Dev (Colors) 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev tries to gather proof

Dev (Colors) 5th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man seeing Yagnesh’s pic and saying if anything happens to my family this time, I will kill you. The man Nilesh goes to ashram. Dev and Mahek come there. Dev asks her to remember they didn’t come to kill anyone, they came to collect proof to expose the ashram, so that no one can separate them. He asks her not to do anything. She goes. Narvekar and Meera are on the way. He says we have to trust Dev, death roams around him. Dev sees Nilesh. Dev hears the guards conversing. He asks Nilesh to throw the knife if he has to be alive, the metal detector will get him caught. Nilesh says its nothing like that. Dev asks does your relative know you are taking risk, throw knife. Nilesh asks how to throw it. Dev says give it to me. Dev takes the knife and throws. He asks Nilesh to

help. Nilesh acts to faint. Dev signs Mahek to go. Guards attend Nilesh. Dev says he will get fine. Dev asks Nilesh is he fine. Dev enters the ashram. Dev hugs guard and takes the phone from his pocket. A man ties thread to his hand. He takes one strap and ties to Mahek. He asks her to be careful, as people know her. He goes to Nilesh.

Nilesh asks Dev how did you know about me. Dev tells him that he is much alert and saw the knife. He asks why is he taking big risk. Nilesh says I m Nilesh, I stay in nearby ashram, they ruined my village, my brother left all of us for Yagnesh, he came back after one year and took our sister Tara forcibly, it was Swami’s command that he needs Tara, we got his letter, he asked us to come to ashram to meet, Bhabhi wanted to meet him, I decided I will not let them ruin innocent lives, I will see them. Dev says its impossible to do this, cameras and guards are everywhere, killing someone is wrong. Nilesh says I won’t go without family. Dev says help me, I will help you, I m from CBI, we are exposing this ashram. Nilesh agrees. Dev asks him to wait for his instructions.

Yagnesh is with the women. Guard says we have seen her at the gate. Yagnesh says my namesake daughter Mahek has come, if she is here, then her mad lover Dev will also be there, keep an eye on them, they can’t go by their wish, Mumin ji shouldn’t know this. Dev follows a man. He sees the man delivering drugs. Dev records them. Guards stop Dev. Dev says I came from far, I will not go without meeting Swami. The man pushes him. Mahek stops Dev and makes a story. Dev says I have to there to know secrets. She asks him not to be mad, we have to go, the tag has a chip, everyone is tracked, come.

Nilesh asks Dev is Mahek from CBI. Dev says yes. He tells Mahek that Nilesh will help them, I told him we are from CBI. She says you should be Swami, you make devotees everywhere, can we trust him. Dev nods. Narvekar asks Meera what is she thinking. She says Dev said he will call him when he gets a proof, he will give us a signal. He says you can’t go there. She asks why, Dev is alone. He says he is not here, the ashram will be like battle ground, no arguments now. Yagnesh attends devotees. He sings jai jai mahaguru, and dances. Nilesh sees Tara and goes. Dev goes after a man. Guard stops Dev.

The man meets Munim ji and says Dev is in ashrram with his wife. Munim says he reached here, we can’t take risk, Dev can do anything. Dev is taken to train martial arts to the kids. Ddev teaches the kids. Dev sees a boy fainting. The boy says his sleep didn’t complete, he didn’t chant Guru’s name, so he fainted. Dev asks him to get up and try. He asks don’t you all miss family. The boy says Yagnesh is everything for us. The girl says I want to become Yogini and go in baba’s VIP room. Dev asks are just girls allowed there. The boy says yes, Guru ji gives them some imp work. Guard asks him why did he shut class. The man announces to have prasad. Dev asks where will I get prasad. Guard asks him not to go in any other room.

Yagnesh asks what does Dev and Mahek want. The man says Dev is clicking pics to gather proof, there are jammers fixed, he can’t send pics to anyone. Yagnesh asks did he get anything else. The man says kids didn’t tell him anything. Yagnesh says what will kids say. He asks the men to remember what he has to do today. He sends him.

Nilesh says Tara didn’t recognize me. Dev says everyone is brainwashed here, force will come here at night, do my work. Mahek and Dev go to the room. Dev looks for secret passage. Mahek smiles and opens the secret passage. They get in. Its night, Narvekar and force arrives. He asks Meera to sit in car, she can’t come, she has risked life for Dev many times. She says I didn’t give anyone the right to order me, what if anything happens to Dev. He asks if anything happens to you, atleast go and sit for Avi’s sake. She goes.

Mahek hits a man. Dev sees money transferring. Dev says we need this phone, can we call someone. She asks whom do you want to call. He says my friend Abdul. Dev calls Abdul. Dev asks him if he can hack the computer. Abdul says many accounts are handled, it has much money, its named on Munim ji’s name. Mahek says I think someone is coming, hurry up. Dev says its imp. She says we will come again, come. Dev leaves with her. They hide. Dev sees a door and tries to crack the code. Mahek asks him to hurry up. Dev and Mahek get in. They get shocked seeing girls locked up.

Meera asks Narvekar did he see anything. He signs no. Dev asks the girls not to get scared, they came to save them. He says these girls’ evidence is enough to shut this ashram, we have to signal Narvekar. The girl asks how will you go, door is locked. Dev checks the door.

Dev says this won’t work without electricity. He lifts Mahek. She pulls the wire. The door opens. Dev asks girls not to come out now, there is danger. Mahek says we promise we will come back to save you all. They go back to get Munim’s details. Dev asks Mahek to go, he has to know who is this Munim ji.

She says I will not leave you alone. She asks him not to be mad. Narvekar apologizes to Meera. Hee says I don’t want you to fall in trouble, when I saw you in college for the first time, you were annoyed with a senior, I told my team to talk to family members, maybe we don’t return alive, I don’t know I will see you again or not, so I want to tell you, I love you a lot. She cries. He says I did late to say this, but its imp to say. She shows something. Narvekar sees the signal by Nilesh. He gets the force ready. Guards stop Nilesh. Nilesh says your Swami is gone. Guards take Nilesh to the man. Nilesh gets shocked seeing his brother.

His brother says he should get punished. The guards beat Nilesh. Dev look around. Mahek hits a man and drags aside. She takes the gun. Dev goes to Munim’s room and recalls the same smell of the cigar. Mumin leaves. A man hits Dev. Dev turns and sees him. He faints.

Dev says this is Munim’s room. Narvekar doubts on him. Dev and Mahek get interrogated. Dev says I m not Munim ji. Dev shoots down Yagnesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Welp I want Meera to end up with Dev.

  2. Dev and Mehek story is very gripping……lots of twist and turns.but Mehek sacrifice herself for love of dev and then dev will turn to Meera…..feeling bad for narvekar……..

  3. Even I need Meera & Dev together

    1. IKR!! Meera is way more mature and clear headed than mehak. I mean she saw the person whom she loved so dearly in arms of a stranger, but still supported and encouraged Dev to be Happy with vani aka mehak. Well it’s sacrifice alright. On the other hand there’s mehak who’s jealous and obsessed with Dev and hell-bent on revenge. Well if you ask me who I want to ship, I will always choose Meera and Dev.

  4. Dev and Mehek are made for each other they love each other…….
    Dev never looked at meera that way he likes her but he loves Mehek. Mehek also the same and she is not jealous of Meera…….it just that she wants to know Dev’s view on Meera….like any other lover……

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