Dev (Colors) 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manoj threatens to kill Dwani

Dev (Colors) 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev is in police station, Narvekar says are you crazy? why did you go to Manoj’s house? Dev says Manoj is hiding something in his house. Dwani comes there and shows Sumitra’s photos, she says its Manoj’s wife and is missing. Dev says Manoj is hiding her in his house. Narvekar says police needs proofs. Dev says I will bring it. Dwani leaves from there. Narvekar gets Mahek’s message and shows it to Dev, its Dev and Dwani’s picture. Dev gets angry. He grabs Dwani and says are you mad? why are you uploading selfies on social media during a case? I have warned you stay away from me, it will your last day of internship if you do this again. He leaves. Dwani wipes her tears.
Dev gets Mahek’s video message that no one can come between him and her. Dev looks


Mahek is making a file. She looks at papers and sighs. She caresses her belly and says soon papa will be with us.

Dev is in office, he recalls Riya’s statements about noises, Manoj acting weird, nobody going to Manoj’s house. Dwani telling that Sumitra is missing. Mahek comes there. Mahek says I have come to tell you about your mother. Dev says I dont want to hear anything, you have killed our relation when you shot me. Mahek says I shot Munim not you, dev says where did Munim go? Mahek says I dont know, I am here to help your mother, forget past, think about future, I think Maa is alive, she gives him file and says I have put all clues in this file. Dev says you are doing this so I trust you again? Mahek says I just want your happiness and I know your happiness is with our baby. Dev looks away and says leave. Mahek says when you read this file then you will know what Munim did to hide your mother. She leaves. Dev looks at file.

Manoj opens suitcase and brings Sumitra out, he says I made a great food. He offers her food but takes it back and says you women love to diet. She is scared. He asks her to eat, he forcefully makes her eat and puts her head in plate. He laughs and says every husband wants to do this with his wife but only I am able to do it, that Dev came here to find you, I have to kill you but what about your body? I will cut you to pieces, sorry darling but you have to die. Sumitra cries while he eats.

Narvekar is at his house. He looks at his wife’s photo and says I have no one now. Door bell rings, he opens door to find Kinjal there. He brings her in and asks if everything is fine? Kinjal says I cant sleep in that house, I keep remembering everything there, can I stay here for sometime. Narvekar looks on. She says sorry, I should leave. He says no you can stay here as much as you want, he takes her bag.

Scene 2
In morning, Dwani is in Dev’s car. She sprays perfume and says you woke me up so early that I couldnt take bath. She asks her to shut up. Dwani says you look cute when you are angry, he glares at her. She asks where are we going? Dev says we are going to meet Sumitra’s mother, officer found her address.

Dev and Dwani comes to Manoj’s house. Dev sees his phone’s battery ending and asks Dwani to bring the charger.

A man shows nails report to Narvekar and says Dev found them in Manoj’s house, it shows that its a female nail and was broken in 24 hours. Narvekar tries to call Dev but his phone is off.

Dwani is outside Manoj’s building near Dev’s car trying to find his charger. Dev comes to Manoj’s house. Manoj is leaving building to deliver washed clothes to a client but client calls him and says come later, he is in lift. Dwani comes in lift and gets scared to see him. Manoj recalls how she brought 5 crores offer to him. Dwani is tensed, he asks where are you going? she says to Riya’s house. Dwani recalls her stalker and gets scared. She messages Dev. Manoj asks if she wants to see his flat today? she says no. Manoj grab her and takes her out of lift.

Dev is searching Manoj’s house. Manoj comes there with Dwani and him putting knife on her neck. He sees Dev there and says leave my house otherwise I will kill her. Dev asks where is your wife? Manoj says why you have affair with her too? Dev has a rod in his hands, he recalls Meera dying because of him. He sadly looks at her.

PRECAP- Manoj says to Dev that I will kill Dwani.
Manoj is shown beating his wife Sumitra because he is jealous.
Dev starts searching Manoj’s house and says there is only one room locked in this house. He searches his store room, Manoj says you wont find anything. Dev opens trunk and is shocked.
A man is standing on rooftop of a building and says I will kill myself. Dev sees it on news.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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