Devakshi- Break Ke Baad #1


Sonakshi moves from darkness into light…Dev comes from behind and hugs her tightly…She smiles and rest upon his shoulder…

Dev wakes up it was his dream only… the person he sees everywhere is nowhere in his life…Oh ! Dr. Bose your Mr. Obhodro is missing you badly…

Dev(in his mind): I can’t forget you…even if I want to…I love you Sonakshi

Even when sonakshi is not around he repeats these words magically…not to remind him that he loves her but to tell himself that she loves him too…that’s why he is still moving…otherwise he might have died without her

Dev gets up from the bed… And enters washroom to get ready for office…

Ishwari is doing pooja and she turns and finds neha standing behind(neha is married to ranbir but not living with him…after marriage more than conditions around neha, ranbir changed and that made situation more worse….he used to shout on her when she ask about when they are moving in their new house alone and the luxuries)

Ishwari: uth gayi… le beta… Prasad !
Dev moves downstairs. Ishwari gets happy seeing her son…
Ishwari: Dev ! office jar ha hai beta ! naasta toh karle….
Dev: office mein hi kuch kar lunga ( anybody could easily sense the sadness in his voice and why not he lost his most precious one……2nd most actually ….Miss Bose no…Sonakshi for him )
Dev touches Ishwari’s feet and moves to office…

Every morning while leaving to office he used to go to Sonakshi’s place. Sonakshi had left the job at dev’s place and now working at private hospital. Dev used to follow her from her home to the hospital.

The day was as usual.

Sonakshi came out of his house and sat in an auto rickshaw. Dev looks at her with calm…when the auto rickshaw reach the hospital…Dev puts his back on the seat as if it gives the whole peace to him…He really couldn’t make himself away from her…as he turns his car. Sonakshi looks behind…

Sonakshi (in her mind) : hum chahe bhi toh ek dusre se alag nhi ho sakte…
Sonakshi’s phone rings…its Tina… If dev can follow her to keep an eye to make sure if his lady reaches the hospital well why not sonakshi ask his well being from his shadow Tina..

Sonakshi: hello !…Hi tina
Tina: Hi Miss. Bose
Sonakshi: how many times I have to tell you its sonakshi for you…(and here he strikes in her mind…… again….no actually he occupies his mind always)
Tina: yah..! Sonakshi as you asked I have send you the medical reports of dev sir…But is everything ok…?
Sonakshi: there is nothing hidden from you tina…the way we got separated…dev might burst his stress levels…so ..
Tina: I understand your concern…
Sonakshi: thankq

Sonakshi disconnects the call. And reaches her cabin…Sonakshi’s new hospital stuff is very cool specially the nurses…. the women army are fun loving…when sonakshi is around them she forgets her all sadness but not dev at all…

Nidhi( Nurse): Gud morning mam !
Sonakshi: Morning !
Divya( sonakshi’s secretary) : here are your appointments for today
Sonakshi goes through the list…and her eyes struck on the name “Mr. Dev Dixit”
Sonakshi with wide eyes asks divya: Mr. Dev Dixit?
Nidhi(shouts): Mr. Dev Dixit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Divya points towards Nidhi: Why are you shouting…?…..actually he is Dr. Sinha’s patient he referred him here…well I don’t know he is coming or not…!He required some nutritional guidance so through regular shuffling he is in the list
Nidhi: I never saw him in real… Only in business magazines…. Wohohhoohhoho
Sonakshi was quite tensed.

Precap: Ishwari faints. Sonakshi ask Tina is Mr. Dixit coming? And Dev reaches the hospital.

Hey ! people, its great that use guys connected with the promo so well.. I hope this ff will carry your imaginations and all quirky ideas after Devakshi’s break-up…I hope I keeps your hopes high !

Cheers !!!!

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  1. The start is amazing.

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much 🙂

  2. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Update Soon! And I Wanted U To Put This Song In The Next Episode .. U Might Know About A Movie ‘Break Ke Baad’ Starring Deepika Padukone And Imraan Khan … I Wanted U Too Pick Up The Song Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaruri From This Movie And Add A Sequence Where They Are In Their Usual Routine Thinking About Each Other While Working …. Sorry If U R Hurt!

    1. 4nshika

      Thankq ! so much….and i know the movie and will sorry try to go with your hopes and i am not hurt at all this is a open slot you can all tell what you want…..and you know i am actually attached a lot with this song ….. during our exams my friend and i use to sing “yeh dooriyan” as we could not cheat due to distance between us … 😛

      1. Simplesweety1

        Lol ! Hehe! 😛 Thank u 🙂

    2. 4nshika

      surely in place of sorry ****

      1. Simplesweety1

        matlab … yeh kya hai ****

      2. 4nshika

        woh in previous reply sorry jagah surely hai….and when we use **** we meant it for correction

  3. Good start let’s see forward….

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow nice start keep writing dear 🙂

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much…!

  5. 4nshika

    thankq so much…!

  6. Sooo cool but plz unite them soon

  7. Bhoomi

    ?? Superb… Heart touching… Keep it up ?…

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much 🙂

  8. Awesomeeeeeeeeee

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      thankq 🙂

  9. It’s ncz yaar…plz give eng translation also….I dnt know hindi…

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      thankq…and sorry, i will definitely give translations nxt time…

  10. Amazing one
    Nice start
    Post Sooon waiting!!

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  11. Priya9876

    Very nice start.

  12. Good story waiting for nxt plzz update soon really osm

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  13. Good wrk plz update the nxt soon
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