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Hey guys …! I’m here again with an OS..!
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Well, I’m dedicating this OS to our birthday queen Anshita…!!
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Happy Birthday ..!?❤
A girl of 23 is seen walking down the streets at night. It was almost 10 at night. Its a cold night where the moon pops out hiding behind the clouds. It lits the whole world with bright light. As the girl was heading to a nearby bus depot, she saw a man of around 25-27 walking to her to the same depot she thought. The man was not alone, they were a gang of 4. The girl started to panic. She was waiting fa a cab or an auto to come up with soon as she can’t bear any non sense from those. The gang of four started to approach her and scoff at her. She was irritated …, but kept quiet. One man in the gang stood fa the girl. He asked his mates to keep quiet.
Man1: Guys! This is unfair to mock a girl like this.
Man2: Hey dude! C’mon its juz fa fun.

Man3: Haan yes we r not going to do anything to her.
Man1: But this is not done. We men were stronger only to protect women, we should be a shield fa them. Instead u people…
Man4: u r crct buddy..! We shouldn’t have done that.
The girl was relieved after the man spoke. She felt that this society is not juz mean but also helpful.

All three guys apologised the girl to which she gave a death glare.
The man offered to accompany them as it was very late and there would be no use of waiting near a depot to get a cab. The girl gave a “what” look. She couldn’t take this. She denied. But the man insisted.
Man1: U don’t want to worry. We will not give any kind of torture to u. Is anyone coming to pick u up? Or a cab…!?
Girl: ~she thought fa few seconds~ Haan yeah.! My friend …my friend will come here to pick me up. She lied
Man1: No prob! U can wait in my home. Its juz a few metres away. U can ask ur frnd to pick u up there. Is it OK..!?

Girl POV.

“Oh my god.! Who will I call now. I called him but he said that he has some work at his office and he couldn’t come. When I asked him again he juz reprimanded. He shouted at me too. And how could I again ask him. He would really mess up with me. I knw him. He would juz shout. God. Y is this man not leaving me. He is so reluctant. Does he want me to come to his house. Oh I don’t knw who is he. Why is he accompanying me. Oh, its really disgusting. How could I go alone with him. Why is these cab not arriving at night.!”
Man1: Hey hello.! U don’t want to worry. My mom and my sisters are there at my home. U will not be alone there.

Girl pov

Oh thank god. But how could I go from there. I couldn’t ask fa a help to him. Bcas he is already doing so many. I couldn’t ask him to drop me at home. Can I call Ele.( Yes, the girl is revealed to be sona.)
Yeah that’s crct, I would call her. As he is saying, this is not a safe place to stay at night fa longing fa a cab.
Sona: OK well, then I would call to my sis. She would come and pick me up.
Man1: It sis?? But u said that u have already informed ur frnd to pick u..!?
Sona: oh gosh caught..! Wo…that …
Man: No problem Ms..

Sona: Sonakshi Bose.
Man: Ms Sonakshi. O could understand. So can we.
Sona: Yeah sure.
Sona calls Ele and asked her pick her up from the XYZ place to which Elena agreed.
Elena: Why is she asking me to pick her up from XYZ place. Her hospital was also situated far from there. But why..!? But how could I go alone there. Yeah I’ll call him. He would come to pick her up.

Sona went with those guys to the man’s home.
Asha: Elena ! Why didn’t sona haven’t come yet..!?
Elena: ~narrates what sona said~.. Mashi I would call jiju to accompany me to pick her up. He would come bcas I can’t go alone at this night.
An lady: Haan haan Elena.. Call him, he should come along. Its not safe fa u to go alone
Asha: Haan ji u was right.

While sona reached the man’s home. An lady around 50 greeted her first and asked abt sona to her son. The whole narration takes place.
Sona became like a neighbour to them. The man’s mom sister had talked to her in such a way that the knw each other since years.
Juz then Elena called sona.
Elena: Hello sona where is the address.? We couldn’t find it.?
Sona: We..!??
Elena: Haan.. Jiju accompanied me.. I couldn’t be alone na so.
Sona: ur jiju.? Don’t lie Ele.

Elena: Hey why I should I. As soon as I asked him he rushed.
Sona: I won’t believe.
Ele: oho…sona stop it stuff and say the address.
Sona: Well, take a……
While sona says the address to them, they reached the home.
Sona: Come inside.
Ele: Where r u ? Come out.
Sona: Juz come in idiot.
Ele comes in with her jiju.
A man of 27 looking handsome with his white shirt and a blazer and a black pant looks smart in his attire. He voiced…”sona”
Sona turned her face and introduced Elena to everyone. The Man1 forwarded his hand to Elena saying..
Man1: Ritvik..
Elena: Elena
While Ritvik saw the man with ele..

Sona: Haan Ritvik he is..Dev..! My fiancé.
( Yes the man sona mentioned in her POV was none other than Dev, her fiancé)
Ritvik: Oh Ms Sonakshi…u r engaged..!?

Sona: Yeah..! ( a bit irritated)
The next day was nearing ….and sona felt asleep. Dev was almost trying his best to talk to sona while she refused.
It was exactly 12 when Dev’s phone e beeped aloud. Everyone looks towards him while he took the phone and smiles seeing the phone screen.
Elena: Jiju what happen ..!? Why are u smiling..!?
All were confused including Ele and sona.
Dev kept his phone in his pocket and looks towards sona lovingly.
H sat on his knees while everyone shocked. He sat on his knees to sona
Dev: ~still in his loving position~ Happy Birthday my love.!

Sona was taken back.
She had never thought that Dev would wish her on her bday though strangers (according to dev)were around them. Ritvik was happy to learn that its sona’s bday today.
Sona: POV – oh yes its my bday …!! And it was already a next day.
Dev still in his position.

Dev: “I knw I don’t always show it,
But u r the beat thing that
Ever happened to me.
Let’s make ur bday a very
Special celebration, it should be.
And I’ll remind u of juz
How much u mean to me
I love you.
Happy birthday my love.”

Saying so dev was still in his eyes while all others there stood dumbstruck seeing dev’s immense love to his fiancé including sona.
Sona had a tears in her eyes which is unknown to her.
Dev stood up wiped her tears and asks fa a apologoy fa shouting at her the day before he was in urgent work.

Sona who couldn’tsay anything juz hugged him tightly and said that
Sona: I love u too, Dev
Dev’s face had lit up smiling .
They part ways
Sona bends down to get blessings from Ritvik’s mother.
Ritvik’s mom: humesha kush rho beta
Sona then bids adieu to ritvik and his family inviting them fa her bday party and assuring them to be in contact.
Sona, Dev, Elena were back to sona’s house

All the way in travel sona’ s gaze towards Dev didn’t shift and it was not juz.
She juz stared at Dev and Dev who noticed this juz kept quiet.
They reached Bose mansion.
While sona opened the door, there shouts everyone.

When lights turned on, she could see her whole family, Her ma, baba, Dada, grandmother. And not only them even her sasural was also present there. Ishwari, mamaji, Mamiji her cute SIL. Everyone …sh couldn’t do anything but give them all a tight family hug.

Here completes the OS.

Hope u guys liked this.
Pls give it views guys. Cmnt in the not NOx below…
Lovu u all…!!
As I said before, I’m dedicating this to Anshita as its her bday today..!!
Happy birthday ANSHITA..!
Enjoy ur day…!!

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