Devakshi – Break ke Baad #10

Recap: Ishwari tries hard to collect money but fails. Sonakshi pays the rest of money. Ishwari sees it and tells dev about it. Sonakshi reaches Ishwari mansion and Dev confront her.

Link of previous episode: Episode 9

Here is the 10th episode and the SUPRISE you all were waiting for 🙂 🙂 🙂
Enjoy !!!

Dev(teary): wo sapna tha tumhara…tumhare clinic ke liye tumne wo collect kiye the…..(it was your dream…you were collecting them for your clinic….)

Dev moves from there a few steps ahead….

Dev: aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe kitni khush thi tum(I still remember how happy you were)….aur aaj kuch bhi nhi(and today nothing left)…tum soch sakti ho mujhe kitna bura lag rha hai(can you think how bad I am feeling)….uss sapne ke tutna ki wajah mein hun(I am the reason of it)…

Sonakshi nods no in tears…she moves towards dev and was to put her hand on his shoulder but then she realizes the surroundings and stops her hand…Things change so vigorously…they were together…they are together….they will remain together….inseperable but yet seprated….for Dev, Sonakshi was important and so as her dream was….

Sonakshi: aise kuch bhi nhi(its nothing like that)….haan ! wo zaruri hai par(yes! it was important but….)
Dev turns and holds her again…
Dev: par kya(but what)…
Sonakshi gets confidence when she sees Dev is in so much pain….And he needs her Surrounding go to hell !
Sonakshi: aapse zyada nhi(not more than you)

Dev and Sonakshi both looks into each other’s eyes….

In this whole thing there were two people who were really confused Nikki and Ria….

Sonakshi: kuch bhi aapse zyada zaruri nhi(nothing is more important than you)….kuch bhi nhi(nothing)….paise kya(what money)….mein khud bhi nhi !!(even…I am not important than you)

Dev was teary but all happy in heart that he found such a great companion !!
Sonakshi and Dev comes out of their world. Surrounding came from hell

Sonakshi composes herself and moves to door to leave.Dev again realizes that he might love her more than his breaths but there is always a barrier his mother who he don’t want to hurt and thus didn’t tried to stop Sonakshi…hold her even more tightly…tell her she is not anything or something for him…she is everything for him !
Everyone turns from there to move to their rooms…

Ishwari on the other hand after seeing all the scene was not sad or fuming in possessiveness but all calm…As if she too wanted this…ahem ! ahem !

Dev: Maa…
Ishwari: hain beta(yes son)…!

Dev: main janta hun(I know that)…. apko iss bare mein baat karna pasand nhi(you don’t like talking about this)…. Par(but)…..

He takes deep breaths as if it was hard to speak even a single word.
Dev: jiss din(the day)….Ms bose…Sonakshi iss ghar se gyi thi(sonakshi left this house)….apko laga tha ki(you thought that)…..wo mere saath sirf isliye hai kyunki mere pass paisa hai(she is with me only because I have money)….

Ishwari lowers down her head as she was guilty for that.
Dev: aaj usne uss paise ko chodd diya mere saath ke liye(today she left that money to be with me)….mein janta hun ki aap mera bura nhi chahogi(I know that you will not think bad for me)….par maa (but mom) !

Ishwari moves to her room. Dev feels as if he said a lot and feels apologetic. Dev too turns.

Ishwari turns back.
Ishwari: sun teri koi zarauri meeting na ho toh(listen!if you don’t have any important meeting)….kal chale kya nutrition…mera matlab hai Sonakshi ke ghar !(can we go to nutrition…I mean Sonakshi’s house tomorrow !!)
Dev: maa (shocked)
Ishwari: kya hua(what happened)…..shaadi nhi karni !!!(you don’t want to get married)

Dev laughs in tears and hugs her so tightly !!! Ishwari to careses him
Ishwari: teri khushi mein hi meri khushi hai ! (my happiness lies in your happiness)
Dev and Ishwari both smiles….
Ishwari: ab khda khda kya dekh rha…ja rok le Sonakshi ko….(why are you standing…go run and stop Sonakshi….)

Dev runs happily.


Nikki: koi mujhe btayega…jo humne abhi abhi dekha yeh kaunsi movie ka trailer tha….(will anybody tell me….what we just saw was trailer of which movie)
Neha: Devakshi….Dev & Sonakshi…..kyun ! short forms sirf tuhi bna sakti hai(what!… only you can make short forms)….
Ria: Di ! apko pta tha(you knew it)….
Neha: Thoda ! Thoda ! ( Bit of it !)
Nikki: mujhe toh bilkul bhi idea nhi tha(I had no idea)….I mean Dev bhai and Love….
Ria: Hain ! dekha nhi Bhai aur Sona Di (yes! Didn’t you saw Bhai & Sona di)…
Nikki and Neha (shouts): Di nhi Bha-bhi !
And all three of them laughs
Ria: they were both so compassionate about each other…

Nikki, Ria and Neha all happily talks about the whole thing

Sonakshi is walking towards her cabin.

Dev comes running from behind shouting Sonakshi. She turns, he was about to skid but she holds him. He was taking deep breath as if he came all the way running.

Dev smiles like teenager going to propose his girlfriend.Sonakshi looks at him in confused manner.Nidhi, Divya and few other people from staff were also there.

