Dev (Colors) 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arastu threatens Dev

Dev (Colors) 8th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev collecting some clues. Narvekar comes and sees Maryam. She gets arrested. She tells Narvekar that someone else killed Naresh. Narvekar says she had motive to kill him, but she looks innocent. Dev says I can prove she is innocent. Narvekar asks him to stop it and leave. Dev acts to attack him and proves Maryam is innocent. Narvekar asks how dare you and points gun. Meera asks them to stop it. Narvekar and Dev argue.

Dev says we got Harsh’s call, Naresh was beating Sheetal, so we went there. Narvekar says he called us also, so I reached there. Dev says Sheetal was not there. Sheetal says I went to teach lesson to Naresh’s lover, I learnt about them, when I asked him, he started beating me. Sheetal attacks his girlfriend. Helena says Naresh’s wife ruined my respect

in society. Sheetal says I was there when I learnt about Naresh.

Narvekar says I would like to ask Harsh. Sheetal asks Maryam not to worry. Dev looks on. The goons shift the girls. Dev thinks of Vani and sees her pics. He talks to the cat. Avi comes and asks do you talk to cat as well, did you help Harsh. Dev says he is unwell, he will get fine. Avi calls him best and hugs. Dev asks him to go and sleep.

Its morning, Meera worries and asks Avi not to use Dev’s camera, he will scold him. She sees Vani’s pics. Avi says Dev has come. Zohra asks Dev what happened to him since accident. Dev asks Meera what’s happening. Meera says we were cleaning room, Sheetal called to thank you. Dev meets Helena.

He checks her passport and asks how did you get this. Sheetal says I got this, Meera messaged me to come here. Dev says I have sent that message, you both have killed Naresh to get freedom. Helena and Sheetal lie. Dev asks them not to lie, police will make Harsh confess. Sheetal stops him. Sheetal and Helena accept of killing Naresh. Sheetal says I decided to save Helena. Dev asks them to help in saving innocent people. Helena gives details.

Meera shows Vani’s pics to Zohra and says she looks like Mahek. Zohra says she can’t be Mahek. Meera says its a joke for Dev, so he is behaving strange.

Meera asks shall we ask Dev. Zohra says no, this girl who looks like Mahek, we have to ask. The goons scare the girls. Dev reaches the place. Sajida manages to run away and hides. Goons look for her and collide with Dev. The goons catch her. Dev sees them. Narvekar talks to Kusum. She says relax, we will get all girls. He tells Shastri about human trafficking case. Shastri promises to save all the girls. The goons get the girls in a van. Dev comes home and asks what happened. Zohra explains him that its not like as it appears.

Dev gets a call from someone. The goon threatens him and asks him to meet if he wants Sajida. Dev asks Meera to do some work. Dev reaches place. Goons check him. He sees Shastri’s photo there and thinks Shastri has good business. Dev gets shocked seeing Kusum. Kusum says Shastri doesn’t know my real business is such. Dev says you sell girls on the name of NGO work. She says I m going to deal sic girls today, you are not a good detective, you felt we called you here to give Sajida. She threatens Dev and gets leaving. She hears police siren. Dev says we have some police officers who do their work sincerely, I call him singham, game over. Kusum says game just started, you felt police reached me for the first time, I will surrender without saying anything and come out, I know secrets of everyone’s black businesses. Dev shows her confession. Narvekar comes and gets shocked seeing Kusum. Kusum gets arrested. Dev rescues the girls. Dev gets Sajida to Maryam. They hug. Dev gives her taweez. Sheetal hugs Maryam.

Dev comes to Sahay house to find about Vani. Arastu asks him to stop, else he will shoot. He asks why is he following Vani. He scolds Dev. Dev sees Vani. Arastu says I m writer and you are a criminal. He asks Vani to call police. Vani calls. Arastu complains about Dev. Dev says no need of this gun, I m going to say truth. Arastu asks him to sit.

Dev says I was finding my Mahek. He shows Mahek’s pic and says she is my wife Mahek, when I saw your wife, I felt my Mahek came back, so I reached here, I asked myself if she is my Mahek. She says she looks like me. Dev says you would have got tricked, I can’t believe she is not my Mahek. Arastu says shut up, she is with me since 6 years, the way you came here is a criminal offence. Vani says sorry, I had no idea, trust me, I m not that. Arastu asks him not to act clever. Dev says I don’t like running.

Arastu says stay away from my wife. JCP Taare comes there and identifies Dev. Arastu asks Taare to arrest Dev, he is saying nonsense that Vani is his dead wife. Dev says they look alike. Arastu asks when did you meet your wife. Dev says four years. Arastu says Vani and I got married 6 years ago. Dev apologizes. Vani says I can understand, I have no idea about your wife, trust me, I m not your wife, its not Dev’s mistake. Arastu leaves decision on Vani. He gives a warning to Dev. Dev sees Vani.

Dev and Vani get close. Arastu threatens Vani and tortures her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Finally its confirm that vani is mehak.. but seeing her in torture state I doubt that she is behind any conspiracy against dev or may be she is invovled due to threat… Lets wait for more… But personally I wish I can see sumona and aashish story in end I mean dev and meera..

    1. can u plz check my POV on 7th oct page


        Plz send link

  2. Yeah this will go towards love triangle BUT I think DEV will choose meera this time coz under what ever circumstances, mahek did ditch DEV…

  3. Can’t wait for next week

  4. But Meera is a fraudster and earns by fooling clients showing red green light how dev will like her……not sure

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