Dev (Colors) 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev breaks up with Mahek again

Dev (Colors) 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dwani comes to Riya’s apartment. dev calls her and says nobody should know that you are there for police, he says there was a video of us hugging and people are saying that we have an affair. dwani says there is nothing between us. Dev says I will find out who is behind it, we have nothing like that. Dwani sadly nods. Riya comes to pick Dwani from there.

Dev comes to a media house which leaked his and Dwani’s video. He asks receptionist to tell him about the CEO office, she says I cant. Dev takes her phone and finds her and CEO’s compromising photos, he says if you dont let me go in then I would leak these too. She lets him go to CEO’s room.

Dev comes to CEO’s room and says you will get divorced if someone sees your and receptionist photos? Tell

me who asked you to leak my and Dwani’s photos?

Manoj comes to store room, he opens trunk and says to woman locked inside that you look nice when you are calm. Door bell rings, he locks her. He opens door and finds Dwani there. Dwani says I have 5 crore offer for you, my boss wants to buy this building so let me check your apartment. Manoj says please come later.

Dwani comes to other flats and asks about Manoj. She asks one flat owner about Manoj, she says I will tell you about that jerk guy.

Mahek is meeting the doctor and waits for Dev. Doctor says Dev is not here, baby’s responsibility is important, your baby is fine, talk to your husband, you shouldnt be doing this alone. Mahek nods.
Mahek comes out of hospital and sees Dev there, she says why didnt you come inside? Dev shows her a camera and says you didnt leak my and Dwani’s video? you didnt ask media house to leak it and gave them the news? Flashback shows Mahek sending their video to CEO of media house and saying that I wont let Dwani come near Dev, my baby will get his father, flashback ends. Mahek says to Dev that I am insecure about you, I am jealous, I have seen how Dwani looks at you, the way she comes near you, what would I do? Dev says you have filthy thinking. Mahek says I decided to not force you about this baby, I will raise it alone but I can fight for you. Dev says there is nothing between me and Dwani, Mahek says what about us? Dev says I thought to start a new life with you but I am wrong, you are not ready for this baby, how will we be parents to this baby when we hate each other and ourselves? he leaves. Mahek says I promise to get you back Dev, I am doing the right thing and I will get you anyway.

Dev comes to police station, he recalls Mahek’s act of spying on him. He thinks what to do about Mahek and my baby?

Dev comes to Riya’s house. Dwani says I offered Manoj 5 crores but he didnt let me inside. She says I asked two other guys in another flat. She says those guys said that Manoj never have company. She says I met an old lady, she said that Manoj have a wife but she went missing sometime back, his wife was sweet. Riya says Manoj is not home during the day.

Dev comes to Manoj’s house, he picks on his lock. Dwani clicks selfie. Dev asks Dwani to stay outside. He goes inside and looks around. Dwani sees Manoj coming and hides. Manoj sees his lock open and looks around. He goes inside. Dwani tries to call Dev but its not in network range. Dev is Manoj’s house looking around. Manoj comes in house and hears someone’s phone ringing.

Scene 2
Kinjal comes out of her college. Narvekar comes there and says I was passing by and thought to ask how are you? she says I am fine. Dwani calls him and asks him to come, Dev is in trouble.

Dev sees Manoj in house and hides from him. Dev tries to run out but Manoj hits him on head.

Narvekar comes to Manoj’s house and wakes Dev. Dev grabs Manoj and says he is hiding something. Narvekar says we dont have warrant to search his house. Dev leaves from there. Dev shows some hair and a pistol which he found in Manoj’s house, he shows it to Narvekar.

Manoj opens trunk and brings out the woman, woman is injured and in bad condition, he grabs her and says why you were making noises? She cries. Manoj asks her to not cry, he kisses her and hugs her. He says I gave you water but you did mistake so you will be punished, you wont get food or water now, dont give me pain. He locks her in trunk.

PRECAP- Dev gets proofs from Manoj’s house from which he finds that he has locked his wife Sumitra. Dev asks Manoj where is his wife Sumitra? Manoj asks why? you have affair with her too?
Mahek says to Dev that my heart says that your mother is alive, this file have all the hints which you can use to find your mother. Dev says you have made a story so that you can get me back to make a family?
Manoj says to his wife that Dev is looking for you so I have to kill you.
Dev sees Riya’s cat have ‘help’ written on it, he says someone is there in Manoj’s flat that want help.
Dwani is in lift, Manoj enters there and smirks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Dev and amod ko dekh kr ek hi song yaad aata hai: tere naina bade katil maar hi dalenge..????????? killer looks hai dono ke..

    2. Just miss meera, zor aapa, meera’s son, computer hacker friend, amod and dev inspector friend ..??????????
    That team looked like team… But dhwani is just immature..

    3. Mehak is sooooooooooooooooo much obssessed with dev that even can kill?? anyone and i doubt that mehak killed Meera??, i wish this time dhawani don’t die just like meera..?????

    4. Best dialogue???????: Dhawani or Dev ke bich kuch nahi hai, or Mehak or Dev ke bich jo kuch tha vo khatam ho gya hai or Meera ke sath jo untold relation tha uska kya name diya jaaye…??????

    5. Dhwani is so innocent, bubbly, funny…. She is making her place in show, but she can’t take Meera’s place thats for sure…

    6. Amod and Kinjal ki pairing bhi slowly slowly ho rehi hai, i wish this time he gets his true love…??????????

    7. Dev said this case is not official and dhwani called police and sone pe suhaga she called amod??????????

    8. Dev and Amod are just like tom?? and jerry??, tere sath banti bhi nhi or tere bina life chalti bhi nhi??,??,??,??

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