted to b in touch with u.. But was scared to tell.. this s my mail Id [email protected] … Will b waiting .. Anshika.. ?..

  10. Purnima

    10/10 awesome

    1. Angel20

      Loved it yaar?
      It was so awesome! Devakshi’s talks.. Haha ?? Sona telling she will marry a Bengali fat boy.. LMAO.. Ohh so you want me to rate it.. Ummm.. I will not give 10, actually you’re not worth it.. But I will give 100/10 it was that awesome!! Post the next one soon..

      1. 4nshika

        Thankq sooooo much Maria…….Sorry yaar ! i couldn’t check your ff regulary as I don’t open that page often…..But keep up the good work 🙂 🙂

    2. 4nshika

      Thankq soooo much !

  11. Amazing g
    10 on 10

  12. Well done superb 10 on 10

    1. 4nshika

      thankq !! 🙂

  13. i just love your ff impataiently waiting for next part

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq so much !!!

  14. Nic epi

  15. Angel20

    Sorry my comment is the reply to purnima

    1. 4nshika

      humare saath toh roz hi hota hai…my reply becomes a comment most of the time

  16. Riyaa

    Wow ncz 10/10

    1. 4nshika

      Thanks Ria !

  17. 20 on 10 awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq so much !

  18. pl. continue and dont tell me that this was the last one pl. pl. pl. pl. pl. i request u to continue.

    1. Priya9876

      Hey erica
      dont worry yaar..
      she will defenitly contiue..

      1. 4nshika

        Yes ! It will continue…till my mind keeps giving me great ideas !

  19. 4nshika

    Yes ! It will continue…till my mind keeps giving me great ideas !

    1. Dear aren’t u updating ur ff for today..

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