Dev (Colors) 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev meets Vani Sahay

Dev (Colors) 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev reaching Sahay house. He sees Mahek’s pic with a man. He checks around and sees some books. He sees Vani doing yoga. He says Mahek ……. Vani turns to him and gets shocked. She asks who are you, how did you come in, get out, I will call police. He leaves. A girl runs on road and asks a couple to help her. The goons find her and shoot. Dev wakes up and looks around. He is in the graveyard. He sees Mahek’s grave and recalls her. He leaves.

Zohra and Meera watch a minister’s interview. Dev comes home. Meera says he changed since the accident happened. Zohra says yes, he is not like before. Avi comes home and is sad. He says my friend was hurt, he said he fell from cycle, but he has no cycle. Meera says freshen up, I will get food, then we will think.

She tells Zohra about Avi’s friend Harsh, his mum Sheetal remarried and her second husband is not good, I think he beats Harsh, none can stop him. Zohra says Dev can stop him. Meera says what will he do. Zohra says he can do this.

Dev says I m a detective, not a social worker. Zohra asks won’t we do anything if a stepdad beats a kid. Avi requests. Dev agrees. A lady Maryam asks inspector Singh about her daughter Sajida.

Dev and Meera are on the way. She asks why did you not say you are coming, don’t get angry, I can read your face. He says you are making me take this case by sending Avi. She asks him to get an evidence against Harsh’s stepdad. He asks why does Harsh’s mum not leave her husband. She says everyone is not like me, it needs courage. Dev and Meera reach Suresh’s office. Meera meets Harsh. She meets Sheetal and asks her what happened, is she fine.

Meera sees Sheetal hurt. Sheetal worries that Naresh will come. Naresh comes office and learns someone came to meet Sheetal. Maryam asks Naresh about Sajid. Naresh says I went to drop Sajida to airport, if she has run away, what can I do. She says she is not like this. Naresh says my agency name got spoiled. She asks him to do something. He asks her to go to police. She cries.

Meera argues with Naresh. He denies beating Harsh. Sheetal and Harsh get scared. Naresh insults Meera. Dev scolds him. Naresh asks Dev to get out and hits him. Meera takes Dev. She asks him why did he get beaten up. Dev says I was seeing if he is violent, I got revenge for the slap, his bracelet. She says this is theft. Dev signs her to talk to the lady. Meera asks Maryam what happened. Maryam says Naresh got a job for Sajida, then her phone didn’t come, I went to police, but no use, they are saying she has run away, but she is not such, she used to always stay with me. Sajida is kidnapped and calls out her mum. Many girls are kidnapped. Sajida cries. Dev thinks what does Naresh go. He calls on the number and says where is Sajida.

Dev meets Hemant and asks about Naresh’s work. He takes him in confidence and asks about Sajida. Hemant says my life has become a hell, I can just say there were many girls who didn’t reach for job, Naren has much contacts, he proves the girl has run with lover. Dev says I want list, its your chance to take revenge from him. Hemant gives the list.

Dev tells Zohra and Meera about the missing people. Zohra asks how can Naresh make them disappear. Dev says such Naresh can tell us, he is having an affair. Meera tells the plan. Dev thinks of Vani. He comes to Sahay house. He sees Vani. Her husband Arastu comes on a wheelchair and compliments her. He says I m very lucky to have you in my life. They dance and hug. Dev leaves.

Its morning, Abdul calls for Dev. He talks to Meera and refuses to give any info to her. She says I m finding Dev worried, tell me. He says I work with Dev. Dev comes there and takes call. Abdul says I did the work, I have footage with me. Meera asks him to come and expose Naresh. They follow Naresh.

Dev enters the house. Naresh romances someone. Sheetal says you can’t do anything, I was better when I was alone, I came in his fake promises, he married me for money, this agency was of my dad, he took it and is doing wrong work, I have no courage, I m scared for Harsh, you don’t know Naresh, he is a dangerous man, he said he will kill Harsh. Meera says if I do something, will you support me. Naresh gets the girl to the room. Dev hides under the bed. The girl asks Naresh to give her passport. He hears phone ringing. Dev’s phone rings. Dev gets on the bed and asks the girl to be quiet, else her passport is gone. Naresh gets the bracelet under the bed. Dev gets down the bed again. Naresh gets up. Dev has taken his phone. Naresh says I had to make a call, I will get my phone. He goes.

The girl asks Dev who is he. Dev says I will help you getting your passport, I will come back. Naresh sees Dev leaving and runs after him. He gets a call on Naresh’s number and answers. The man says if Maryam comes to ask for Sajida, we will kill her. Dev acts to get the address of Sajida. Maryam offers prayers and cries. Dev reaches the place and finds Naresh there. Dev gets the gun from him. Naresh and Dev fight. Inspector comes and points gun at Dev. Singh supports Naresh and gives a warning to Dev. He asks Dev to leave. Dev says so Naresh’s racket is running well because of you. He fights with Singh. Singh arrests him.

Dev recalls Vani. Meera comes to meet him. Narvekar talks to Dev. Dev and Meera tell about Naresh, who is running human trafficking racket, they have to save all the girls. Narvekar says Dev has to move back in Naresh’s case. Dev says fine, you have to make Sajida reach her mum. Narvekar says I know Singh, we can take help from social worker Kusum. Meera thanks him. Meera and Dev leave.

Meera says if I didn’t take Narvekar’s help, how would you get free from jail. Harsh calls Meera and says Naresh will kill mum, come fast. Meera gets shocked and asks Dev to take her to Sheetal’s case. Dev and Meera come to Naresh’s house. Narvekar tells about the case to Kusum and takes her help. Harsh calls him and says someone has stabbed Naresh. Dev and Meera find Naresh dead. Dev says how will we get Sajida now. They see Harsh. They see Maryam there.

Dev tries to save Sajida. He goes to Vani’s house. Arastu threatens to kill him. Vani says trust me, I m not your wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Interesting show…
    I doubt that Vani is mehak and she did planing and plotting with help of her hubby to frame dev..?????????

  2. I think mehak or vaani sahay is involved in a gang of trapping people by love and then marriage and later robbing them off or defaming them……………………According to my theory ——-mehak and her gang members were involved in the murder of swamiji…….swamiji at his death bed tried to inform dev about it by saying “CHAKRAVYUH!!!”..since mehak didn’t want to get involved in police case along with Dev she created all those hallucinations herself and even tried proving Dev guilty of her murder and escaped from the burdens of the marriage ………………….. I’m sure they will end the story with mehak’s case.

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