Dev: Tumse baat karni hai…(I want to talk to you)
Sonakshi nods in yes
Dev(in his mind): jab pehli baar kaha tha tab bhi itna nervous nhi tha….dev apni hi girlfriend hai propose kar dal….(I wasn’t so nervous when I said it for the first time…dev she is your girlfriend…just propose her)
Sonakshi: Kya hua…..I think tabiyat thik nhi…(what happened…..i think you are not well….)
Dev: No ! I don’t know …how to say
Sonakshi: what….
Dev: Bose surname doesn’t suit you….
Sonakshi: to kya karun….surname change kar lun….(what should I do….change my surname)
Dev: Yes ! change it to Dixit ….what say !
Sonakshi: aisa kaise ho sakta hai…(how will it happen)

Sonakshi had no idea…what’s going on in his mind….

Dev: Mujhse shaadi karke…(marry me….)
Sonakshi: par…(but….)

And she realizes what he just said….
Sonakshi stares him or should I say looks at him with shocked wide eyes…

Sonakshi: you are proposing me……aise koi karta hai…(did anyone do it like this)

Dev moves to hold her hands as if the surrounding just doesn’t matter !! Why this damn surrounding even exits !!

Dev: mujhe nhi pta kaise karte hai…pehli baar kar rha hun….log roses ke saath karte hai ya orchid ke saath…. pta nhi… ki jagah candle night dinner pe kehte hain…kness pe kehte hain ki kya karte hai….kuch nhi pta…I know only one thing….jab tum saath hoti ho toh…sunflower is rose….black is red ….every normal moment is memorable….I want to spend my whole life like this…holding your hands and looking at you….Will you allow me..?
(I don’t know how to do it…. doing it for the first time…. I don’t know how people do it with roses or orchids…. say it at candle light dinner or at hospital…. say it at you knees or what to do…. don’t know anything… I know only one thing….. when you are with me…. sunflower is rose….black is red ….every normal moment is memorable….I want to spend my whole life like this…holding your hands and looking at you….Will you allow me..?)
Sonakshi: abhi bhi btana padega(still I have to tell you)
Dev nods cutely !
Sonakshi: Yess…!!!!!!!!

Dev and Sonakshi hugs …The first hug till yet that will not break into leaving each other alone…but to promise we will remain always together….

Divya and Nidhi moves towards them…
Divya: ab mera kya hoga…! (what will happen to me now)
Dev: Sorry ! I am hooked for life and beyond…..
Dev and Sonakshi looks into each other’s eyes happily….


Radharani: Jiji yeh kya kiya apne….uss bengalan !(what you did…that bengalan )
Ishwari: Bhabhi ! bengalan nhi….Sonakshi….hone wali bahu hai meri….(not bengalan…Sonakshi….she is my would be daughter in law)
Radharani: kaisi baat kar rhi hai aap bhi…(what are you saying…)
Ishwari: Bhabhi ! meine jo galtiyan ki hai who sudharna chahti hun…(I am just rectifying my past wrong deeds)
Radharani moves to leave…
Ishwari: Dev bta rha tha aapka ghar ban gya hai…..toh mein bhaiya se baat karun ya aap…(dev told me your house is constructed….should I talk to bhaiya or you will…)

Radhrani leaves fumingly with fast steps…
Ishwari was definitely not happy with what she did but she found it necessary to keep her house at peace !!


Dev and Sonakshi are sitting at his car’s bonnet. Sonakshi’s head on his shoulder and her hand around his arms….Not even a mere a word was exchanged…and actually what was the requirement….. when heart speaks so much…words from mouth become noise.
It was all a dream for them…..and so as for us

Dev: mein thak gya hun Sonakshi akele chalte-chalte….raaston par kho jaunga….darta hun….(I am tired Sonakshi of walking alone….I fear of getting lost in roads….)
Sonakshi: ab koi darr nhi hai…. koi akela nhi…(there is no fear now…no one is alone..)

She moves her hand from shoulder to wrist and then into his hands.
Dev kisses on her forehead. And she smiles.

Sonakshi: maa- baba se kab baat karni hai…(when will we talk to my mom-dad)
Dev: jab tum chaho….i mean tumhe karni hai…(whenever you want…I mean you will talk…)
Sonakshi: Dev !!!!
Dev: just imagine….kaise kahunga unse ki unki beti se pyar karta hun(how will I say to them that I love their daughter)…..
Sonakshi: jaise meine kaha tha auntyji se…(in the same way I said it to auntyjii)
Dev: Sonakshi !!….
Sonakshi: Tum karo baat….warna……mein shaadi nhi karungi !(you talk to them…….otherwise…I won’t marry !!)
Dev: Arrey ! par…. (But….)
Sonakshi: Choice is yours!

Precap: Dev reaches Sonakshi’s place to talk. Nikki and Ria enjoys knowing Devakshi’s moments

Hey everyone ! so this was the surprise….hope I kicked your expectations in full swing !
Ok guys ! here I have something new….From now onward we are going to have a great journey of Devakshi’s togetherness….
So till now(including episode 1 to 10) which conversation/scene you loved tell me through our favorite Mr.Comment Box.
Right Below !

And Don’t forget to tell me how much you loved this episode !

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